Aura Medical – NB-30 Atomizer Inhaler Demonstration

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Here are some tips for using your NB30 atomizer
inhaler from Aura Medical. Prior to using your Aura atomizer inhaler, please read the
instruction manual carefully, and retain it for your records. Pay attention to all instructions
for use and safety notices. Your NB30 inhaler comes with the following accessories: a mouthpiece,
an adult-sized mask, children-sized mask, mask adapter, two double A batteries, an A/C
adapter, and a little plastic medicine bottle. The little plastic medicine bottle is the
ideal place to store extra medication if needed for future use. Please note: The unit is NOT
designed to work with distilled water. Using distilled water will cause the unit to shut
off prematurely. To assemble the unit, insert the supplied batteries into the device. Alternatively,
operate it using the A/C adapter. Open the clamp of the medicine cup, and fill it with
sterile saline or medication. The maximum filling capacity is 8 mL. Now securely attach
your accessory to the atomizer. If you opted for the mouthpiece, securely seal your lips
around it. If you choose the mask, initially insert the mask adapter to the inhaler, and
then connect the mask. Place the mask over your face. Switch on the On/Off button, and
then breathe in slowly and deeply. Once the inhalant has been completely atomized, the
device will shut off automatically. You can also press the off button at any given time
to shut it manually. After every use, disconnect the power cord, and clean your unit and all
accompanying parts. To clean the device after each use, fill the medicine cup with tap water
and turn the device on to vaporize it for one to two minutes. At the end of each day,
the device must be disinfected and cleaned. Make a solution of one tablespoon of distilled
white vinegar and three tablespoons of water. Fill the medicine cup and let the solution
sit for five minutes. After five minutes, turn the device on, and allow the vinegar
solution to atomize for one to two minutes. Then discard the solution. Fill the medicine
cup with tap water one last time, and vaporize for one more minute to ensure that no vinegar
solution remains. Leave the medicine cup open and allow to completely air dry for six to
eight hours or overnight. Then, soak the rest of the accessories in soap water and allow
to air dry. The NB30 atomizer inhaler uses cutting edge vibrating mesh technology to
deliver medication faster and easier than traditional nebulizers. It is ideal for travel
and at-home use. It is completely silent and suitable for both adults and children. We
hope you enjoy using your Aura NB30 atomizer inhaler. Stay healthy!

2 thoughts on “Aura Medical – NB-30 Atomizer Inhaler Demonstration

  1. I Need a Nebs that is reliable I use a Nebs in morning – at night before bed – And in emergencies – Which can be any time ?
    My original Nebuliser was a Medix Traveller 2000 – This rather giant and clunky machine at the the side of these new generation Nebs ! – Was the size of those cases that Astronauts carry on their way to the launch pad ! – But this machine has saved my skin hundreds of times – Honestly ! – It was worth its weight in gold
    And I am looking for something thats as reliable as this to carry around – I use Ventolin 5mg and the Atrovetnt solutions – Will this machine deliver these drugs to the patient's lungs (Separately) efficiently in an emergency ?

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