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Hello guys, welcome to my Youtube channel, MAFRAM TV So for now, i will give the Reason’s why Our subscribers is decreasing And why our Subscribers are Unsubscribing Us So that’s it, so of course It hurts for us, mostly like us, a new Youtuber That accumulate’s a subscriber So even if the pioneer Youtuber is experiencing like that When they open their account When they see it, their subscribers is decrease I want to share an idea To all new youtubers Like me, im also new For us to be aware In all That happening about our channel To all who Subscribe and Unsubscribe So before i start my topic Shoutout to Kulot Who always watching my videos Then, the Resco family To my sister Dolly, to Kuya Archie, Ej To my mother, get well soon mom Then to all my diser workmate’s that Also a new vlogger Watch this, you can get a tips here So that’s it So here’s my Intro guys [ Music ] [ Music ] Well here it is, for all the small youtubers To all the new youtubers and vloggers This is most often to do If you have a dummy account Of gmail Either it is two, three or five Then, they are using to subscribe On their main channel With videos, with many videos of them That is not counted Youtube detected it It happens to me, that situation I have two gmail account Then i did is, i log out my Main account in my youtube channel Then i enter my first gmail then I search the My main Youtube channel, then i subscribe it The same that i do on my other Gmail account, i enter it Then i search my Main Channel Then i subscribe it It adds a two subscribers I log in again my main channel, i see, the two additional Then I think 4 to 3 hours, like that When i open again my main youtube account It minus two subscribers But i remembered the number of my subscribers before i check it, if how many it is and How many will add, when i check it, it lost Two subscribers, so that’s it, when i research In other Tutorial, i know now that If you use 2, other Gmail account you use to subscribe Youtube will detect it, then Youtube automatically removed it Then the other one guys, to the newbies Youtubers and Vloggers, who are always using Sub to sub Yes, the sub to sub way, if The other Youtuber subscribes you Make sure that they will watch also your videos To count the subs Because if they did not watch your videos They only subs you, it will not counted So youtube will not allowed it The best thing you do, when you subs Ah, Other youtubers What you do is find a videos of them That is a short video Then, if you are not interested to watch it You only find A short videos of them to count The subscribe of them to your channel That’s it, and also if you are a long Youtuber then suddenly Become not active Example you become busy in your Any activities Then all of your subscribers Wil Wonder why Why my idol is not uploading anymore Videos They are not Udated So this probably may happen They will forced to unsubscribe to your channel Then they will Find another channel that Is related, as same as your topic in your channel Because you are not active anymore So what will they expecting on your channel? Nothing So that’s what happened So i suggest to the new Vloggers and youtubers, like me Like you Maybe just create a content that That the people will Like it, the content that They will not leave you, if you mix the skin to peel it So that’s it guys, my little stories i want to share to you If you are new to my channel Just subscribe to my channel then And click the notification bell for You to be updated to all the videos i wanna upload Well for now, that’s it guys Lets see each other again for my next upload of videos for All of you So guys, i have to go, i have a work In the kitchen, goobye to all of you, thank you very much!!! Goodbye!!!

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