Benzin im Blut — Zwischen Motocross und Corel Draw

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petrol in the blood – between
motocross and Corel Draw My name is Uli Körber I am 55 years old I am married and I’ve got 3 children I am living in Schefflenz Driving Motocross is a very interesting challenge for me Becoming one with the machine – to complete a route through an uneven area larded with many hills as fast as possible and as power saving as much As much as I can compromise it with my job I try to train here on the route every Wednesday and Saturday. Concerning the motorcross I am influenced by my family My dad and uncle have already driven in car races during the fifties Even all my cousins are doing motorcycle and car sports Yes basically everyone of us has got petrol in his blood After being one year in the junior class I immediately went a level up after having won 17 times. Then I went a level up to the licence class From this moment on my motorbike was paid for By that time there already were entry fees and prices with these I paid for my studies As a graphic designer I am doing advertisements in our area for small and medium-sized companies I am developing images for the companies For instance I design leaflets and posters When it’s too stressful in the office and the advertisement job is very stressful then I load my motorbike on to my transporter and I go motocross driving Motocross is a – yes I would almost say martial art which gives you a special kick if you drive against one or more opponents Especially during the start you get the absolute adrenaline kick when there are 40 drivers next to each other they are starting with the signal racing towards the first curve Then the pulse rises to infinity Motocross is a risky sport there is no doubt about that Thank God I have never been seriously injured During my time as a licenced driver I once had a surgery done on my meniscus it was completely disemboweled but by now it is recovered well Then I had my metatarsal bone broken and some capsular tears on my wrists That’s a painful matter I have to have full trust in the technology the compliance, actually in everything Only then I can basically build a unity with the machine and manage every jump manage the unevenness My family has fully supported me for over 30 years now I met my wife when she was 16 years old I was 19 and she was with me from the first race on and still today That’s very important to me that I can find support in our relationship otherwise I couldn’t do this sport

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