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benefits of Fig (Anjeer), sexual power for centuries big have been recommended
as a way to correct sexual dysfunction like stability in
doing i’ma kill dysfunction it has been a
major part of mythology & culture and most of the time it is reference to
the powerful fertility or sexual fulfillment prevention of constipation there are
five grams of fiber in every three fixed serving that high concentration a fiber helps
promote healthy regular while function in prevents
constipation 50 works Gladbach en masse to battle
movement so it not only prevents constipation but
also eliminates diarrhea and unhealthy or regular bowel movements source
applying tried pigs can be used to from eating
iron requirement brian is required by our body for
transporting oxygen in the blood reduced iron intake will result in
reduced delivery of oxygen to myself this in turn can make us feel tired
drained out and more susceptible to infection weight loss the fiber in FIGS also helps
to reduce weight and is often recommended for obese people however for high calorie count can also
result in Leogane especially when consumed with guilt a
few things are not to get the recommended amount appearance so don’t overdo it remember it is
possible to have too much of a good thing lower cholesterol pics contain back to which is a soluble fiber when fiber
moves through the digestive system it basically mopped up excess crime to
cholesterol and carry them to the excretory system
to be eliminated from the body as a soluble fiber backed in from Fig also stimulates healthy bowel movements
pigs can have a laxative effect as they are one of the most vibrant
foods available prevention of coronary heart disease tried eggs contain phenyl omega-3 and
omega-6 these fatty acids reduce the risk of
coronary heart disease furthermore believes that feeds have a
significant effect on the level and triglycerides in a person’s system they cleave have inhibitory
effect on triglycerides and makes the overall number and
triglycerides drop triglycerides another major factor
behind various heart diseases good for diabetic patients they believe improved are both healthy snack options
for diabetics fake leaves reduce the amount insulin
needed by diabetic patients who are insulin-dependent being rich in potassium this food is
useful to control blood sugar levels strengthens bones pigs are rich in
calcium which is one of the most important
component and strengthening bones and reducing the risk of osteoporosis it
is also rich in prosperous which encourages the
information and spurs regret if there is any damage
or degradation to bounce good for diabetic patients the American
Diabetes Association recommends pigs as a high-fiber treat that helps promote
functional control of diabetes they agreed to reduce the amount insulin
needed by diabetic patients who have to regularly take insulin injections pigs are rich in potassium which helps
to regulate the amount of sugar which is absorbed into the body after me on

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