Best Air Purifiers for Severe Allergies, Asthma, & Eczema (HEPA, VOC, PM2.5) | Ep.214

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so spring is upon us today we’re going
to talk about air purifiers and which ones to get I’m not just going to talk
about the specific ones I use I’m also going to talk about air purifiers work
and how you can choose your own so you’re not limited to what I have or
maybe something else works better for you what kind of air purifier is good
enough for someone like me who is literally allergic to everything. Hey
fellow allergies, asthma, and eczema sufferers! My name is Jeffrey Lin
welcome to the first episode of six years medications mental toughness
sometimes just isn’t enough and sometimes we need gear to help us out to
defend us against their environment whether if the environments outside or
in our house so it’s obvious that those of us with chronic and mewl noses need
air purifiers but also those of us with eczema just because well first of all a
lot of eczema is caused by allergic reactions and immune reactions to the
environment or to food and also sometimes we’re just reacting to our own
dust and skin peeling everywhere and dust mites eating up those skins so you
need something like this to really keep your environment clean
what kind of air purifier is good enough for someone like me who is literally
allergic to everything so I started researching into what hospitals use what
clean rooms use and even what the Tesla bio weapons defense mode air filter the
the net effect of the air filtration system is that you have air cleanliness
levels which are comparable to a hospital operating room in the car you
just press the bio weapon defense mode button this is a real button but all
these places use is the HEPA filter which catches 99.9 7 of anything that’s
out there including bacteria viruses dust it’ll clean out 99.97% of all these
things down 2.3 microns so if it’s good enough for hospitals and clean rooms
where you don’t want even a tiny bit of dust or bacteria or anything getting in
you know even blocking out infectious diseases HEPA is the way to go
however there are a lot of hepa like hepa style hipa similar or even called
99% hepa filters out there that aren’t really hepa they’re just trying to be is
like a marketing ploy so be very careful about that if it doesn’t say HEPA or
more specifically true HEPA say no and so these newer air purifiers will make
it sound like hepa isn’t that great like their technology is better but it’s not
true hepa is really really high-tech it’s made of fiberglass and it’s woman
in very random shapes and patterns so that all these things like dust
particles and bacteria and even some bigger viruses can’t get through so
let’s put my engineering degree to use and let’s look at a chart of the
efficiency of hepa filters you’ll see that hepa filters are actually only
slightly inefficient at that 0.3 micron size level and anything
smaller than that or anything larger than that it can actually capture very
wells so even viruses smaller than point three
microns it could capture that pretty well the second thing you want to note
when buying an air purifier is pay attention to the cadr trait which is the
clean air delivery rate it’s a rating for three specific kinds of dust
particles as for smoke pollen and dust so a cadr rate basically tells you how
much of the air in a room that an air purifier can clean out efficiently so
the higher cadr rates are able to clean out larger rooms that they’re able to
clean out moves faster usually the good air purifiers will tell you the room
size that it can filter efficiently and then I’ll give a cadr rate according to
that room size usually I like to use an air purifier that’s slightly larger than
the room size that I have just so I can make sure that it’s cleaning out all the
air so if your cadr rate is too low for the room size that you have and you’re
just not cleaning out the smoke dust and pollen at a fast enough rate so it’s
likely to get in your body and cause problems if you can’t get a bigger air
filter then you just got to reduce your room size and you do that just by
staying in a smaller room in your house and closing a door and therefore
limiting any air outside that the smaller air filter probably can’t reach
now let’s talk about how a good hepa air filter works I’m gonna use the Honeywell
HPA series as an example so I have two of these Honeywell HPA 200 s for large
rooms and I have one of these Honeywell HPA 300s for extra-large rooms so I’ll
leave the links to these air purifiers and the filters they use below in the
description this thing has a very high cadr rate so it’s constantly drawing in
pollutants and viruses and bacterias and all the things we talked about the first
layer of defense is a pre-filter for a pre-filter it uses the sheet with
activated carbon which cleans out volatile organic gases and odors and
traps larger particles if you guys use water purifiers like Brita Brita also
uses activated carbon and even when you’re camping somewhere if you need to
purify your water if you can get activated carbon which is basically a
charcoal it’ll para Phi your water so that you can drink it as I mentioned
this prefilter is the one that filters out odors and organic gases technically
the name is VOCs or volatile organic gases and they are very common
especially in the household they’re found in furniture and cleaning supplies
paint and even carpets so volatile organic gases or VOCs can cause skin and
respiratory irritation allergies and headaches and a lot of other things I
have a aware air monitor right here that monitors several things including
volatile organic gases which is this fourth indicated right here and showing
one dog which is low level so it’s safe you need to be very careful of VOCs
because some of them are man-made like I said from in your paint and other things
in your house and some of them are natural but so VOCs are typically not
acutely toxic that means they’re not gonna cause you to react or even
be aware that they’re around but they have long-term slow effects that they
just build up in your body and eventually they’ll cause a lot of
trouble for you or it might just give you like permanent headaches or you
can’t think or you’re just fatigued a lot of it could be because of VOCs so
the pre-filter combined with the hepa filter will filter out PM 2.5 pollutants
and those are pollutants that are 2.5 microns or smaller and they stay
airborne a lot longer PM 2.5 can cause anything from stuffy noses to itchy eyes
and I could vouch in your lungs triggering asthma and allergies and
other inflammations using the where air monitor this last thought over here
tracks the PM 2.5 and this one is also at the lowest level right now so the air
in here is really good to start you just open the filter latch Filters goes first very easy just follow
the arrow and then and then you put the prefilter on sitting into these latches operation is super simple there’s only
four speeds so you just tap the power to get us started and germ is the lowest
level you go to general clean just the second speed elegant is high and if you
really need deep cleaning for viruses or bacteria you can go turbo clean all the
air in your room about five times per hour to turn it off you just press power
again and when the pre-filter the carbon activated filter is dirty and needs
changing this light will light up and if the HEPA filter becomes too dirty and
needs changing the check filter light will turn on so you don’t have to worry
about changing it every couple of months you only change it when these lights
show up for the specific filter that you need to change and here’s a timer where
you can set it to run for two hours four hours for eight hours
alright that’s it very simple right the pre-filters usually need to be
changed about three to six months and they cost about 10 bucks and the HEPA
filters usually last a year with normal usage and there are only about fifteen
dollars obviously if you run it all the time like I do it won’t last that long
it’ll last about half as long but it’s still a lot cheaper than needing more
medication or even just one ER visit can buy like years of these one last thing I
want to caution you about at least to me these filters do have a slight factory
odor when you first open the bag when you get a new one so usually I just run
it in a larger room like the family room for about two weeks
to clear out the fresh new filter smell and then I’ll bring it into my room and
it’s just fine all right hope this will keep you guys allergy free and feeling
better this spring and this summer at least for us in California with all the
fires and pollutants in the air check these out or use what I discuss here to
find your own good hepa true HEPA air purifiers and leave in comments below
which ones you guys like I haven’t tried everything so I would like to get your
input on it I do want to caution everybody that there are air filters
like the air dog that use ionic technology those often can trigger
asthma so you if you have really severe allergies or asthma just stay away from
those if you’re if you just have normal allergies runny noses you can consider
those but there’s a reason why hospitals and clean rooms don’t use the ionic
technology and they stick with the tried and true hepa filters it’s because the
hepa filters are still the safest and most reliable for all kinds of
sensitivities and illnesses please remember to Like and subscribe it really
does help my channel a lot so that I can reach more people help more people like
us who have chronic illnesses why do I need air purifiers to give you a little
bit of background about my condition I’m severely allergic to literally
everything on the planet and also how severe asthma and I also have probably
one of the top five most severe eczema skin conditions that research doctors
have ever seen what that means is yes I’m literally allergic to all food I
couldn’t touch water for about ten years a lot of times an allergic to the Sun if
I don’t have the right medications and for all of you guys who suggest a why
don’t you try this diet or that diet I literally can’t because I am allergic to
all foods or anything I put it inside me or anything I have
contact with in the environment will give me a severe allergic attack and
because I can literally escape the environment I constantly have very
severe informations both inside the body and outside including anywhere in my
intestines in my lungs in my nervous system in my joints and in my tendons
and in my flesh and who knows where else but what most people see is my eczema my
skin condition and I grew up with the dry eczema where it’s really cracked
bleeding shedding all the time so there’s literally dust that needs to be
cleaned up non-stop I have piles of skin all my bedsheets every single day I’ll
fill up a little trash bag but as I got older the situation turned into the wet
eczema where basically I didn’t have any skin and all my skin would be constantly
leaking body fluids and it will constantly be bleeding and infected from
head-to-toe clothes bed shades will stick to my skin and any time I moved it
will just tear off whatever little skin is left and I’ll just bleed even more
and and the information got so bad that even affecting my brain so for a while I
didn’t know who I was and I forgot how to speak

8 thoughts on “Best Air Purifiers for Severe Allergies, Asthma, & Eczema (HEPA, VOC, PM2.5) | Ep.214

  1. Hi Jeffry, have you heard about Sun Aire Purifiers?
    I just got mine this afternoon and plugged it and turned it on.
    You are an engineer, take a look at this unit, stainless steel construction,
    using Photozone technology to purifier the air, not filter it. It’s expensive at $650,
    But it should last a lifetime with minimal maintenance. Feel better and good luck.™-Air-Purifier-_p_2170.html

  2. Im just starting my research into air polution within the home. My son has Asthma and alergies so anything that will help him (especialy in the evnings). I've worked in class 100 cleanrooms before and i've heard about the clean enviroment in the healthcare proffesion. Love from across the pond 👍

  3. Just been made aware that a lot of these air purifiers only clean the air within a few feet of them. Indipendant tests show that the air quality reading is double and some than what the unit display is reading on the air cleaner. Ill keep you posted on more findings my friend 👍

  4. Hi there, didn't find anything looking through your videos, so i hope you still read the comments: How do you cope with heat? I'm thinking about installing an air conditioner with hepa filters and i'd really like to hear how you solved that problem or if heat just isn't an issue for you. Thanks!

  5. Thank you so much been suffering a few weeks brother moved in with his dog and having asthma attacks breathing issues everyday been to the doctors several times nothing will work not even asthma pills I was prescribed too I'm a non smoker too even my inhailer won't work just purchased this praying this will help me out I live in a house with mold in the basement junk from the family living here that was surrounded by cats may all be in the air also it's an old house carpet is 32 years old too can't wait to give a review on here after using it for a week keep the good work up just liked and subscribed 🙂

  6. HEPA is virtually useless for what my problem is. I move into apartments, there are chemically smells, and whatever those are, are airborne chemicals making me sick. Do you have any suggestions for this specifically? Looking into BlueAir or Molekule but I don't feel any of em would really work. Those pre filters are way too thin, Honeywell actually told me themselves their air purifiers cannot help me as a result.

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