Asthma Treatment using Bronchial Thermoplasty by Dr. Nagarjuna Maturu at Yashoda Hospitals

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Mrs. Vasantha, Hyderabad. Bronchial thermoplasty. Dr. V Nagarjuna Maturu, Consultant Pulmonary & Sleep medicine Good morning, I’m Dr. Nagarjuna. I’m
consultant, interventional and pulmonary medicine, at Yashoda hospital, Somajiguda. In the next couple of minutes, we will discuss bronchial
thermoplasty, and we will have our own patients. She will be sharing her own
experience also. So Bronchial thermoplasty is a novel therapy for
patients with refractory asthma. Asthma is, as we know, a disease which
affects millions of people across the world. We have a subset of patients
who have severe asthma. They constitute around five percent of the
people with asthma. These people with severe asthma have the
symptoms which remain uncontrolled is despite being on a lot of medicine. They
keep using inhalers despite which they continue to have a cough,
deathlessness. They have a very bad quality of life because the symptoms
prevent them from doing the normal daily activities. Also, the subset of patients with severe asthma are prone for frequent exacerbations, which means asthma attacks. So suddenly the asthma increases. These attacks happen from 1
to twice a year to, we have people who have asthma attacks every month
also. So severe asthma is a problem which affects a lot of people,
and it has a significant economic burden as well as psychosocial impact to the
patient. For such patients, now, we have this new therapy known as bronchial
thermoplasty. We have started this procedure almost
10 months ago; since it has been launched in India. What do we do in this
procedure? Thermoplasty is a procedure, it’s a bronchoscopic procedure, wherein
we put a small bronchoscope into the patient’s lungs under anesthesia, and we
apply heat energy. We apply heat to the airways. So what happens is the
airways, which are thickened, the muscle gets thinned out, and the airways will
increase in diameter, as a result of which, air flows more freely into the
lungs and then the patient’s cough breathlessness improves, their quality of
life improves. This is a procedure which we
don’t do for all asthma patients. It is only for patients who have
refractory asthma, which is, who have failed the conventional therapies for asthma. So
they must have had used inhalers regularly and despite which they are
symptomatic, only then we go for this thermoplasty. Prior to
thermoplasty, the only option we had was giving them steroids. People used to
get a lot of steroids, and steroids, as you all know, have a lot of complications. This technique has been doing wonders we have done more than 10 cases so far, and
the majority are doing good. Now, we have with us Mrs. Vasantha garu who is
one of our first patients for whom we have done thermoplasty. In fact, we have
done the procedure one year ago. We had done it in February to March of 2018. It’s been
almost a year since we have done the procedure, and she’s very happy, and we
are also very happy with the results which the procedure has given. I’ll
just brief about the disease also which she had. She had been suffering from
asthma for the last 18 years, and the disease severity had slowly been
increasing as the years progressed and , as I have said, she has used inhalers
for several years despite which she had asthma attacks and she also was given
biologics anti-IgE therapy, which also didn’t work for her.
So finally, we have decided to go ahead with thermoplasty. And after that, she
will share her own experiences. The recovery has been magical, so I would
request Vasanta garu also to share, in their own
words, how the procedure has changed her life. Namaste, my name is Vasantha, and I am Dr. Nagarjuna’s patient. Presently, I am leading a quality life, like a normal human being, When I was told about this bronchial thermoplasty, I told them to go ahead with the procedure. Earlier, my condition was so bad that I almost had breathlessness throughout the day and used to take a lot of medicines, which didn’t help me. I got admitted to hospital 3 times. Even that didn’t help. I got relieved after this treatment. I am very happy with it. I used to suffer from asthma 365 days, but now, even in winter season, there is no problem or suffering. I am very happy that I could take care of my son’s wedding events single-handedly. I used to have difficulty even by lifting small objects I used a lot of inhalers, which did not work for me. I am happy to share that I could climb 2 to 3 flights of stairs. I am very satisfied with the treatment. I suggest patients who are suffering from severe asthma to go for this procedure without any fear. It worked very well for me. Earlier, I was scared to do daily activities. Now, I am able to do daily activities without anybody’s help. [Music]

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