Back to School FOR THE 13TH TIME…

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back-to-school is upon us and every
single year we cannot get our sh*t together Historically speaking, back-to-school
time hasn’t always been my strongest moment in parenting oh crap MJ
that was the bus Leopold we missed your first day of kindergarten
I can’t believe I did it. It’s ok, I wasn’t ready anyway okay I’m both happy to see them go… and even a little sad to see them go [crying] We haven’t even bought sneakers or backpacks yet and school starts tomorrow The kids shop like they’re celebrities…. while I sneak in a little
something for myself Oh my gosh it’s so pretty!! which means This time a year also happier also brings about that infamous
landslide moment with our finances… I don’t even know what we’re buying anymore. do you have any
idea how expensive back-to-school shopping is for our family? Like
thousands of dollars. [off camera] What are you doing? they look so new if they just get a
little polish from last year first you use markers it’s like not that big of a
deal look at that this is a brand new marker
we have put it in the pile they’ll never know and everything we had planned goes
out the window my stuff they literally just throwing stuff stick
cheerless between all the shoppings the next five birthdays and holidays we
ring in the new year completely broke where okay the upside is that our two oldest
kids have officially landed on their feet and it’s like every other weekend
so like babe they actually had a set up cuz I think they assumed that most kids
that are applying have parents that are divorced so they like guess he just got
a call back from Costco got a call from Costco and they’re like we sure hope you
don’t have long hair they just apply themselves it like kind of 10% of
themselves and the world like yes Winston wants to congratulate Pascal has always been able to rake in
her own dough and as for the rest well we’re working on it nobody never told me
to do that before at this time however we have bigger fish to fry I need some
advice I’m getting really worried about my
youngest Leopold he’s going into second grade and here’s my concern he’s not
reading okay you what are three awesome things you’re gonna do this year at
school we tell me when you’re ready for the longest time we were in denial over
this and thinking okay we’re not working hard enough with him he’s the baby we
haven’t tried as hard would you like me to buy a book yeah you go oh we’ve been
doing too much reading to them person screams of an issue we need to go to the
library more and just have some beer round books need to take out audiobooks
you need to play audiobooks and classical music we need to work extra hard with him in
school he needs to be in a reading program in school and he needs to have
tutoring you know we have tried everything and I actually am beginning
to believe that Leopold is dyslexic I looked it up the other day and was just
reading through the symptoms and I couldn’t believe what I saw and I’m
worried who do I even go to and then what what happens after that if he is
dyslexic what what happens after I don’t even know where to begin so any help you
can give me is very much appreciated another year down only ten more to go so
called mom

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