BACK2GREEN – Die Dokumentation zur nachhaltigen Kollektion

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Its magic Pete, get into the water! It’s so cold, that’s incredible! 24 degrees, absolutely not. Yeah guys. Wonderful water, Atlantic. Wonderful view, with the big oil tankers draining their oil. Feels nice on the skin. The most important thing is always having a nice scar with a lot of blood. That was an octopus. Because we don’t like it at all. Belongs in there. Every piece of plastic that has ever been produced is still on this planet and remains here. That’s a massive problem and it’s definitely getting worse. Everyone can change something about it. We go BACK2GREEN Follow me. So sweethearts That’s a trashcan, as you can see, it says
SEAQUAL on it. SEAQUAL is an initiative which I will now explain to you properly SEAQUAL INITIATIVE fights plastic pollution in the seas by connecting various partners for marine waste to be taken out of the ocean recycled and transformed into sustainable products. I think there are about 28 fishing boats we are in Barcelona,
at the port of Barcelona. At one port of Barcelona. There are 28 fishing boats going out every day and catching fish with different types of nets. Either on the bottom, either above so on the surface of the water.
And all the plastic coming with the fish it’s not just dumped back into the sea,
as it has been the case for many decades, because each pier has a trashcan like this one
where they can get rid of the plastic. All the boats are coming in soon and get the plastic to SEAQUAL INITIATIVE. They get supported to make this happen and to collaborate with the fishermen,
to collaborate with the harbour. The plastic from the nets goes in here. To make To make such a beautiful sweater out of it. I think it just makes the world a better place, if all the plastic is not thrown back into the sea. Here you can see a lot of PET again. These are the bottles. Some bottles really lay
up to 7, 8, 9, 10 years in the water,
they are out now. Others know these bags and would think it’s a little bit different. But it is not. This is PET. Purest.
This PET here, that is only collected by SEAQUAL INITIATIVE from the sea
and that’s normal PET. And those little chips are here in these silos and that’s pure PET,
pure polyester, pure plastic.
And that’s what the clothes are made of. What PET is, I’ll tell you now! PET is a manufactured plastic from the polyester family. And is used, among other things, for the production of plastic fibers, plastic bottles and foils. This is made from our PET plastic.
Which comes in at the top, then hot and heated up
and from that these different threads are made.
Going to one big thread together. and here it is the moment where textile is created. This is what our clothes are made of.
It’s just melted plastic. What polyester is, I’ll tell you now! Polyester is the umbrella term
a large number of different plastics. Such as:
polyethylene terephthalate This is PET
And you’re? Pete Boateng Here you can see all the leftovers, every color will be recycled and reused to make these little chips.
And then they come back into the silos and are all recycled again. Exactly what we also want to do with
Green Berlin. Keep all things in circulation and do not produce waste. So guys, this is the color of our incredible fleece sweater and our fleece pants. This is how it is produced here.
Feels really cool. Touch it, Pete.
Christoph. I enjoy that, I’m interested
and I can make a difference with that. Not by flagellating myself and for instance drinking only oat milk, that I don’t like at all.
Just so I can do everything right and up to anybody’s standards. And that’s exciting
that we’re doing things here that interest us. And where we think ‘we can make a difference, we understand that
and we can start something’ and not directly try to change the whole world.
What we can’t do anyway. No way. We cannot for instance go out and clean up India with five of us. So is that. But we can deal with the things we have an influence on. And maybe even someone else will be interested. ‘Visitas belongs’ We are now in the factory, but unfortunately Chris Schwarz has booked the whole thing for us on a Saturday and unfortunately, no one works at the factory on Saturday. But I think the machines, we can get the machines on I will find the switch,
I will push the button. I am generally someone who likes to press buttons. If there is anything flashing, I’m Bart Simpson I’m honest, I admit. This is the material. Marteria, guys. That we produce.
The material from Barcelona do you see this one? I like that there’s a lot of talk about ‘Marteria’ guys. ‘Material, Marteria’ so everything is the same. I got five sheeps at home. Many years ago everybody throw that away. Today we collect it and try to use it again. Yeah guys, first I thought
thousands of sheep were used here. I have five sheep respectively alpacas, but no. Feels a bit like that but it is not. My alpacas also have a different wool quality, one is good, the other one is not so good. It is also very important how my name was created. ‘Marteria’
I actually discovered it when I was 15 in a Spanish dictionary in Cuba with my friend Hajo. I have read this word and thought ‘Ma’,
‘Materia’ is written without an ‘R’. ‘Materia’
Materia means raw material, guys. And then it all comes back together, we look up at raw material here in the factory.
I just put a ‘R’ in there. ‘Marteria’ because my name is Marten.
That’s how it all comes back together. So something that you start somewhere usually ends somewhere. That is crazy.
So when I go in here I’ll most likely get out back there. Thats life! Instead of putting used water into the wastewater, we reuse it. This is how we reduce water consumption, environmental impact and we reduce energy consumption. When I start doing this, because in Germany I’m famous when I tell the kids ‘let’s get started’ or tell other musicians ‘If you’re going to produce merch, do it like this’ ‘Do it this way, that’s the better way!’ Maybe we’re making a difference.
That’s what we do it for. Because right now we have to change something. This is my favorite machine because it has the colors of my football club. Blue, white & red. The colour is ecological and not just any colour that seeps into the ground and kills all of our earthworms.
It’s biodegradable paint, awesome. We just saw magic and sorcery. Black is the new orange, guys. Juan was born up there, in that room on the first floor. And his mother lives here.
She has a house in the factory. This is ‘Charly and the textile factory’. More is not possible. And that is philosophy.
The question is not how to be substainable, the question is how to be honest with the people and honest with the planet and with the surrounding we have. And in this area we are working with different materials. And one of the biggest projects we have is the cooperation with SEAQUAL INITIATIVE SEAQUAL is a INITIATIVE which cooperates with different companies
to clean the seas. And then recycle these plastic from the ocean and reuse it in the service of the people. We are not supposed to stop there. We need to think about how to protect the oceans.
Our task must not be to merely clean them. Our task must be to prevent further pollution. 85% of the trash reaches the sea through rivers. Yesterday we were in Barcelona and saw at the harbor how the bottles and the trash came from the ocean. What is happening here with this trash? The thing here is:
There are two different phases First we take the plastic and the polyamide and the sofas and the cars, everything from this here. Everything is classified.
This presorting happens at the port. And we collect it. The trash is divided into different stations. Plastic goes to a place where it will be recycled and to convert in pallets and antex. Antex produces polyester fibers from the pellets. And with the fiber we produce
the yarn, fabric and the garments. We need to combine
with the same philosophy in order to joint forces
to get a good result. Thats the same thing we want to do in germany.
We want to get more bands and artists and textile companies
to do the same that we do. To produce more of the yarn
to make it cheaper for everyone and for the kids out there to buy it.
I think this is essentially the thing that everyone joints forces on thins. Think in 25 years.
Not in tomorrow. Why is the reason for that?
We need to teach the people to teach the child.
What they have to do to manage the planet. They need to know there consequences of don’t do things in the right way. Because if you want to change one thing
you need minimum 20 years. And we need to focus on all the people who has the power to make a difference. We only see Europe At the same time, Europe’s pollution of the environment is steadily decreasing Yes that’s right. If we talk about oceans: 80% of the waste does not come from Europe, but from other countries. We must set a good example at global level. We are only a small part of the whole but we can start and change something. I think we need to start with one thing. Everyone has to do the ‘right thing’ in his own field Yes, that’s it from us, Textil Santanderina. Thank you very much Juan.
Thank you so much! It was a pleasure. Thank you for coming. It was very interesting to have been in a factory, to see how everything is made, how everything is colored. No water is used Air is used instead of water. You can do so many good things and produce sustainably as this shirt is produced here. And yes, thank you very much Juan. See you! Here we want to show the people
how the last step is done, how the plastic that come from the ocean
is finished here to this longsleeve or vest or windbreaker that they will wear. Guys, this is an incredible moment for us the very first vest is being finished here right now. The parts are put together. As you can see here. here is the incredibly beautiful piece. 40% organic cotton. And now we will show you what organic cotton is. Organic cotton requires up to 90% less water than conventional cotton.
In addition, organic cotton does not contain chemical pesticides,
so all the farmers out there stay healthy and happy. The organizations behind the seals also support farmers in developing countries. Our seal is called GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) Taco! Yeah, it’s kind of crazy to see your stuff here for the first time, to see how all this is done and this is pioneering work!
Let’s not forget it either. We don’t want this thing for us. We’re not saying ‘we’re the ones who did this now’ but we want people to join us and go the same way. Of course the things are a bit more expensive now, because it is just very special and very elaborate to produce. But the more people do it and the more demand increases and it is increasing and it will become more and more. We are very proud to stand here and look at our things made from recycled plastic from the sea and organic cotton which is incredibly important,
because it is a huge difference to normal cotton.
Because there are so many factors that make the difference. As you can see on the back of the jacket,
you can show Christoph, what’s on the jacket? Fact! THERE’S ONLY ONE EARTH! I love special machines, check it out! So guys and here we are in the factory
where our things are made. It is incredible.
It starts from the back there all the way down the line.
That’s where the product begins and back there it is finished. This part will be produced there soon. And what Fairtrade is, we will explain to you now! Fairtrade doesn’t mean ‘horse trade’ but controlled, fair trade.
Individual fairtrade organizations set a minimum price so that, for example organic cotton farmers not exploited,
but be paid fairly. Our finished product, there it is packed. And exactly as it comes to your home we have also come up with something very special. Now Pete will show you. These are our cool hang tags. The hangtags consist of cotton scraps. And in the hang tags are inside
parsley seeds, basil and spinach seeds. You can just take them off, put them in the ground and in no time you have delicious herbs to cook.

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