Bauer-Kahan Discusses Natalie Giorgi Act (AB 1532) that Increases Food Allergy Safety Standards

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Natalie was 13 years old
and died nearly 6 years ago on July 27th while we were attending a family camp it
was one bite of her allergen that proved fatal today we’re talking about
something that often doesn’t get a lot of attention but should which is food
allergies it’s incredibly important that we shed light on this issue as it
affects millions of Americans and it’s especially impactful on our children
Natalie was a vibrant energetic 13 year old who loved to be involved in her
community she would be grateful to know that in her name things are being done
to make life easier for those who suffer with food allergies this is why together
we introduced AB 1532 and named the bill after Natalie the Natalie Georgie
sunshine act AB 1532 strengthens current standards by requiring all food
handlers be trained in food allergy understanding and cross contamination
awareness as part of their food handling training card the bill also requires all
food handlers that organize camps to have the same training as those who work
in restaurants we want to make sure that no children suffer the same outcome that
Natalie did by raising taking these simple steps raising that awareness will
make it safer and undoubtedly will be saving lives as the mother of three
children it is unfathomable to lose a child
especially to something that one might be able to prevent it’s simply going to
keep us all safer so that Natalie’s story’s never told no one wants to be
standing at a microphone talking about this

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