Bệnh hiểm nghèo || Chăm sóc giảm nhẹ || BỆNH VIỆN ĐA KHOA PHƯƠNG ĐÔNG

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Phuong Dong General Hospital, a trusted healthcare facility in Hanoi, have been implementing palliative care services thus in part helping patients minimize physical pain caused by disease, and give them the most optimistic love life ever, Positive support for the treatment process, right on target “cure both the mind and the body” that Phuong Dong proposed. People with life-threatening illnesses face daily lots of pain, both physically and mentally From headaches, nausea, fatigue, to health anxiety. At Orient General Hospital, nurses take part in palliative care are the most elite, both in terms of expertise and service attitude and style In order to bridge the gap with the sick, make them feel like they are at home in the arms of a loved one. Come with us, patients will be cared for 24/7 by a closed process that is learned, researched and built from the experience of advanced hospitals around the world. From personal hygiene in the morning, each bed is packed with nutritious meals. And indispensable rehabilitation exercises Help the patient get the best condition possible. Not only that, with the green hospital space the sick are given the maximum chance to immerse themselves in nature, Help them to have the most relaxed mental state avoid the feeling of being stuck, stuffy because of being in the room for a long time All of these factors, though small but when combined together will be very good mental medicine for patients Help them feel warm, optimistic, loving life Not only the sick themselves, their families also feel relieved and peace of mind to witness your loved ones being cared for by considerate hands thoughtful is no different from family members. Deploy Palliative Care services Phuong Dong General Hospital Orient General Hospital has once again shown its determination to further improve its healthcare services to best meet the expectation and trust of our customers from near and far just like the motto ” Caring For Life”

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