Asthma Triggers for Kids with Asthma

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>>ALL: Triggers!>>BRONCHO: Yeeehah! We did it, fellas!!>>COLTRON: Affirmative! We have taught you
about asthma and how to use inhalers like us! Mission accomplished!>>IGGY: Yeah, I guess now that you know what
you can do to help treat and control your asthma, umm…I guess that’s it! Thanks
for watching! Umm…. Do you guys wanna get lunch, or something?>>BRONCHO: Yep, I’m starving, how about
some…>>POLLENOID: NOT SO FAST, INHALERS!!!!!!>>COLTRON: Blast! It’s Team Trigger!!>>IGGY: Our worst enemies….>>POLLENOID: Do you think you can save the
airways of kids?! Not if Team Trigger has anything to say about
it!>>MOLDAR: That’s right, we live to irritate
and inflame airways!! Team Trigger role call!!>>BRONCHO: sigh…Here we go again…>>POLLENOID: I’m Pollenoid! My power is
in the pollen of trees, grass and weeds!>>MOLDAR: I am the great Moldar, the mold
monster!>>THE ROACH: Heh heh…yeah, my name’s
the Roach.>>THE DUSTMITE:
I am the Dust Mite!>>SMOKEY JOE: (coughh) I’m (cough) Smokey
Joe!>>HAIRY: And rounding out the rest of TEAM
TRIGGER, is me, HAIRY!>>POLLENOID: Don’t you see, Iggy? Kids
with asthma don’t stand a chance to TEAM TRIGGER!>>IGGY: Kids will always have a chance! And
they can beat you guys! Do you know why?>>MOLDAR:
Why’s that?>>ALL: Because they have us on their side!>>IGGY: Knowing the right time to use your
medications and the right way to use them is the best way to have Iggy and the Inhalers
on your side. And when we work together, we will win! So what do you say? Are YOU ready to get control
of your asthma!?

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