Atherosclerosis (2009)

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Atherosclerosis is a life threatening disease that may have begun to develop during childhood This condition is a process in which deposits of fatty material called plaque, build up inside the walls of arteries reducing or completely blocking blood flow. In extreme cases, this disease can lead to a heart attack or a stroke. Risk factors for atherosclerosis include high blood pressure, high cholesterol, tobacco smoke, diabetes, obesity, and physical inactivity. Although the exact causes of atherosclerosis are not clear many scientists think it begins with damage to the inner wall of an artery called the endothelium over time, substances traveling in the blood such as cholesterol, fats, and cellular wastes products accumulate inside the damage area of the arterial wall chemical reactions occurring within the build up of material cause cholesterol molecules to oxidize This initiates an inflammatory response in which the endothelial cells at the damaged site release chemicals that signal a call for help In response, monocytes from the bloodstream travel to the damaged site stimulation from oxidized cholesterol converts the monocytes into macrophages the macrophages eat and digest the cholesterol molecules as a result of this process, the macrophages change into foam cells which accumulate to form plaque As the plaque increases in size, the arterial wall thickens and hardens. At the same time, smooth muscle cells within the arterial wall begin to multiply. Then, most of the smooth muscle cells move to the surface of the plaque. These cells contribute to the formation of a firm, fibrous cap, covering the plaque. Over time, the cap may erode and break open, releasing plaque into the bloodstream. The plaque can flow downstream and contribute to the formation of a blood clot which can stop blood flow. As a result, limited blood supply is available to the area surrounding the partially blocked artery degrading and potentially killing the neighboring tissue Significant damage in organs such as the heart or brain can result in a heart attack or stroke

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  1. the reason i wanna become adcoter i wanna know what all the diseases do what they feal like what happans how does it happan can you explainevery desiese if you cant thats finealso i subsribed from anotherchannal to here 😀 thx!

  2. what the video has mentioned is exactly the same as my lecture notes! BUT it's more interesting to study by watching this. LOL. Thanks!!

  3. This was an amazing video thanks, however, with such good animation it would be a shame to just throw it all off by providing only 240p

  4. It's basically the macrophages fault for heart attacks…thanks macrophages! Your supposed to UNclog out hearts not turn into plaque and kill us

  5. Can you upload a higher-resolution version of this video, because it;s briliant and it is heart to demostrate it because of it's poor quality

  6. This video about high cholesterol is quite deceptive. High cholesterol is a relative value. Like you couldn't say that a every tall man is ill and the short ones are healthy. There are many with low cholesterol and yet they have atherosclerosis. This is because high cholesterol is not the cause of atherosclerosis and calling it a 100% risk factor is not precise. Check ILC Hungary on google if you want to get informed about atherosclerosis and about an immunization-treatment which cures atherosclerosis permanently. Or check the subtitled video we uploaded to our channel.

  7. Nucleus, your video of atherosclerosis is amazing. But one thing. Is it permanent and is there a cure of treatment? Thank you 

  8. Nucleus, your video of atherosclerosis is amazing. But one thing. Is it permanent and is there a cure or treatment? Thank you 

  9. Damn our bodies are freaking high tech. This is why a plant based diet is also the healthiest as it has zero fat in it.

  10. Factors:
    1) Processed foods (esp transfat, high-glycemic)
    2) Animal products (esp saturated fat, feedlot grown)
    3) Lack of minimally processed whole, plant foods (ie fruits, veggies, grains, legumes)
    4) Insufficient physical activity.

  11. Best atherosclerosis video on the entire YouTube! I'm studying for my pathology exam and this just literally saved my ass cause I couldn't understand Robbin's explanation at all! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

  12. You drew the plaque forming inside the wound where there are no endothelial cells and then showed the plaque covered with endothelial cells. HOW ?

  13. im sad to know that i may had this desease..but whenever i wanted to check on my health to the doc..they will look at me as i am not serious that just want anttention..i know i am young but im in serious pain..idk where to go to check my blood presure, heart and everything..why do they treat me like this?? 🙁

  14. How can you say the exact causes of atherosclerosis are unclear when there's endorsement almost consensus agreement with in the medical literature that Hypercholesterolemia is the only direct risk factor to atherosclerosis,and there is no evidence that cigarette smoking, systemic hypertension, diabetes mellitus, inactivity, or obesity produces atherosclerotic plaques;these are all indirect causes.

  15. omg! I had the "wtf" look on my face throughout the whole video! this was scary as hell i swear! all this can happen! wow really!!

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  17. We're learning circulatory system and THIS HELPED A LOT. It's just plain AWESOME!!! I wanna see more vids like that next time!!!

  18. This video is ten years old but the visuals, voice clarity and on top of that the information! all are perfect. Bless whoever worked on this piece of art.

  19. Visuals are mind blowing …. processes r easily broken up and can be easily elucidated.. WAY TO GO..

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