Audi A7 3.0tfsi engine rebuild – part 3 – Engine Component Inspection Overview (eng sub)

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Hello! As you saw from previous videos…. then I took one engine into pieces This is 2011 an Audi A7 Sportback 3.0 TFSI engine and the problem was firstly the chain rattled at cold start and secondly taking oil thats the reason I took this engine into pieces I have some measuring tools here I wrote out some data what these measuring results should give me would show and measure Cylinder diameters, pistons crankshaft and basically bearings have different thickness should measure them separately at first would check those bearings whats their condition here is main bearing small lines are inside on the sides nothing really bad is visible this one looks a bit better already and this one is almost clean bearing this one is frames upper is also looking good connecting rod bearings have also slight wear is here nothing serious cannot be seen also small line almost all of them have light wear next thing to check, are pistons oil ring is a little bit stuck this seems to be the problem why engine is taking oil those places have also wear but we will measure them soon will they meet the normal criteria here are visible light stripes and then here is crankshaft this ones necks are looking good will measure it here is small soot edge its OK, all engine will get that but on that side some wear is visible little bit I will measure it all with this tool I will measure the cylinder it goes here in this hole, with little bit longer tip so…. …and with this on the table I will adjust size what it should be on that car it should be 84,51mm this cylinder diameter between here I set the measure 84,51mm then I will reset it got it fixed, there was some fine work with it and then will measure it at first will measure where there is wear it has a wear of 0,02mm here it is 0,01mm so that according to instructions 0,08mm is limit that can be other side was also good athough it has a gap next I will measure pistons between here and pistons had…. …measures as… 84.49mm will measure again with this micrometer tool this one is 84.46mm tolerable size is 84.49mm so it has extra wear of 0.03mm it is excactly on the limit according to manufacturers instructions 0.03mm is the max wear that can be in princible this piston cannot be used anymore new pistons should be installed will measure other also this one has even more wear, measure is 84.44mm 84.45mm 84.45mm 84.45mm 84.44mm all pistons must be replaced in addition must mueasure rings ring’s and piston’s spacing but because those pistons are…. we need new pistons anyway so I won’t measure them and other thing what must be measured is… put together with new ones to put rings inside here and measure the gap inbetween would be good if the ring is little bit lower and I can also say required measures so that pressure ring, first one, is 0.2 – 0.3mm second pressure ring is 0.5 – 0.7mm and oil ring is 0.25 – 0.5mm and the counting starts from above: first pressure ring, second pressure ring and oil ring and this… …this space is.. first first pressure ring should be 0.04 – 0.08mm second one should be 0.03 – 0.07mm and oil ring should be 0.02 – 0.06mm next step is to measure the crankshaft same way with a micrometer frame is 65mm connecting rods neck is 56mm later with this one is bearings slack must be measured in principle this can also be measured with indicator scale I have also plastic strips for that will measure those bearing slacks now I’ll go through this crankshaft with micrometer and… I’ll measure this crankshaft and then basically there’s nothing more special will order new bearings have to make new offer to client new pistons are needed new bearings cylinder head covers will be refurbished after that engine can be assembled again before assembly, of course, everything must be washed clean parts after that maybe many, many sequels from this engine so STAY TUNED today I won’t continue to talk I will do all these excact mearings more or less now You have an idea how it is being done and then… i will start washing those parts and bring cylinder head covers to renovation so… until then, goodbye

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