Bepanah Pyaar – 5th February 2020 – बेपनाह प्यार – Full Episode

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Where is Ms. Kunti gone? The both of us know
that you’re not unwell. If you pull antics like this they will think you’re really
ill. Calm down and stay here
like other patients. How much did Pragati pay you? Look, I’ll pay you double the amount of money
that she has. You’ll just have to
tell everyone that I’m not unwell. ‘This lady actually seems
dangerous.’ ‘Pragati was right.’ What are you thinking?
– I’m thinking you’re not as wise as I thought you’d be. You can’t buy me out. This fellow seems to be
Pragati’s loyal dog. What a shame!
What do I do now? How do I.. How do I get out of here? What do I do? Relax, Mom. You’ll be back home
in a few days. I’ll watch Raghbir and Pragati Just don’t worry.
– Shut up, Harshit! The three of us had kept watch
over her didn’t we? What did we gain?
Nothing! She outsmarted us. I wonder what more plans is she hatching. Get this loud and clear,
Harshit. If the both of them unite we’ll be on the streets
in no time. So, you’ll have to figure out
a way.. – Mom.. R-Relax. Calm down.
Don’t get worked up. I’m here, right?
I’ll do something, trust me. When did you come? – When you
were lost in the thoughts of Ms. Kunti. Have you had anything to eat? By the way I just spoke to Dr. Rastogi. Ms. Kunti is all right. And what about me? When she’s doing fine you should normalise too. Don’t worry, Raghbir. She’ll be back home very soon. I feel really bad, you know. She raised me like a mother. And I had to drop her off at a mental asylum. When I saw her banging her head
on the wall I really felt bad. I feel like cursing myself. I feel like.. Raghbir. I can understand what you’re going through. But you should try
to understand. I’m here with you. So is the entire family.
– Is aunt here? Both Harshit and Sahas are good for nothing. It doesn’t make sense
to rely on them anymore. I’ll have to figure a way out
myself. But I’m a little confused. What do I do? What do I do? God! She’s not my biological mother
but what she has done for me no one else can. ‘She has been doing
everything for you’ ‘so that one day, she can
snatch everything from you.’ Raghbir you should be so dependent
on anyone. It’s not right. She’s not any other person,
Pragati. She’s like my mother. And there’s nothing wrong in depending on a mother. I can’t live without her. I’ve lived most of my life
without her around. Not anymore. ‘I’ve managed to send Ms. Kunti
away from home.’ ‘But it won’t be easy
to distance her from you.’ ‘Now I’m worried.’ ‘You’re already distraught.’ ‘How will you deal
with the truth’ ‘when you learn of it?’ Okay, fine. If you don’t want to go out at least, let’s go for a walk. It’ll help reduce your stress. You carry on, please..
– No, Raghbir. I won’t take
no for an answer. This injection will
help reduce the weakness. Excuse me.. The other patients
are waiting for you. – Yes. It’s an asthma attack.
Get the oxygen mask. Hurry up..
Quick.. It’s going to be all right.. You’ll be fine.. Increase the oxygen flow. Call her family. Call Raghbir! I’m telling you, Raghbir.
You’ll feel better. Hello? – Sir, please come
to the hospital quickly. Your mother has had
a complication. I’ll be there.
– What’s wrong? Aunt’s condition has
worsened. – What? Raghbir, what happened? Aunt is serious, let’s go. She’s fine now. I wonder how this happened?
– What do you mean? You should know how it happened,
you’re the doctor. Calm down, Mr. Raghbir.
– How can I? – Just a minute. At least, let him explain. What will he explain?
He’s a doctor? He can’t even read
the medicine’s name. Calm down..
– What do you mean? I’ll call Dr. Banerjee.
He’ll tell us what happened. Hello?
Dr. Banerjee. What is this, doctor? It’s clearly mentioned
in the file that she is allergic to this injection. Why did you do this?
– That’s impossible. Why did you inject a medicine
you weren’t supposed to? Raghbir, I insist. Enough. Let him go,
it’s a hospital. Mom is fine.
– Raghbir, my dear come to me. I’m sorry, Aunt. What are you doing? He’s a doctor, not God. People make mistakes. I was the one who made
a mistake, not him. I brought you to a stupid
hospital where no one knows how to treat you. You can’t stay here,
let’s go home. Mr. Raghbir, I’ll have the
discharge papers prepared. ‘You’re no match to my brains,
Pragati.’ ‘Raghbir brought me here’ ‘and now he’s taking me
out of here himself.’ Dr. Rastogi!
– Yes.. Get up.. Be careful. Take it easy.
Please sit down. Believe me, dear. I didn’t give her
the wrong injection. You needn’t explain anything. I am sorry. I didn’t know all this would.. Doctor, I give you my word I won’t let you be insulted
again. I promise. Aunt.. Are you still upset with me? How can I be upset with you? I am just sad that even you thought
that I am sick. No, Aunt. I’m sorry. I promise, I’ll never
distance myself from you. Pragati, it’s you. Come in, my dear. Listen.
– Yes.. Can you do something for me?
– Yes. I feel like having fruit juice. Can you get me some? Why are you asking?
Of course, I will. For you, I will.
I’ll be right back. Pragati.. I hope you heard
what Raghbir just said. ‘Aunt’ ‘I promise, I’ll never
distance myself from you.’ The CCTV act you pulled off.. Appointing a new doctor for me.. None of that worked, right? You had your husband, Raghbir turn against me as a pawn. But you saw, right? I defeated you
with your own pawn. 24 hours. In a matter of 24 hours,
I came back home from the asylum. You think you can outsmart me? Go. Poor Pragati! This was just a glimpse. If you see what plans I have
made for you then you will curse yourself for having messed with me and having challenged me. If Raghbir tastes
his favourite soup it might cheer him up. Sahas. Sahas, take this.
Drink some water. If you cough so much, no patient
will let you treat him. My sense of humor seems
to have rubbed off on you. I’ll be right back. What happened, Raghbir?
You’re in tears? Not at all.
– There’s definitely something. You’ve been worried for
Ms. Kunti all this while but she has returned home now.
You should be happy. I’m happy, Pragati.
I’m glad that she’s fine. But I keep getting this thought what if something went wrong
with her? ‘This is the right chance to
save the doctor’s reputation.’ I’m glad aunt is fine.
– Raghbir, don’t think too much. It’s neither your fault
nor Dr. Rastogi’s. Raghbir, I spoke to the nurse
after you left. She told me that the medical
store sent the wrong injection. It was labelled wrongly. They could have checked
after it was delivered. They can’t be injecting
any random thing. They better don’t work
if they can’t read. Right, Raghbir, I agree.
But the one who sold the injection was quite aged,
nearly 70. He made a mistake. Raghbir, don’t worry. And I’ve also spoken
to Dr. Rastogi. He said he understands
what you’re going through. You.. Forget all this.
Come and sit here. And have your favourite
lemon coriander soup. I made it for you myself. That’s your special quality.
– Making soup? You know I love this soup. And I know you just don’t like
this soup. But still you made it
just for me. Raghbir, whether I make anyone’s
else’s favourite dish or not I’ll surely make yours. You know why?
– Why? Because the way to a man’s
heart is through his stomach. Have this soup, quickly.

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