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This is Rens.
-And this is Bastiaan. And welcome…
-To our Drugslab. Wow, my head is boiling.
Damn. 147.
-I was panicking a little bit. There are many different types of drugs,
and we try them for you. On our channel you can see
the drugs we’ve tried. If you miss one, leave a comment
and maybe it’ll be the next one. Lotte and many others
were very curious about poppers. Oh man, that was loud. But we’re not talking about these poppers,
but about the drug ‘poppers’. We have it in our lab, of course. Look, this is it. It’s a yellow liquid.
-And it has a very strong smell. Usually the active substance is amyl nitrite.
You take poppers by inhaling it. In 1859 it was first used in medicine
to combat heart pain. It came in small capsules that popped
when you opened them. Hence the name. It widens the blood vessels
and relaxes the muscles… causing your blood pressure to drop. What are the clichés about poppers?
-People think of it as a typical gay drug. It is used a lot in the gay scene,
but also outside it, of course. It relaxes the muscles,
so it makes anal sex easier. It also gives you a short moment of bliss.
-And you feel very warm in your head. Apparently your orgasm gets more intense
if you take it just before you come. Today we’ll let fate decide.
We’re going to spin the bottle… to determine who gets to take it. Ready?
-Yes. Yes, you’re up. The belt is on.
This is your heart rate. I’ve also measured your blood pressure.
It’s normal, 132 over 69. Why did we measure this?
If you have low blood pressure… you shouldn’t do this, as it lowers
the blood pressure, so that’s risky. One good inhalation
will make you feel the effect already. It starts working after 10 seconds
and lasts 1 or 2 minutes. There’s no specific dosage to stick to,
so just don’t do it too often. And if you get unpleasant side effects,
simply stop. Because there are risks: headaches.
-Palpitations. Anaemia.
-Brain damage. Loss of consciousness,
possible fainting. And since poppers increase the pressure
on the eye, you can develop eye problems. I’m going to take it the most common way.
I take the cap off… cover it so it won’t evaporate,
put it under my nose… remove my thumb, inhale
and then put the cap back on. Inhaling directly from the bottle
may damage your nasal mucosa. Also make sure
you make no contact with the liquid. Quickly close the bottle after inhaling,
because if you don’t and you faint… you may get some on you,
and you don’t want that. I’m going to time how long it takes. I’m getting really warm. Wow, my head is boiling. And I hear my heart beating in my ears. Wow. Is it nice as well? Nice and warm? Wow. Hold on. Damn. Shall I cool you off a little? Do you still feel it?
-Yes. Wow. By arms feel really heavy,
and my legs as well. Just here and here. Now it’s starting to feel normal again.
Damn, I was so warm. Is it all gone now?
-Yes. 1 minute 33 seconds.
Longer than laughing gas. Wow, intense.
-What did it smell like? It had a very chemical smell. It was really as if my head was boiling.
I felt like my face was all red. It wasn’t really. You didn’t space out or anything?
-No. Poppers relax your muscles,
that’s why your limbs may feel heavy. And your heart rate went up to 130. You said you could hear your heartbeat.
-In my ears, you know? Could you take it again?
-Yes. I don’t have a headache or anything. I want to ask you to focus on your sight. I have a story for you
to read out loud while you’re high. I’ll splash some liquid on this handkerchief.
Inhale it through your nose. Regular use of poppers
can lead to psychological dependence. I’m starting to get fucking warm.
-Try to read. Because it’s often…
Oh, fuck, wait. Because it’s often used during sex… Wow. Stop, wait. Damn. What’s happening?
-Wow. I’m not really enjoying this.
-No? No, I’m going out of my mind. Your eyes are red.
Holy shit. I’m really hot.
Oh fuck, my head… 147. Wow, hold on. Wait a second. Wow, damn. Seriously? Was it fun?
-I was panicking a little bit. I heard myself very intensely,
while I was talking. I didn’t know what to do. I got nauseous.
I thought: what if I have to puke? And then I thought: No, my head.
It was just so much. Poppers are quickly broken down,
so they can’t be detected in blood or urine. Another way to take them
is with a cigarette. Dip it into the liquid
and then you inhale. You have less control over your body
and may even faint. So if you’re holding a cigarette
or a glass, put them away. It’s highly flammable,
so careful with fire. Combining it with Viagra is risky,
as both lower the blood pressure. Don’t combine it with GHB,
because both affect oxygen intake… and you may get trouble breathing. Don’t combine it with XTC or speed. That
may cause damage to your blood vessels. Now we’ll measure your blood pressure
while you’re high. Are you okay?
-Yes. 114 over 57.
Yes, that’s a lot lower. Not good if you already
have low blood pressure. I’ll do it close to the camera
to show what it does to you. Regular use can lead
to psychological dependence. You also develop tolerance, so that you’ll
need more and more for the same effect. As it is often combined with sex… many users say
that sex is no fun anymore without it. How did you like it?
-It was more intense than I thought. And it smelled really gross.
Like hairspray. I have a terrible headache now. This was this week’s episode of Drugslab. If you want to know
what a particular drug does to your body… let us know in the comments. Check our do’s and don’ts video,
where Rens talks about the risks. And like and subscribe.
See you next time. I feel fine now. Last night I had a headache,
but it got better as the evening progressed. I slept well. I just got up and had breakfast
and I feel just fine now.

100 thoughts on “Bastiaan inhales poppers | Drugslab

  1. i did these everyday until like… yesterday bc i got a bad rash. guys these are kind of dangerous don't do them if you're anaemic… fuck they're so good during sex though

  2. No Brasil, temos um composto que já foi muito utilizado chamado "lança-perfume", sua composição é feita de 3 partes de éter, 2 partes de clorofórmio e 1 de álcool.
    Eu diria que a trip é parecida com o popper e também com o NO2, se possível, experimentem para nos mostrar e também entender como era/é o carnaval!!!

  3. I have been using poppers for over 30 years with no (lasting) ill effects. In 1997 they changed the formula from isobutyl nitrite to isopropyl nitrite on the grounds that isobutyl can cause Kaposi's Sarcoma …hmm, I'm not convinced. The new formula is far less effective (the real reason for the change I suspect) loses strength faster and can cause permanent eye damage. On the continent, the formula is pentyl nitrite. I am awaiting delivery of a bottle ..will report my findings. Thumbs up.

  4. Interesting way to rapidly drop blood pressure and it is what you would expect from such a substance. When blood pressure drops in any significant way your baroreceptors notice and signal the heart to increase both its rate and its force of contraction (which must be significant if he can hear it). The warm feeling, I imagine, is due to a temporary loss of contractions of the thousands of arterioles which normally stop blood flow to the skin and redirect it to more vital and necessary organs. No one with heart problems should be doing this, and no one should combine it with Viagra or any significant amount of alcohol. Having that said, I am going to buy some.

  5. Should try it with this lid for a purer hit

  6. 20% Discount on PopperbaM until 5th November

  7. Literally everyone other than these guys have told me it raises your heart rate? Damn, and I have a really low blood pressure. I’ve done poppers several times maybe I should think twice?

  8. I used this quite some times and my blood pressure is very low, just on the border of too low. I do see a lot of spots in my vision now, when I focus on it I can see about 10 round little holes dancing around. And around the time I used it, my eyes got worse significantly. Before that, I had no need for glasses and since than I need them. Be careful, you might just screw up your 20/20 vision.

  9. i have a question,,, is it can be detected by a blood test if we use poppers like other drugs? if yes how long it will be stay in the blood?? & how to detox from the blood?

  10. i love poppers i snorted a whole bottle in 1 day, also had a whole bottle break in a room while having sex we were high for hours. had to ventilate that shit.

  11. poppers are great for first timers but it may cause first time users to panic due to the warm feelings and palpitations. stay safe ya’ll. 👍🏻

  12. A 1-liter three-necked flask is fitted with a mechanical stirrer, a separatory funnel with a stem extending to the bottom of the flask, and a thermometer. The flask is cooled in a mixture of ice and salt and a solution of 95 grams of sodium nitrite in 375 ml of water is placed. When the temperature has fallen to 0° C slowly from the separatory funnel a mixture of 25 ml of water, 34 ml (62.5 g) of concentrated sulfuric acid and 135 ml (110 g) of n-amyl alcohol are added, which has previously been cooled to 0° C. The addition takes 45-60 minutes and the rate of addition must be controlled so that the temperature is maintained at ± 1° C . When the sulfuric acid and n-amyl alcohol have been added the mixture is left to stand for 1.5 hours and filtered from the precipitated sodium sulfate. The upper yellow n-amyl nitrite layer is separated, washed with a solution containing 1 grams of sodium bicarbonate and 12.5 g of sodium chloride in 50 ml of water, and dried with anhydrous magnesium sulfate. The resulting crude n-amyl nitrite (107 g) is satisfactory for many purposes. Upon distillation, it passes over largely at 104° C with negligible decomposition. The boiling point under reduced pressure is 29°/40 mm. n-Amyl and other alkyl nitrites decompose slowly upon standing and should be kept in a cool place. They must be used within a few days or, at most within two weeks of their preparation. The decomposition products include water, oxides of nitrogen, the alcohol and polymerisation products of the aldehyde.

    A text book of practical organic chemistry, by A. I. Vogel, 306, 1974

    By another method to the round bottom flask cooled with ice-water 50 g of amyl alcohol and 300 g of cold 20% sulfuric acid are placed. From the funnel, 60 g of sodium nitrite in small portions with constant stirring are added. During the formation of amyl nitrite, addition each fresh portion of sodium nitrite must be stopped until the reaction from the previous addition is ended and the yellowish-red vapors have disappeared from the flask. About 30 minutes is required for this operation, meanwhile, the reaction is complete after waiting an hour longer. The amyl nitrite is separated in a separatory funnel, washed twice with water without shaking and dried by standing overnight with lumps of fused calcium chloride. Amyl nitrite is very gently distilled yielding 60 grams of final product with boiling point 97° C.

    Laboratory methods of inorganic chemistry by H. Biltz, 209, 1928

    An alternative method of preparation consist of a concentrated aqueous solution of 35 g of sodium nitrite is treated with 44 g of amyl alcohol, and the mixture cooled to 0° C. With efficient stirring and cooling 43 ml of hydrochloric acid (d=1.19) are added, the temperature being maintained at 0° C. The oil is then separated, washed, dried and distilled, amyl nitrite passing over at 94-98° C yielding 53 g of final product.

    Organic medical chemicals, by M. Barrowliff, 225, 1921

  13. PCP, Phencyclidine a powerful Dissociative Anesthetic. Many of us would appreciate an episode on PCP, Angel Dust.

  14. If it was an unpleasant experience, that chap wouldn't have used it several times. To be honest, it's best used when you're sexually aroused. No problem.jjjjj

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