Badshah – Paagal

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Praise your mom… For creating someone like you Like the cream on the cake Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang, candy like arms… You set the floor on fire I am International baby… But my songs are locol You’re sexy, baby And the rest are so-so I am your Alpha… And you’re my Omega Baby you’re so hot,
what do you eat for lunch? Touch her not, because she tends to bite This girl’s crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy You make me sweat Look like an Indian, body like Latina Bodacious.. Like Kat-Katrina Shahrukh was right when he said
Love’s a pain in the *** You have spoiled the youth… You are the best baby,
and everyone else comes last… Whether you focus on your lectures or not… But you remember Badshah’s songs Stop trying so hard, son She is out of your league Rosy cheeks Bewitching eyes… And cuss on her lips… This girl’s crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy.. Looks single… She wanna boyfriend She’s a bad girl She got bad friends She got one life She’s livin’ it up She don’t, she don’t give a fu** Looks single… She wanna boyfriend She’s a bad girl She got bad friends She got one life She’s livin’ it up She don’t give a fu** It’s yo boy Badshah She crazy, crazy… I like the way you move baby….. Go loco, go crazy, my baby Crazy, crazy Crazy…

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  3. Who else opens this video just to see how much views it has?
    Bhai ne adwords use kiye the yar views ka record bnane ke liye. Lol

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