Astma, røst og pust – Asthma, voice and breathing

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Hello! I am going to talk about asthma and voice Biologically, technically and scientifically you must have a good breathing to be able to talk clearly. And when you have an asthma attack like I have right now it can be difficult talking Of course it can be a infection but if you have both hard to bread, difficulty breathing and in addition have trouble with you speach it is a possibility that you have asthma without being aware of it. This happens because the air need to get to the vocal cords As you can hear my voice is affected today it is because of asthma. Due to the asthma I am currently on sick leave. I am going to demonstrate it to show you now and I am going to take some asthma medicine. Moving fast forward (to not tire you with looking at me taking medicine)… This actually took about 5 -10 minutes and now the medication is used up and as you can hear my voice is improved. If you have heavy breathing, or difficulty breathing and have a strange voice or difficulty talking you chould contact your doctor because I can be you got asthma Have a nice day! 🙂

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