ATP Test: How Dirty Is Your Phone? (Probiotic Cleaner)

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Today’s demo we want to show you how dirty your cell phone really is because let’s be honest here Your cell phone is the most used item in your lives, right? Not only that It’s also next to your face all day long. And the way we’re gonna do that. What we have here is we have an ATP hygena machine and what it does is gonna calculate how much bacteria Is on any given surface the way it works is we’re gonna grab our swab we’re gonna collect as much Bacteria off the cell phone. We’re gonna pop it back in here we’re gonna shake it up put it into the Machine and what it does is it gives us a 15-second countdown and tell us exactly how much bacteria is on the cell phone 769 colonies of bacteria and that is a dirty cell phone, right? Let’s just think about that right that cell phone is touching you touching your face It’s always around you and that’s a really dirty cell phone So we wonder next is we want to apply our eco probiotics, mist and get using the power Probiotics shake this up really quick. We’re gonna spray the probiotics and what’s happening, right? There is we just sprayed millions and millions of probiotics onto the surface of the cell phone And what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna Re-swab that surface and retest it again 19 colonies of bacteria so it went from 769 down to 19 colonies of bacteria But the real trick is is how clean or dirty will the surface be? 20 minutes one hour or two hours later because what happens is whenever we clean a surface, right? using household chemicals that kill 99.9% of all bacteria The problem is you’re killing all the good and all the bad bacteria. You’re essentially nuking the surface and what happens is 20 minutes ago by one hour goes by and Bacteria will land on that surface. And the problem is you’ve killed all the good bacteria There’s a microscopic war going on inside your house or everything around you so here’s the real test So we’re gonna wait about 20 minutes. We’re gonna come back Retest the surface again and we’re gonna see if the cell phone got dirty or cleaner Alright guys Well here has been 20 minutes and what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna come back and we’re gonna retest the surface and see The cell phone got dirtier or if it’s cleaner 8 so the original test we had 769 After we cleaned it and went out to 19 colonies of bacteria we have about 20 minutes and it actually decreased to 8 colonies and the reason why this happens is because Probiotics is a living bacteria. Right? So essentially it’s gonna keep cleaning wherever you spray on up to 3 to 5 days Unlike chemicals when you clean that surface We can retest it again. And those chemicals will actually go back and to higher colonies of bacteria Because you’ve killed all the good bacteria So once again is just beneficial to use a good bacteria called Probiotic and for more information on our mist check us out at ecoprobiotic

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