Asthma Understanding ( Secrets of Asthma Diseases ).

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Hello everyone, welcome to channel my health my life Today, I would like to share a type of disease, which is related to the lung The disease called asthma asthma is chronic inflammation of respiratory system Mostly the important cost of this disease is genetic Meaning that it is getting from your parents or your grandparents extra Also, there is another cost which enhanced asthma getting more dangerous. It is allergy allergy causes bronchi obstruction for example when you smoke or chart the smoke you will be breathless or When you tied the dust it makes you breast hardly This is mark. You can’t suspect that without asthma I’m gonna show you some symptoms related to asthma This is the simple or symptom in the image. You can see say a nose extremity it Means that oxygen in body is not enough when you get allergy with something it obstructs the bronchi and then oxygen in your body is not enough transferring to extremity So it changes the extremity to zionists So if you found the symptoms You should pericle quickly to see doctor for consultation and treatment and Then you can know immediately if it affects your health and life Another symptom is dis near This image can confirm that an old man come to see doctor because he has is near And dr. Gets him oxygen therapy like using nebulizer machine To dilate his bronchi. So this near is decreasing Beside the symptoms you found you should know how to make sure you have asthma To be clear we can use parametric test This is third parameter We use it to test air capacity of the lungs no more or not after follow-up checking with doctor so by using the test Doctor can confirm you about air capacity of the lungs and it means you have asthma if it deficit Another way to confirm the disease We use radiation nor scan if you have asthma You will see your lungs unusual when you take radiation or scan You might have questions on what to do when you found you have asthma Well, you should know even a little bit on treatment Mostly Asthma treatment is taken by using drugs Spurring into mouth and also can just injection So now I’m going to explain you firstly on drug treatment Sabirah mole is often used as both as drugs either spray This is a measure of shri abbulu mole Spray type we use it to dilate bronchi when your bronchi are narrow So then you can press back to normal. It is the best option of treatment You know about treatment You should also know about prevention to avoid the frequently being sick of disease that makes patient distressed In fact Treatment can make you cure but pensions sometimes denies or not follow to doctor’s recommendation So, how could it be prevented Well, if you hold a lecture with something you must stay away from it, so That you will not face its reaction and then you will get cure One more thing you must obey our trans prescription when he or she tells you not to touch or stay near what can make you allergy Accordingly and also with clear goal terapy Finally asthma will decrease time by time and then your life will be brighter and more comfortable Okay after de bois, I want you all focused on the disease which relates to Respiratory system because it harms and attract you hardly when you first is complications At the end of this clip. I wish you all have good health. See you

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