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An amusement park usually definitely has a really cool ride The rides in this amusement park even take scenes from the film like Jurassic park, jaws and other films If we get into this vehicle it even makes us feel like in the movies, guys wonder how the contents in this ride? Keep watching the video until it’s finished. Here are 5 of the most amazing amusement park rides according to TOP LIST But before entering number 5, for those of you who haven’t subscribed first click on the subscribe button, don’t forget to click on the bell too, so you don’t miss another exciting video from TOP LIST Jurrasic park(world) Do you still remember the Jurassic Park movie? This fictional film tells about an adventure on the dinosaur island which eventually became disastrous however, aside from just seeing it on film apparently there is a vehicle that can make us feel like being in this Jurassic park movie you know This vehicle named Jurassic park in the universal studio amusement park When entering this ride visitors will be given a sensation like meeting directly with a dinosaur In this ride also shows a 3-dimensional video which seems to make visitors like to see mosasaurs who are swimming in the pool King kong This vehicle is also in the Universal Studios theme park This ride makes visitors feel like they are in a kingkong movie In this vehicle visitors are shown a 3-dimensional video while walking by train In addition to the 3-dimensional video this vehicle also shows the appearance of kingkong and also dinosaurs It also makes visitors like they are in the film In addition to rides in the Universal Studios theme park there are also you know kingkong rides in other amusement parks like this one vehicle This vehicle shows a very large kingkong that lifts the train that visitors ride Tron ride The rides at Disneyland Shanghai are one of the most unique and coolest roller coaster rides This vehicle is a roller coaster ride that carries the theme of the film Tron Legacy Visitors of this vehicle were given a sensation like they were racing The train from the roller coaster is also made to resemble a motorcycle like the one in the film With the glittering trajectory of light and also other motorcycle 3-dimensional video make visitors like being in a movie that is feeling the race Insanity the ride This ride is perfect for those of you who like adrenaline How not, this vehicle gives the sensation of spinning above the hotel with height of 274 meters This ride is in the Stratosphere hotel in Las Vegas, United States This vehicle is also dubbed as a giant propeller visitors will be rotated at a speed of 60 km per hour with an angle of up to 70 degrees Does anyone dare or not guys? Jaws anyone like watching killer shark movies like jaws? This film tells about sharks that attack humans who are swimming Apparently besides in the film there is also a vehicle that can make you feel like you’re being targeted by a starving shark This vehicle named jaws in the Universal Studios theme park Visitors will be taken around the lake by boat While walking around visitors will see the appearance of sharks around the lake in addition, visitors will also be surprised by a large shark that attacks the ship This vehicle also gives a sensation like there is chaos created by sharks That’s 5 of the most amazing amusement park rides according to TOP LIST Thank you for those of you who watched this video if you feel entertained with the video, don’t forget to like the video and share the video too so that your friends will know too ok see u guys😊

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