Ayurvedic Cure for Ovarian Cysts without Surgery – Patient Review

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Namaste ma’am. Namaste ma’am. I would like to welcome you in Planet Ayurveda. Ma’am what is your name and from where you have came from? My name is Navjeet and I have come from Sector – 66, Mohali. Okay. Ma’am what was the problem that you came to Planet Ayurveda for taking the medicines? I was suffering from cysts. Okay, you were suffering from ovarian cysts. Yes. Yes, as we can see this in your reports. Okay. Okay, so what were the symptoms you were going through at that time? I used to have stomach ache and was having frequent urge to urinate. Okay, were you having any problem other than this? No, rest was fine. Okay, so you have went for this clinical analysis on 4th December. We are having the reports of 4th December of the clinical analysis, in which it is depicted that the size of the ovarian cysts was 3.26×3.25 centimeters. Yes. So, ma’am how did you approached Planet Ayurveda for the treatment? Initially I was taking allopathy medicines because I was having pain at that time so I thought that I will recover from that. But I didn’t get any relief from that. Okay. Then someone suggested me to take medicines from Planet Ayurveda. Okay. I got too much relief when I take these medicines for two months. Okay, so you have taken allopathy medicines initially for two months then you have taken medicines from Planet Ayurveda. Yes. So these are your recent reports which are of 19th February? Yes. In this report there is no indication of presence of cysts and cysts is totally finished now. It is indicating that there is no significant abnormality now and I want to show this to our viewers. So what are your views after having Ayurvedic medicines and if people should adopt it? Within two months your cyst is cured now, so what do you want to say about this to our viewers? Ayurvedic medicines are really effective and it doesn’t caused any kind of side effect to me. Okay. Medicines are really good and I have recovered now. Okay, so you have completely recovered now? Yes. Would you like to tell our viewers something about Ayurveda and Planet Ayurveda, like there may be someone who might be having same problem so from they would take the medicines? I would like to say that they should take medicines from Planet Ayurveda and these medicines are really effective. Okay, now you have totally recovered. Yes. Now you don’t need to take any medicine. Yes. Okay, thank you mam, thank you so much for giving us your time.

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