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So Steven was like a big kid. He was
a really really caring person He loved his family. One of the things he was most
proud of was being a dad Started out really like a normal day. He
told me that morning he had been feeling a little bit unwell you know a little
bit breathless we were getting the babies all sorted you know getting the
twins ready for a nap, getting Harry ready for bed He took something out to the bins I don’t even remember what it was and then
he was in the kitchen and I could hear him struggling for breath I suppose. So I
was in the living room with the three kids and then he shouted and Laura can
you get someone I said what do you mean someone? I said like like an ambulance? And he said yes. I phoned the ambulance and went into him in the kitchen while I
was on the phone he was heaving for breath and he was sweating and he was
clearly in distress and then he collapsed and you know just
completely just completely went limp and went down onto our kitchen floor so I
was doing chest compressions and and then I remember the moment that Stephen
stopped breathing He sounded actually like he exhaled and then that was it. He started to go blue When I tell people that Stephen had an
asthma attack and it killed him they can’t believe it I mean they genuinely
are lost for words. Some of our family didn’t even know that Stephen had asthma
that’s how mild it was considered I don’t think that Stephen had enough
asthma care and maybe you know if he had an action plan we could have looked and
said well you’ve been using your inhaler this much you know so this means maybe
it’s time to make an appointment or you know there’s something going on here
your asthma is changing so you have to be aware that if you have asthma that you
have to make sure you have action plans you have to make sure you’re going to
your checkups you have to push for those things it just needs to be taken so much
more seriously that it is and I really really hope that sharing Stephen’s
story can go some way to doing that because then it has meaning and it has
maybe a positive influence Maybe it’ll even be life-saving

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