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Here in Austria up in this one! Empa! Good morning from Saalbach-Hinterglemm Yesterday when the tourism office in Zell Am See called me and asked if we wanted to join a Air Balloon We couldn’t say no Even though there is 50cm of fresh snow Its a early morning here, time is 06:30 And we are going to the airport in Zell Am See And its cold! Super cold! I think its -10 Celsius We have dressed up so we look like penguins We are wearing everything we own It felt nice at first but now its just cold And I think that you can see yesterday when we digged out the car Its a bit of a snow storm here Its cold and snowy but that’s positive To prepare for tomorrows early car ride are we going to dig out the car In this snow-kaos Big wheels on that one When we get to the car I have a cool thing for you oh, nice car Look Good thing we brought the broom down here Look here so smart that we are doing this today Imagine doing this tomorrow at 06:00 It will take some time Yeah no kidding In the meantime I thought its a long time since Christmas But for you who didn’t get what you wished for Im now doing a giveaway together with Helly Hansen you can with this ski set Wooowww The one I use everyday This whole winter because its so nice But of course you won’t be getting this one, you will get a brand new one Identical to this one, if they have it in your size Otherwise you get a similar one worth the same amount this to enter the giveaway just follow these simple steps Also written in the description The first thing is to like this video! Subscribe to this channel! Then go to @hellyhansenski on Instagram and follow them Their instagram is linked in the description of the video When you are done with that You have to guess how many years I’ve worked with Helly Hansen. 6, 4 or 2 years Comment that down below Wednesday the 19th we will pick a lucky winner! Of these nice clothes! But before continuing I have one question To the clothes Do you get those shooooooes? Sadly not hahah Its time to spin to the future Where we are going up in a hot air balloon Look at this A beer drinker balloon Im a bit nervous Ive never done this before Its so beautiful outside Imagine that we are doing this! Its unreal I bring my pole I hope we are allowed to bring it up in the air Big balloons My pole carrier Damn, im getting scared now You can’t steer its just fire that lifts them this is so cool They are going to another place And we will fly from there because the winds are better from that point In stead of going from here to there we will fly back here So we are driving there Im stoked, im not that nervous It feels unreal We will land 14:00 I was stoked on going skiing afterwards but I think it will be too tight We have so much new snow, I don’t know if you can see it Look at this its an airport If you haven’t already joined the giveaway I think its time for you to do so because its some epic gear its worth a lot and to get the chance to win one.. that’s not bad at all Share it to your friends as well So more can join! Soo you on the place we are lifting from Its a very tiny place we are going to stand in I thought we were going to run around up there we also realized that everyone else brought food and stuff we brought one snickers He is such a good boy Melvin, running around with our balloon FINALLY! now the nerves re starting to come Finally, now its happening Its so cold, my hand Im going to get claustrophobic in here Its so tight in this wagon Look here now Okey, I would lie If I said I didn’t feel any nervous at all WHAT DID YOU SAY I SAID I WOULD LIE, Wait Im just happy Do you know how high up we are going, this is nothing Now its the hight of a lift, a bit higher maybe We are getting some height now If something happens to this chauffeur We will land somewhere far away Beautiful day up in a balloon When standing here it feels a bit weird that we are in one of these Its a weird way of transportation Its weird yes There we have a lake A little lake Almost the same height as the highest mountains We are constantly going up. It felt nicer to stand here in the middle where you stood before It feels a bit risky to stand here on the edge Thats what I felt before, when someone moved I was like woah I love making these videos and just look back at what we have done One thing that matters way more than you think is all the nice comments you give us, It makes us wanting to make more So damn amazing. Now we will try to enjoy the view So, this is pretty cool. From here we can see where we always go skiing Behind there is where we stay There we always ride Down there is Saalbach, Hinterglemm Fieberbrunn and now we are on our way to Zell Am See Okey, now we are closing in on Zell Am See Me and Melvin have scoped some lines down here Keen to try them? I am! up there, then down there to the valley To the houses, do you see them? The small ones down there. Then its a bit of traversing to get back Yes, the whole way there There is like a road there Its pretty cool to scope lines from a balooon Imagine doing that after every snowfall haha, it would take so much time. There you see the Zell Am See Lake Look how beautiful it is. The sun is a bit in the clouds, but still very nice The airport is down there and the flight is going to its end its going down pretty quickly What a perfect landing! Are you helping here? Yeah, im pulling down the whole balloon At least Im good at watching… Thanks for a nice flight! Amazing!


  1. GALNASTE GIVEAWAYEN? Ville ge tillbaks till alla er som är så jäkla grymma och supportar vår kanal. Bäst är ni!

  2. Du har varit sponsrad av helly Hansen sedan 4 år tillbaka, fortsätt med dina grymma videos! Du har faktiskt fått mig i tankarna om att säsonga i alperna nästa år.

  3. Drar till med en kvalificerad gissning på 4år tillsammans med Helly Hansen ⛷🤙🏻

    Ps. Tror vi är flera som önskar att du drog igång med en daglig vlogg!

  4. Jag gissar också på fyra års sponsring. Riktigt bra vloggar som vanligt! Kul när det plingar till och det har kommit upp nått material! Ha det bäst!

  5. Sponsrad av Helly Hansen i 4 år. Är det bästa ansiktet utåt? KLART SOM FAN EN SKÅNING SKA VARA ANSIKTET UTÅT!

  6. Du blev sponsrad av HH 2016 så rätt svar måste vara 4år! Gryma videos fortsätt med det du gjort hitils i år, blir alltid liga glad o taggad när man kollar ni är grymma!

  7. 4 år med Helly Hansen! Sjukt grymma videos alltid lika kul att kolla på! Du/ni fick mig att börja göra mina egna vloggar haha;)

  8. 4 år av mycket bra bra skidåkning har du bjudit på med Helly Hansen som sponsor, ser fram emot mer! Följt sen början 👌

  9. Amazing vlog man again! You are working together with Helly Hansen for 4 years. Continue the epic vlogs man! 🔥🔥

  10. Du gör så sjukt bra content just nu! Blir riktigt inspirerad av dig! Ska ner till St Anton för första gången nu på fredag och blir så sjukt taggad när man kollar på dig och dina videos!

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