AtoZ  – N

By Adem Lewis / in , , , /

N is for New Years. In the years to come, nostalgia may remind
of the nervous time for this Nordic newcomer. Nevertheless, I never knew a nest to be so
noble and nice, nor how tightly knit and intimate ones bonds could be between a nuclear family unit. I will never forget our New Year’s night
of nature cabins, New years hats, and the notorious ‘family feud’ –
during which a note was questioned: “What do many struggle to afford?” We knocked our noggins, nimmng for answers, until neither Needa nor I knew anymore to notion. Nevertheless, Zoheb with a newfound knack
for New years spirit announced in confidence: “Free Air!” – showing his true, natural, and
ninja-like talent to bring laughter to anyone. Now as neogamists, I challenge to invariably
seek out new excitements in your life. See the world together –
eat noodles and gnocchi, naan and nihari at every nook and niche of the world.
From Naples to Nassau, Nagasaki to New York write intimate notes on napkins to each other daily. This Nikah is the beginning so never forget
that the nascent novels of life are most notable when the power of A to Z forms it’s strongest
nexus to share this life together. N between, and with N

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