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hello I’m Jason Mohr HUD Great Plains
Regional Administrator June is National Healthy Homes Month this year’s theme is
unlocking the potential of America’s children check your home protect your
family which focuses on the opportunity to protect current and future
generations of children from the exposures to lead from contaminated
paint dust and soil home assessments have an important impact on your health
in 1978 Congress passed the lead-based paint poisoning Prevention Act which
prohibited the use of lead-based paint in a residential housing since then the
number of children with high levels of lead in their blood has declined
dramatically although lead-based paint was banned 40
years ago communities across the country remained plagued by this toxic chemical
that exposure is a significant health and safety threat to children the Trump
administration is taking action to address this threat and improve health
outcomes for children who are most at risk secretary Carson has made
lead-based paint poisoning a top priority and is providing additional
funds to States to address this issue HUD will leverage public and private
partnerships and relationships in the health community to maximize the impact
of its lead safe and healthy homes investment removing lead from homes can
be a labor intensive project that exposure and children can include birth
defects learning disabilities and even juvenile delinquency fortunately HUD as
a grant programs identify and control lead-based paint hazards and eligible
privately owned homes for rent or owner-occupied HUD also provides
guidelines for other types of housing programs or assistance such as the
multifamily mortgage insurance project-based rental assistance public
housing or rehabilitation to learn more effective ways to reduce lead based
paint hazards visit the office of lead hazard control and healthy homes webpage
at WWW.HUD.GOV lead poisoning from paint and older homes is entirely preventable
parents and property owners as well as health and house
agencies at all levels of government have important roles to play working
together we can make childhood lead poisoning a thing of the past

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