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The ability to measure airway inflammation
and steroid response is important in the treatment of asthma and
lung diseases Bedfont’s NObreath monitor represents a breakthrough
in medical technology giving health care professionals practical
and cost-effective access to high-quality testing The easy-to-use device measures breath exhaled
nitric oxide (ENO) and gives medical practitioners the ability
to monitor seperate aspects of diseases including asthma, COPD and interstitial lung
diseases The patient simply inhales and then exhales ENO results are instantly available on the
screen and results have been shown to be superior
to the majority of conventional lung function tests such peak-flow recording and spirometry and results can be easily interpreted using
the chart supplied The NObreath has a user-friendly, colour touch-screen with visual prompts for patients there is visible and audible user feedback
with adult and child profiles To find out more about how Bedfont NObreath
can help you to provide better care for your patients please contact us today

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