Asthma & Vertigo Natural Relief Treatment to Detox Whole Body with Colon Hydrotherapy

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hi I’m Stacy light up i was introduced to living waters from one of my really good friends call me one day and said you have to make a phone call to David and I have around for a day or so couple of days thinking about it and then I made the phone call and when they talk to you any side looks like we’re going to be probably October that would work for both our schedules and I just like that’s not gonna work for me i need this now and you I needed to come in and so over the course of the next couple of days I just said I need this happen and behold saturday night together for Colin he says we’ve got an opening I tomorrow on sunday you can start and I knew that was just one more confirmation for me that I needed to come and do this so and we arranged a couple of things made it happen hardest thing was making arrangements for all the kids and and can think that he could survive without me for 10 to 12 days but they’ve done really well and so my first day in there was a little questionnaire and I didn’t nobody hope to get out of this and I jokingly wrote I want to feel like a million bucks and I can actually say and I’m starting to feel like a million bucks and I’m so sorry so what I you know I came to this with ages of healing my body physically and taking care of illnesses they struggled with for a while since I was 19 years old and we’re finding is there were some beautiful little surprised that I didn’t anticipate i have done lots of psychology lots of emotional work I work with other people and their emotional issues and I came here killing some of my own that I really didn’t expect to happen so that was another piece of this that has opened me up and helped me I I couldn’t even I don’t even know that I could pinpoint one specific thing that’s meant the most to me and this and for what I’ve would have enjoyed the most there have been so many things when true blessing that I’ve seen is that during my eleventh day today during my time here it’s been a sacrifice for me and for my family for me to be gone but i think it is powerful for my kids to understand how important it is for us to take care of ourselves and every day that comes with living waters my kids would be like going again you’re leaving again then we’d work it out and they would be fine and come home everybody would be good it wasn’t that big of a deal but it was something that every morning they got used to be leaving and being Aaron tomorrow’s my last day and while i’m excited to be with my kids mark I can’t really imagine not coming here and doing all these things and taking this much time for me again because this has been powerful and you’re a busy mom with the large family there isn’t a lot of time for me there is a lot of time to just focus on yourself and while being here you leave everything behind everything stays when you walk through the doors and you come to take care of you and to focus on you and to heal yourself and it happens and started seeing things as early as the third day that the shower and I was like wow my skin like baby skin again it was awesome and that was really significant and then I dealt with asthma for a long time and on the third day the same day i felt my skin differences i was coughing and coughing and coughing that day and then a cop sense and we had horrible smoke here we’ve had tremendous amounts of smoke and it hasn’t been a problem for me and normally that wouldn’t be the case so that was that was a huge blessing for me that again I didn’t expect one thing this is kind of funny side note but I’m trying to explain to my husband and my is what I come here and do each day and they just one of my little boys my youngest senses why do you go to class did you have to go to the bathroom going to pass you gotta go to the bathroom just cleaning my body out like I don’t get so they’ve been finding a little things and then jokes about we watched monsters inc anybody Christine that make his and my husband joke then going to get hooked up to the screen extractor and explain to them there’s no screaming involved it’s very easy when i go here it’s just it’s hydrotherapy and talk some about I try to explain it and I actually took pictures actually i haven’t shown up hope you’re cool with that but I needed them to be able to see why did you come here and you what am i spending five hours away from home doing because they’re like why doesn’t take five hours ago the bathroom like that’s how i’m doing so it’s been it’s been a fun process and teaching them and learning things for myself you know emotional things they feel like I had a huge grasp on the lot of things but now I have all these extra tools stick a metal box to help myself and my kids and all the other people that work with ma just think what a blessing it is that they came here and we learned those things that come to living waters thinking I’m going to walk away with anything I could show anyone else it’s not true there’s so much so anybody who’s watching this video and wondering whether or not it’s worth it come to living waters and do the colon hydrotherapy I i would say yes I would definitely say it will change your life especially if you had different health concerns and since last june i been struggling with vertigo and in the beginning it was horrible for many months it was awful debilitating couldn’t do anything going to work and drive walking down the hall took the help of my husband you’re one of my kids to help and couldn’t cook and literally couldn’t do anything I’d ever done and this went on for many months and it gradually starting a little bit better and was gone and if i have noticed a change since being here last night I went

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  1. been having constant vertigo every day for 7months now after working long hours with migraine headache, doctor to doctor no answers, mri was clear

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