Autumn Health and Safety | Guidelines for Parents

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Hi I’m Jamie Kondis and today I’m going
to talk about fall weather safety. It’s still about 90 degrees here in St. Louis so
it’s hard to think about fall but it is coming. As you’re going into fall weather
some things to think about, one we start using our fireplace in the fall and
winter so what are some things to think about with fireplace safety. Definitely
if you have a home fireplace you should have it inspected at least once a year
just to make sure it’s still functioning properly, if you have small children in
the home make sure that you have some sort of screen or barrier over the
fireplace. The glass barriers are good too but they can actually get quite hot
and we actually see kids burn their hands if they touch that glass barrier
while the fireplace is being used or even right afterwards, so know what kind
of barrier your fireplace has. We recommend that every home with a
fireplace have a carbon monoxide detector just because they can produce a
lot of carbon monoxide. If you’re going to be outside having a barbecue or
cookout, there fire safety is very important there too. Make sure that kids
know that even after the fire is put out it’s still going to be very hot
especially if there’s coals or wood chips being used they can still be really
hot. During the fall it’s also a good time to be hiking and exploring the
woods with your family when it’s not so hot, so for kids, make sure they’re
wearing really good-fitting footwear and that it’s not the first time that
they’ve worn the boots or shoes either because we don’t want them getting a lot
of blisters, make sure that they’re dressed in layers so that if it does get
hot they can take off that top layer and be a little cooler and also make sure if
it is a sunny day that they’re still wearing sunscreen, even in the fall they
can get sunburns, bug spray is important We don’t recommend using the combination
sunscreen bug sprays, because the bug spray you really only need to apply once
but the sunscreen you want to be reapplying every couple hours. As seasons
change there’s a lot of different allergens and things in the air. If you
have a child with a history of asthma make sure you’ve got that asthma action
plan at home, make sure you’ve got medications at home, this is just a
really big time of year to see a lot of environmental things triggering kids’
asthma exacerbations, so have a great fall, be safe. you

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