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Hello everyone, welcome back or welcome
to my channel, my name is Lauren and I make videos a couple of times a week
about books and fandom-y things. So today I’m actually making a Disney video
but it is a disability videos as a Disney video and it is all about
attending Disney parks with a disability. So for those that maybe don’t know or
don’t follow me on other social medias I actually have fibromyalgia, chronic
fatigue syndrome. I have really bad issues with my jaw, I have issues with
breathing, I have asthma then I also have something with my windpipe. I also have
lots and lots and lots of different allergies and I also have joint
hypermobility. Those things all together means that my mobility and moving around
is not great and I use a walking stick. So as someone that likes go to a Disney
park there are provisions that have to be put in place when I attend. Before
those things were put in place, before I had diagnosis before
all of these things started to develop and kick off, I did not attend
Disney with a disability and I never really thought it through as to what the
procedure of that would be until it applied to me, which is bad of me for not doing that but I think lots of people who relate to not thinking about
how it would impact them because it doesn’t currently impact them but I
would I’ve learned from that now and I would like people to be more aware that
there are many disabilities and not all of them are visible. I’ve had lots of
people get very angry when I’ve been allowed to cut the cue because I don’t
look disabled and I’d like people to be aware there is not one “disabled” look and
that disabled comes in many shapes and forms and abilities. Even a lot of people
in wheelchairs are actually ambulant and can get out of those wheelchairs so that
is something – just a little food for thought. But yeah I’m gonna talk about
my experience attending Disney parks with a disability. I have only ever been
to Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney World so that is where my experiences is
coming from, later this year I am going to Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea
which I’m very excited about so I will do an updated version if that’s
something you guys might like but for now let’s get into this. So one thing
that I will say is that they really really really want to help in the Disney
parks but it does differ between Walt Disney World and Disneyland
Paris. I’m gonna talk about Walt Disney World first. So if you attend Walt Disney
World more often than not you will have a magic band. Magic bands look like this and
this has your park tickets, your room key, this will have your dining plan, you can top it with money and pay for things with this and this also is
where the disability pass will go if you have one of these. So I was in Disney we
stayed in a Disney Resort, we stayed in Animal Kingdo. On our first fully full day in the parks I went to guest relations in EPCOT. Now
there is a guest relations in all four of the main parks – when I say four main
parks I mean Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom and EPCOT. I’m
not entirely sure if there’s some Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon. So
you can go to any one you don’t have to go to EPCOT that was just where we spent
our first day and I went in and said to him hi this is what I have can you help
me and he couldn’t want to help me enough. He was so helpful, I didn’t need
to take any documentation, I did have documentation with me but he didn’t ask
for any of it I don’t know if that was just the cast member I spoke to but I
would say have it on you just in case, but they didn’t ask for it and I
couldn’t see people around being asked to show theirs either but I told him
what was wrong and he said that’s fine so he then put that disability pass on
my Magic Band and my mum and my dad’s Magic Band who were with me on the trip.
So this then worked as almost like a Fast Pass so we’d go to a ride and say
what time could we come back and they would give us a time to come back so we
didn’t have to queue. So, for example we went to Hollywood Studios on the
second day and we wanted to go on slinky and we couldn’t get a fast pass for
slinky on the app so we went and said could we use this because the queue was
like three hours long so they said yes come back in an hour, so we could go and eat or we could go on stuff where there wasn’t really a big
queue. We actually went and met characters in which there wasn’t a
massive queue for and so we could do something else and the meantime which
meant I didn’t have to stand for a very very very long time and it was really
really helpful to me and it was absolutely amazing.
Like I said they put it on this, they put it on the rest of my party – my mum and
dad’s Magic Band as well so that they could come
with me and they wouldn’t have to queue and I’d have to wait for that whole
situation and they were really really helpful. I also just want to talk about
having allergies as well, I am allergic to lots of different things which is a
pain because I’m dairy intolerant which is annoying but then I’m also allergic
to nuts which means a lot of dairy alternatives use almonds or cashews, which, I can’t eat. Disney were great, whenever I reserved any meals they
were absolutely fab at actually having that we but the Bon Voyage breakfast
with Flynn and Rapunzel and Ariel and Eric and we also had breakfast in Be Our
Guest and both times I had my own food and plate of little pastries because
some of them were made with nuts and they gave me the whole plate of all the same thing that my mum
and dad had but just nut free and allergen free and honestly it was
amazing. I didn’t have to pay any extra for it even though we essentially got
two plates of what we’re supposed to be shared on the table – so you’re supposed
to get a big plate of pastries to share in Be Our Guest but my mum and dad got one
between them and I got one for myself and the same with the Bon Voyage
breakfast you were supposed to get a frying pan with pastries in it – like
Rapunzel’s frying pan and I got my own so they were absolutely amazing and
honestly so accommodating and it was really really really great. Now onto Disneyland Paris where things work a little bit different. So in Disneyland Paris they
have two forms of disability pass first pass is the green pass and the second
pass with the orange pass. Now I have used the green pass before and I have
used the orange pass before. The green pass is essentially a all-access pass,
you go and you can walk just walk on some rides and you can just walk on to – there’s a special disability area for shows and for the
fireworks and for parades which you can just go and wait – you don’t have to queue the
whole time to get good view and with characters with the green pass you go
and they give you a time to come back like the whole situation with Walt Disney World, they that’s what they do and some characters are just walk straight
on some they told us to come back. The orange card works a lot more like
Walt Disney World where you go to a ride they tell you a time to come back
the thing with Paris is are lot of the rides – the queue times can get
high but no way near as busy as Walt Disney World so a lot of the times they
did just let me walk straight on with this pass but the orange path doesn’t
work for shows or parades or fireworks which I do think is a little
bit annoying because it does mean that you then have to queue and you have
a disability pass because you have a disability and I have a walking stick so
I cannot stand for long periods of time so that was a little bit inconvenient
when I had this pass. Paris are very very strict on paperwork that you have and
what that will give you pass wise, so the reason why I was given the orange pass
the one time is because I was then waiting for my disability card and and/or a blue badge to come through and even though I took doctor’s notes explaining
the situation, my diagnosis letters, showed my medication, had my walking
stick, had the application that was currently pending for a blue badge/card they said no. Which still meant I didn’t have to queue because
always given the time to come back so I could go sit down and I could go chill
so it was absolutely fine but Paris do want to see documents and they will only
take specific documents as evidence I guess for your disability. In
Paris you can go to City Hall in Main Street and I do believe there is one in
at the start of Walt Disney Studios as well there’s a little like relations information thing where you can go in most people do go to City Hall. I
would recommend getting there – go there straight away as the park opens because
the queue for City Hall can get a bit ridiculous. Actually a bit crazy it’s
absolutely huge the queues I found for guest relations in Walt Disney World
were a lot better because there are a lot bigger rooms there’s more cast members
there there’s more desks and there’s cast members stood up with iPads and
everything so it wasn’t just someone behind a desk so it was a lot of so it was a lot quicker process. But in Disneyland Paris, City Hall gets
very very busy, it’s one counter with about three or four people behind it so
it can be a longer process and obviously you do have to show lots of
documentation as well in Paris as well so that’s how those – the
difference with those there. If you do have a blue badge, if you do have a
disability card if you have anything like that and you’re going to Disneyland Paris
take that because it means that you will be given the
right past for you and the best pass that’s going to suit you. These say how
many helpers there are I do believe there’s a maximum for Paris I think it’s
how many was it – “this card allows you and four helpers” so yeah so
you and then for other people. I do just want to add as well this number changed
for the green card it changed for the fireworks going
into like the firework pen I think it was only – it went down so for actual
rides as more people but then for shows and stuff for me I think it was two
people could come in to the area with you because of crowding because lots of
people would be in that area and lots of them were wouldn’t be disabled if that
makes are disabled for someone in then and then five other people came with
them it would be a big crowd so they only allow certain amount of people into
like parade queues and firework queues and show queues with the person that has the
disability part and then there’s different things as well. So it says
guess with a debilitating illness or temporary medical condition, expectant
mothers or ambulatory impairment this and I do think that’s the same with the
green card as well because when that’s been used that was the same there was
six of us and there were five but one of them was really little so they said put
her on but it wasn’t supposed to be like that that make sense. Also the rest
of your party can only use the card if you are going on it with with them so if
they wanted to go on a ride that you didn’t they would have to queue the full
queue and cannot use the card because they will always check which one of you
is the card holder because it has your name and your information on it and you
have to show them but you are that person. We had some amazing Cast Members
that did just say the queue’s not that bad it’s about half an hour just go on now. They
have disability entrances which is also the same in Walt Disney World so you go
through a different entrance which means you don’t have to push through the queue,
people can still see you for some of it but most of the queues, go in the exit or
you go through the special disability access which is really really good
because it means it’s a lot more accessible and a lot more movable around
to it. Also the ones in Disney so for Big Thunder Mountain in Paris you
do go through through with this card to the Fast Pass queue so there might still be
bit of a queue for that one but I’ve also been through the disability access
of Big Thunder Mountain and that is essentially just a straight walk on.
Secondly food ordering in Disneyland has a lot of restaurants and the one it
happened to us in a lot with Casey’s corner on Main Street they have a
disability counter and the lady she saw us she saw us come in, she saw us,
get in the main queue because I didn’t know – so she saw us about to get into the main queue
saw the thing straightaway she pulled us over – not physically – but she took us over
to the queue to the disabled queue which no one was in, rang the bell and got
someone to come and serve me immediately, so I didn’t have to queue which was
absolutely amazing and so great of her because we were then going to go and
watch the fireworks so I didn’t want to be in a big queue for food and then a big
queue for the fireworks so it was actually great. We got to sit down for
the fireworks on Main Street until we had to stand up for it which to be
honest but I would have had to have done if I was going in the little box anyway
so yeah so she was really really great. I really love that system of food or drink,
I honestly don’t remember if that’s the thing in Walt Disney World I imagine
that it must be because of how big Walt Disney World is but I do not remember, if
anyone in the comments could help me out with that that would be fab.
Paris is also the same with allergies you tell them about allergies and
they’re great. What I’ve started to do now is actually write all of my
intolerances and illnesses and everything in French on my phone so I
can just show them because I do know the French for them but rather than
going through them I can just give them the list so that they know what to give
me. They are really really great at recognising invisible disabilities and
illnesses they have those access queues and different queues for you to go in
which is really really really great so you’re not pushing past anyone you can
go through. Sometimes that might be the exit you go in through the exit,
sometimes that may be a its own access queue, and sometimes that may be in the
Fastpass queue. Sometimes you do have to be ambulant too if you are in a wheelchair
and you cannot be ambulant some rides they will not allow that. It”s a
small world is incredible because it has a disability access boat so it has a
whole boat which they put a ramp down and you were able to get on the boat
if you are in a wheelchair which i think is absolutely incredible and amazing
that they do that I honestly think it’s so good. They take anything that you use
away so if you are in and you are ambulant you leave the
wheelchair you obviously cannot fold up and take it on the ride with you, they took
my walking stick away from me every time they take crutches away, I don’t think
you can go on anything if you have broken bone in the sense it is where you
have to be ambulant I think they’re a little *hand movement* with a broken bone because the reason you have
to be ambulant is because if the ride breaks down you will have to climb so
you will have to climb maybe down something, you know if you’re
on the top of Space Mountain and it breaks down you’ve got to get down a
ladder. Some rides as well you will have to be with someone that is able to sort of
say I’m going to help this person if we do get stuck on something so I’ve had
friends before have to say I will essentially be Lauren’s carer in this
situation if she couldn’t – if she was struggling. They also have lots and lots of
seats – they have rest places they have places where you can chill this was
really really a big thing in Walt Disney World I noticed there were lots of
places where you could just sit and chill out especially by where Soarin’ is
and Living With The Land. There were loads and loads and loads of seats there which
was really really great for me when I was waiting to go on to Soarin’ with my
return time pass. I just wanted to add as well – I totally forgot. This is
what we now have in Disneyland Paris if you stay on site, it’s a Magic Pass it
works like a Magic Band but it’s a card and this has your park ticket and your
hotel number on it – your room key as well and they put this on
my one and also my friends cards as well. So yes so that was my experiences in
Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney World with a disability and also allergies and
the way that they are with it. I hope this video was helpful it was something
I think would have been really helpful for me to have seen and I was trying to
find as much as I could to help me the first time I went to both of those
places with all of these things that I needed so I hope that this is some kind
of helpful. If you’ve got any other additional information that you have had
in either of these parks or any other parks to be honest, leave them in
the comments down below that would be super super helpful. I am going to
Tokyo Disney Land and Disney see you later on this year and I can’t find much
information about it so if you have and you know about the disability
information that’d be fab. Like I said if you guys are new here I make videos a
couple of times a week about books and fandom-y things so if you want to stick
around and join us then feel free to hit that subscribe button and as usual all
the links to all my other social medias are in the description down below. Thank you
all for watching I hope you’re doing really really really well and I will see
you next time goodbye.


  1. I actually found this AMAZING info booklet for Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea –

  2. This is such an interesting video, especially as someone who also has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. You mentioned needing paperwork, but I wasn't given any when I was diagnosed and when I try to research it the main thing that comes up is how to apply for benefits which I'm pretty sure is a separate thing? How did you get your paperwork, if you don't mind me asking?

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