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A bull fighter. Tissue flowers. So why don’t you start folding
some tissue flowers. Oh, I can’t. I’m allergic. It’s tissue. It’s not real. I said I’m allergic
to flowers — not the way they smell,
the way they are. [ Scoffs ]
That’s ridiculous. Is it? Okay, well, when I was
a little girl, I had an uncle
I was very fond of, Uncle Pork Chop, and he would spend a lot of time
down at the race tracks. And one day, he went
onto the field to congratulate the winner, Crystal Shins and her rider. And he, um, bumped
the flower arrangement — you know, those big horseshoes
with all the flowers — and that upset a bee that
was nesting in the carnations. In turn,
that startled the horse. [ Voice breaking ]
And Uncle Pork Chop got tangled up in the bridle… Oh. [ Sobs ] …and dragged him
to his death. [ Normal voice ] So, yeah,
I’m sorry it’s ridiculous that I’m upset
by the sight of flowers. Well, I’m sorry,
I had no idea. I need a drink. Well, you certainly have
earned it, haven’t you?

13 thoughts on “At Home with Amy Sedaris – Tissue Flower Allergy | truTV

  1. Biggest mysteries

    Of all time:

    Avatar: Zuko's Mom
    Teen Titans: Terra coming back with memory loss.
    Who is Red X?
    Why could Robin see Slade when no one else could in one of the most terrifying episodes of any show ever?

  2. I laughed so hard when Amy asked Chassie to get stuff and she had that “ugh…” look on her face.

  3. My aunt Toni was dancing with a lighter in her hand when her hair went up in flames like a Christmas tree (because my sister switched her hair spray with lighter fluid) now i take a benadryl before i go dancing. #DjToniViceCity

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