Belton teenager dies from asthma attack

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HOOPER THE FAMILY OF A 13 YEAR OLD GIRL MOURNING TONIGHT AFTER THE BELTON STUDENT… CHEERLEADER… AND MASCOT DIED FRIDAY EVENING FROM AN ASTHMA ATTACK. FOX 44’S NOHELY MENDOZA IS LIVE IN THE STUDIO TONIGHT WITH WORDS FROM THE FAMILY… NOHELY? ADAM, ESMAY’S FAMILY TELLS ME, THE TEENAGER WAS FULL OF LIFE, LOVED EVERYONE… AND WAS LOVED BY SO MANY. THE THOUGHT OF HER DEATH BRINGS TEARS TO THEIR EYES, BUT THE MEMORIES OF HER BRINGS A SMILE TO THEIR FACE. “Um, hi, my name is Esmay.” THIS IS 13 YEAR OLD ESMAY LOPEZ… “And this is my first video, so I don’t know what to do. ” THE SOUTH BELTON MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENT SUFFERED FROM AN ASTHMA ATTACK FRIDAY. “She was outside running around just like a normal kid and then she got out winded and next thing we know she just couldn’t grasp for air anymore and we tried our best to help her out as much as we could and God took it in his hands from there.” SHE PASSED AWAY THAT NIGHT. “No parent ever wants to lose their child, it’s been really hard, it’s been a struggle, I mean, it’s still fresh.” BUT… IT’S THE SUPPORT FROM THE COMMUNITY THAT HAS MADE THIS HUGE HIT — BEARABLE. “We are so thankful and so overwhelmed as far as how the community has come together for Esmey and just to see how many people’s lives she touched with her smile and her personality and just to see that we were able to share her with everybody is amazing.” IN A STATEMENT BELTON I-S-D’S INTERIM SUPERINTENDENT DR ROBIN BATTERSHELL SAYS “ESMAY LOPEZ WILL ALWAYS BE REMEMBERED AS A SWEET AND CARING YOUNG LADY WHO WAS LOVED BY HER PEERS. OUR THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS GO OUT TO ESMAY’S FAMILY, HER FRIENDS, CLASSMATES AND ALL THOSE IN OUR COMMUNITY WHO WERE BLESSED TO KNOW THIS YOUNG LADY.” “She touched so many lives not just here in Belton, in Temple, Salado, Academy just all over, everyone has reached out, I didn’t even realize so many people knew my baby, I really didn’t but she really has touched so many lives all around us its overwhelming, it’s amazing, I’m just honored to have been her mom.” ESMAY’S VISITATION IS WEDNESDAY, HER FUNERAL THURSDAY AND HER LIFE WILL BE CELEBRATED ON SUNDAY DURING A COMMUNITY BENEFIT. WE WILL HAVE ALL THE DETAILS… AS WELL AS A LINK TO THE FAMILIES GOFUNDME PAGE ON OUR WEBSITE, FOX 44 NEWS DOT COM. AND… COMING UP TONIGHT AT 9-30 — ASTHMA IS NO STRANGER TO THE LOPEZ FAMILY… HEAR THE MESSAGE THEY ARE SENDING TO ANYONE LIVING WITH IT. IN THE STUDIO… NOHELY MENDOZA FOX 44NEWS.

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