Ay olmasa, Dünyada vəziyyət necə olar?

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If our solar system was a little different, the conditions were different, everything could have been different for us. World size, energy, rotation reading, atmosphere and seasons it would be very different. With this state of our world, almost everything, to the finest detail it is designed specifically for human beings. What is the role of the Moon in the formation of the good world? How the Moon came into being and How the world enters the orbit is still a mystery. What is the location of the moon in this perfect arrangement? What effect does the moon have on the emergence of life in the world? What would happen to the moon? In terms of living conditions in the world, there is nothing negative about the moon. That is to say, the existence of the Moon is harmless. Is there any benefit? The moon is four cm away from us each year. But what if one day the moon is not in its place? Let’s try to find answers to these questions in our video today. Suppose you are following the sky for a moment The moon is not in its proper place. If we live in a small confusion, we might think that we are stuck in the clouds and not take it seriously. But for a while we will begin to feel the bad effects of this disappearance. Because of the lure of the moon, our knees are 23 degrees. Therefore, the direction of the arrival of sunlight and as the world turns around the sun the climates have managed to maintain our balance today. But if not for the moon, the world will not have a stable axis and the stability would be completely broken. It means climate change. In a world where there is no short moon The temperature in Azerbaijan during the daytime is +50 It will be -40 degrees at night. This change makes it very difficult for people to survive but that’s not the only problem. During the day the water will evaporate due to the high heat because it is cold at night. This would cause the water to disappear. At the same time as the Moon affects the rotation rate of the world This disappearance of the month will affect the speed of the world’s rotation. If the speed of rotation of planets increases This speed will influence the winds’ intensity. It will no longer be possible to live near the seas. Winds with an average speed of 160km will hit the shore in an active manner. It is one of the first places in the world affected by this situation The city of winds will be Baku. In a world without moon, the winds are in Baku the winds will be so severe that that’s why people even start flying cars. The biggest impact of the month on the world because of the force of gravity moving around its own axis. The absence of the moon increases the rate of rotation of the world, causing a period of about 15 hours a day. days will be shortened, the biological clock in living things will be turned upside down, life forms and different changes made will disappear. Can we feel the changes in our bodies? For those who can survive under these conditions, the ride will be even more difficult. The person loses a lot of energy when he is in motion. After a few minutes of wandering, the body will breathe. The next generation will be very small in height. But the weight will increase. But what would be the psychosocial impact of the loss of the moon on humans and animals? This question has long intrigued scientists. After the police investigation most people have been charged with murder during a full moon. You see, for thousands of years, we have seen it as one of the causes of mysterious events Does the full moon have an impact? The images of the moon affect the power of gravity around the world. For example, at full moon, this attraction reaches its peak When the moon is in shape, the heat reduces the charm. In 18 psychiatric patients the history of most patients the full moon appeared to coincide with the days when it appeared. In the past, people believed that worms had come out when the moon was full. It is not known whether the moon has any effect on the behavior of living things. However, it is due to psychological reasons or the full moon at night has not yet been confirmed. In this area, it adds. The moon has a protective effect for us. The moon is in space because it acts as a shield against disobedient meteorites in the absence of more meteorites on the surface of the world. When the asteroid, which is several kilometers long, was born can put an end to people’s lives. As the genus destroyed the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. The new one can be understood in this way There will be many changes in the world if the moon disappears overnight. Human dignity will be seriously reduced, there will be very few places to live. Many living species, which continue to function in the light of the moon at least, will not be able to do so. But most importantly, romantic couples are hand in hand in the sky it won’t be spectacular … Thankfully, the Creator made everything beautiful … And yet, we came to the end of today’s video. See you in the next video.

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