Asthma Treatment: Clinical Breakthrough (Dr. Artour Rakhimov)

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So, what are the methods of treatment for asthma. One of the techniques is called the Buteyko breathing method, and it was investigated in 6 published clinical randomized trials. These trials found that asthmatics are able to eliminate their use of bronchodilators, in about 3 months time, by 90 percent. This means that they are going to use 10 times less medication if we are talking about a large group of asthmatics, if they practice breathing exercise. And the goal of these breathing exercise is to slow down their breathing pattern back to the medical norm and increase body oxygenation. I am not just talking about practising some breathing exercises. What is important, in case of asthma and some other chronic diseases, is to slow down so called automatic or unconscious breathing pattern back to the medical norm. So you can imagine it’s quite a difficult challenge because a person needs to adjust or may be change many lifestyle risk factors that relates to sleep, physical exercise, diet and many others. Therefore, asthma has a simple cause, and it also has a proven clinical treatment. Apart from the Buteyko method, there is another breathing technique which is based on the application of the Frolov breathing device. So this technique was also tested, but only in Russian clinical trials, so far, and Russian doctors, because Frolov device is endorsed and suggested to their patients by about 600 doctors in Russia right now, these Russian doctors discovered that the Frolov breathing device also produces effects on the breathing center, and allows to slow down breathing pattern closer to the medical norm. In practical terms, it is not easy to measure breathing and body oxygenation: they require special devices. But there is a simple test which is called the “body oxygen test”, and this test has very good correlation with symptoms of asthma. For example, the normal result for the body oxygen test is 40 seconds. People with asthma, and, since I am practising and teaching the Buteyko breathing method, I know, that they have around 15 seconds only, people with severe asthma around 10 seconds. And when they start to practice breathing exercises and do lifestyle changes, they gradually improve their body oxygenation. When they achieve about 25 seconds, they usually do not require any medication. They are able to stop asthma attacks with breathing exercises. This is one factor, and another factor is that, as soon as they maintain their body oxygenation and breathing at certain level, they are not going to experience any asthma attacks. Of course, they need to avoid triggers because triggers make them hyperventilate. If these asthmatics continue to slow down their automatic breathing pattern, they are able to further increase their body oxygenation. And if they achieve about 35-40 seconds, then these asthmatics are able to restore their airways. Unfortunately only a very small number of asthmatics are able to reach this goal because it’s really difficult to achieve 40 seconds for the body oxygen test 24 hours per day. But those asthmatics who manage to achieve this goal and maintain this level, for 1 or 2 month time, are able to eliminate inflammation of airways. And then their parameters of lung function tests are going to be normal as well.

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  1. There are 1,000 of myths and fantasies about breathing out there.
    For clinical studies and exact numbers (what is wrong with breathing), see the Homepage of the NormalBreathing website.

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