Beating Spring Allergies Naturally with Dr. Corinne Weaver on FOX in Charlotte, NC

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welcome back everyone even though it
still may feel like winter outside technically it is still winter spring is
literally knocking on the door and we know here in Charlotte spring means
allergies joining us this morning our favorite doctor Corinne Weaver North
Carolina is one of the top three more States the top four allergies and I am a
major sufferer and I like to say that I have seasonal allergies but I deal with
it and drainage and all day long which now you know we’re gonna talk about here
just bit but how bad is it and what do we do to try to at least deal with it
every day I used to wake up and blow my nose and go through a whole box of
Kleenex I mean you’re doing that but I used to do the same thing and I wanted
to know the secret tips to get away from allergy shot shots
oh we do thermography which you came into the office and got your
thermography of your face I was thermography I was and what we saw was
that you couldn’t breathe through your nose so let’s put some of these images
up alright so here this is me straight on right looking at my face when all I
see are a bunch of colors what do you first of all you walked in the room and
you went watch me as a patient what are you looking at so you see how the block
around your ear on your face that’s air your nose should be that same color
really it’s not getting in your air the air is not flowing through your nose
it’s blocked and then as you see into your eyes and to your mouth you see you
can tell you have allergies with inflammation all the red-and-white
around your mouth that’s a problem oh the biggest thing I noticed yeah
underneath your chin look how red it is underneath your chin all that is your
lymph system and so what we need to do is clear out that lymph system and it
was worse underneath on the limsa I think you had a limb no that was smoke
yeah we can yeah yeah see that white spot right there that’s a lip no that
was swollen underneath your chin and you we talked about my sinus drainage that I
deal with every day you could actually see that all the way down like into my
diaphragm or my stomach and I’ve dealt with a little bit of acid yeah I didn’t
realize all of this was related a lot of people that have allergy issues don’t
realize they have digestive issues but your immune system is in your gut okay
and so a lot of people have acid reflux and they don’t relate is all that sinus
drainage going down and interfering with your gut oh my gosh alright so what do
we do together how do we change that so some secret tips today okay yes I
love my allergy blend it has lemon lavender peppermint
and Melaleuca and so you want to start behind your ear I feel you were gonna
bring a rollerball a semi an oil and that wound right there on the left side
so that it well I had no trauma with my head and neck remember with the bike accident
that’s right and so what we need to do is get this head and neck right so it
can drain cuz your little system is around here oh well I smell here there you need a
tap go ahead a tap Jason right here tap this open and get that lift again
there’s something I need to do every day yes it’s just so serious you remember I
told you all you said I do you start doing tarzan oh yeah it’s hard and that
helps get the lymph system out we got to get things flowing now stock up in your
head oh yeah I agree and so you already started your apple cider vinegar right
you did yep you guys are a morning shots already getting better I was telling you
I haven’t thought about it which is a good thing because why why what’s in it
well it’s got prebiotics in it to kind of help with your done are we
gonna take shots we’re gonna take shots I felt like I should Cheers you okay this is a dry brush and what you know I
also put some vitamin C in some local honey oh gotta get someone okay I’ll do
that later so the dry brush as you start here and then go up and work the whole in
system because the lymph system doesn’t have a natural pump like the
cardiovascular system you need to get the lymph system out oh so that’s why I
encourage people to exercise and to use a dry brush every day to get that stuff
there’s toxins there live it in your before before you shower do it before you shower dry brushing oh yeah so you do
the dry brush then you get in the shower then you do some natural lotion this is
fascinating if people want to find out more about the thermography that i did a
couple weeks ago or some of these other things that you can do that are a little
more holistic than having to do maybe prescription medicine there’s some of
the books that you’ve also written but they can track you down at the upper
cervical well yeah wellness center wellness center and dr. Corinne
there we go thank you so much for this and look at this page extra shot for you
come try it it’s got your name right on guys we’re gonna take a break
Paige is gonna take shots with us on this Friday so chugger on it and we’ll
be back with more of a good day right after this there you go it’s so good

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