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Bekah has a litany of allergies. I have a lot of mild allergies. And most of them are topical. Like lots of lotions and creams and stuff. And so I started listing them, and Wally said,
“This would make a great song.” Yes. And so you have taken all of your allergic
reactions and put them into one song. Yes. So here we go. This is Bekah’s allergy song. ♪♪♪♪ Latex in balloons and dandruff on kittens New nickel earrings and old make-up kits and Dairy and pollen, they all make me sneeze These are a few of my mild allergies Grass when it’s fresh cut and amoxycillin Lotions and aloe, they both are my villains Band-Aids cause redness that makes me itchy These are a few of my mild allergies When the dust flies When the bee stings I swell up like mad But then I take Benadryl and get some sleep And then I don’t feel so bad Oh my goodness.
-Wow! That was awesome. You crushed that.

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