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Best Asthma Treatment Program – The Big Asthma Lie System I Couldn’t breathe I woke up gasping for air as if someone was choking me in A panic I tried standing up to get to the phone to call the ambulance But I fell to the ground with a loud thud waking up my wife. I Woke up in the hospital with my family by my side My wife holding one hand and my two kids the other You’re very lucky you could have died today. The doctor said I just suffered a massive asthma attack and I could have been one of the 250,000 people who died of asthma every year all because I had a disease that turn my life into a living hell I had allergies asthma Wheezing coughing trouble breathing. I couldn’t run or even walk without stopping for a breath. I had no energy I had trouble sleeping. I was on more pills than I could count and I could have lost my life that day So what happened? And why am I telling you this? My name is Rob Edwards and I’m telling you this because I don’t want you to go through the same horrifying experience that I did Before this happened. I thought I knew everything there was to know about my condition But after almost losing my life I made sure I did some extra homework in my year long exhaustive research I uncovered some powerful and shocking research and facts that made my blood boil the same research that has taken me from my deathbed into a completely healthy man with no signs of asthma or Allergies right now. I’m completely free of drugs pills or inhalers I’m able to go out at anytime without fear or worry And I want to share my discovery with you right now But first I have to tell you one thing if you have asthma or allergies You need to hear this because a deadly asthma attack can strike at any time even today There are even cases of people having mild allergies and all of a sudden suffering severe Life-threatening asthma tax the same substances that trigger your hay fever symptoms May also cause asthma signs and symptoms such as inflammation shortness of breath wheezing and chest tightness This is called allergic asthma or allergy induced asthma which can lead to a severe asthma attack hospitalization and even death according to the United States Center for Disease Control About 12 million people have had an asthma attack each year and hundreds of thousands die each year around the world Almost 4,000 people in America die every single year that is almost as many people as all the American soldiers who? have lost their lives since 2003 in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan Twelve years of war and one year of asthma this is very serious and I invite you to watch this presentation until the end and Discover for yourself how you can better manage your asthma and allergy symptoms by using a few simple But powerful techniques as used by thousands of people around the world including me life something that we take for granted can end so quickly so painfully and so suddenly that It becomes so important to do everything in your power to stop this disease So if asthma and allergies are so deadly Why do most doctors prescribe treatments that only manage these symptoms while ignoring the real cause of the disease? even when new scientific research has revealed the root cause of disease and Provided an amazingly simple solution to make your asthma and allergies better than ever while Regenerating your immune system allowing you to breathe freely to eat your favorite foods and go anywhere at any time Even normalizing blood pressure cholesterol and completely overhauling your blood regulation system How does this happen? the short answer is that there’s a lot going on in medicine that people simply are not aware of a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine uncovered that more than a third of all doctors have receive payments from drug companies for various things Now, why would this matter? well another study done at the University of California at San Diego found that when a drug company pays a doctor He is more likely to prescribe that company’s drug. Our drug companies bribing doctors to prescribe their drugs Well in 2012 GlaxoSmithKline one of the largest pharmaceutical Manufacturers had to pay a fine of 3 billion dollars Yes, that’s billions with a B precisely because they were caught bribing doctors Do you think they stopped after that? Nope in? 2014 they got caught again this time in China and had to pay 490 million dollars for bribing their doctors – but it doesn’t stop there pharmaceutical companies have even been caught Bribing their own competitors paying them money to not produce cheaper generic prescription drugs the United States Supreme Court issued a ruling that the Federal Trade Commission can sue pharmaceutical companies for these antitrust violations in the future Marsha Engel who used to be the editor-in-chief of the New England Journal of Medicine one of the most powerful positions in American medicine acquired insights into the direct workings of the medical and pharmaceutical industries in her opinion The drug industry is corrupt and troubled she thinks that they charge too much and engage in deceptive research and produce inferior products borrow their best ideas from government-funded scientists and even influence doctors with free trips and gifts She even stated that the pharmaceutical industry is now primarily a marketing machine to sell drugs of dubious benefit why have you never heard about this research a recent survey done at the University of Toronto found that 9 out of 10 medical experts who write guidelines for treating conditions like diabetes Heart disease and others had some sort of financial relationship with a drug manufacturer About 6 out of 10 had financial ties to companies whose drugs were either considered or recommended in the guidelines. They wrote These are the people writing clinical practice guidelines that are used by countless doctors worldwide They should be fair and unbiased and yet most of them have ties to the pharmaceutical industry whose interest Do you think they have in mind when writing these guidelines? Dr. David Blumenthal a health policy expert at Harvard Medical School who has written about financial conflicts in the medical profession Stated that that’s a problem this is just emblematic of the extensive often undisclosed relationships that exist between medical experts and pharmaceutical companies first I want to tell you my story and reveal some dark secrets of the medical establishment and how pharmaceutical corporations really operate in This short presentation you will find out the simple solution that can turn down your asthma and allergy symptoms used by world-renowned doctors worldwide and trusted by over 20,000 people in over 90 countries without drugs or surgery First I want to tell you my story and show you the new scientific discoveries You can use to restore your allergy and asthma symptoms wheezing coughing Inflammation excessive mucus production shortness of breath fatigue runny and itchy nose forever and take your life back again revitalize re-energize get your old self back and live life like you are meant to live it and now I want to introduce you to a group of amazing doctors and Researchers that brought all this knowledge together and helped me live without asthma and allergies I want to pass the mic to my good friend, dr. Meadow. And dr Wells who will tell you all about the groundbreaking research and how you can live a better life without asthma or allergies starting right now Hi, I’m dr. Meadow a medical researcher at the ITM C Specializing in asthma allergies and inflammation last year our team of doctors helped thousands of people worldwide Manage their asthma and allergy symptoms so much that they live without any symptoms at all inflammation Wheezing coughing shortness of breath and end the need for prescription drugs inhalers or hospital visits this year We are on track to help over 30,000 asthma patients achieve the impossible. This treatment is so easy So effective so natural and so inexpensive backed by powerful scientific studies from some of the world’s top scientific journals proven by World-renowned doctors and researchers from all across the globe if you simply watch our presentation until the end and do what it says You can start the path to recovery After working in the health industry for over two decades and witnessing thousands of people regain their health We were able to uncover the truth about allergies and asthma and witnessed some scary Behind-the-scenes medical practices that will shock you to your core. I Decided to join the international truth in medicine Council and join their quest to bring the truth about asthma and allergies to the world What if I told you there was a completely natural? Treatment that treats the root cause of these conditions a treatment that’s proven effective yet It might not be used by your doctor or most doctors around the world It is so revolutionary it can in fact even drastically reduce your asthma and allergy symptoms eliminate coughing shortness of breath inflammation itchy runny nose and eyes Strengthen your immune system and give you your life back While melting away all doubt and worry you have right now It does not matter if these conditions have been in your family for generations Or you’ve struggled with it for 50 years our treatment works on newly diagnosed patients as well as those who have struggled for decades and are losing hope I Invite you to take a few simple steps If you commit the next seven minutes to this presentation the most talked about presentation online right now and watch it carefully I promise you will not only believe that it’s possible you will know that it’s possible as a Scientific fact just as you sit here right now and only moments later you will begin your body’s healing process right here today Right now that way you won’t just know it’s true. You’ll see the results with your very own eyes You will feel the results inside your own body to radically improve the allergy and asthma symptoms this year We are on track to help 30,000 more the only question is will you be one of them real results your doctor will verify without drugs without pills and without inhalers Yes all types of allergy and asthma sufferers see an immense difference in their health these 16 thousand individuals are now enjoying normal lives without worrying about living a normal life Their immune systems strong and healthy and being able to breathe freely all the time. Imagine Just living a normal life Doesn’t this sound fantastic, how would you like to feel like this every day to feel normal again? Just like everyone else no more drugs no more pills no shortness of breath Iggy or runny nose and eyes coughing inflammation no fear of horrifying asthma attacks No fear of stressful doctor’s visits no fear of horrible complications and no more fear of early death Imagine the fear stress and doubt just melting away as you realize you’ll never need to take prescription drugs Inhalers or live in fear of deadly asthma attacks And if you’re still not 100% sure I understand I would be thinking the exact same thing If I were in your shoes What I’m telling you right now goes against everything you’ve ever been told about asthma and allergies every doctor medical Professional every website television host your friends relatives have told you that you are stuck with asthma for life Take your drugs Constantly monitor Where you go what you eat and what you do live with terrible symptoms and in constant fear of attacks and even death every single day for the rest of Nobody ever told you about the natural drug-free treatments that can reduce your symptoms to virtually nil All you have to do is watch until the end and you can begin a new life starting today and we want to reveal this groundbreaking research to you and share with you some shocking facts the single secret into the workings of the human body and the allergy response which proves that Defeating these nasty conditions is possible and has been possible for the past hundred years The secret that has over 90 clinical studies behind it None of them covered in any major newspaper and not taught in medical school these studies show Definitely that it not only removes your histamine response airway constriction and sinuses It stabilizes your immune system and breathing it effectively treats the source of the disease that made you asthmatic in the first place the results you see here are so Spectacular so outside the box so miraculous and so effective that most people are amazed at how quickly they see results Primarily because this approach attacks allergies and asthma at the root rather than shackled to prescription drugs and inhalers for life Being dependent on them a prisoner in your own body in just a moment I will reveal this doctor approved and verified method with you and share with you the three very powerful yet Surprising ingredients that have been shown to reduce asthma and allergy symptoms now. Here’s the good news You can live a healthy life and treat the underlying reasons that are causing your disease using these specific unique Scientifically proven methods we discovered which are promoted by many doctors and researchers around the world this means patients can be free of their crippling symptoms that is over 50 million people that could become healthy and Over 250 thousand asthma related deaths that could even be prevented in the world. The method is so simple yet so powerful You’re going to want to watch this presentation Until the end and discover the simple method for yourself What we came to learn is that there are a few doctor recommended treatments. That should be avoided if you want to reduce your Asthma symptoms did you know that conventional? Asthma treatments can increase your risk of heart disease and osteoporosis? The conventional asthma treatment typically consists of a non-steroidal Ronquillo dilator an anti-inflammatory agent that you inhale it Causes the smooth muscle cells in your lungs to relax which opens up your Airways if that doesn’t work The next level is typically an inhaled steroid, which is a very potent anti-inflammatory Agent the reason these aggressive types of intervention are performed is because asthma is indeed a serious condition It can be fatal. So you need to be serious about treating it unfortunately, the conventional approaches have nasty side effects in addition to local side effects the most common side effect is that Non-steroidal bronchodilators will double your risk of a heart attack and steroids even though they can help reduce the inflammation in your lungs are fraught with serious side effects including cardiovascular disease impaired growth of your body and internal organs including your brain infections cataracts osteoporosis diabetes weight gain high blood pressure and a variety of other disease conditions These aggressive drug approaches clearly do not treat the cause of your asthma and they are quite dangerous even lethal fortunately, there are simple strategies you can use that will eliminate your need for these medications an overview of recent studies finds that there are No clear benefits to using long-acting beta 2 agonists la bas for the treatment of asthma in children researchers report that there is currently insufficient evidence to suggest that the drugs offer any additional benefit when used in conjunction with conventional preventive medications la ba such as cell mineral and For materal can reduce the symptoms of asthma for periods of up to 12 hours They are currently given to relax the Airways over night or after exercise and are recommended as add-on therapies to inhaled corticosteroids But since la bas have previously been shown to increase the risk of life-threatening adverse effects in adults When used as the only drug they are not recommended as the main treatment agent in asthma in any age groups Now researchers say that their use does not provide any further benefit They showed that la bas did not reduce severity of asthma symptoms as measured by hospital admissions or the need for steroid medication Some other scary findings discovered that the three common asthma inhalers contain The drugs sell materal or for materal may be causing 4 out of 5 us asthma related deaths per year and should be taken Off the market researchers from Cornell and Stanford universities have concluded after a search of medical literature They base these conclusions on a statistical analysis of 19 published trials involving 30 3826 patients this so-called meta-analysis found that patients who inhaled the long-acting beta agonists sell matter all trade names sir event and advair both made by GlaxoSmithKline or for matter all trade name for Adele made by Novartis Pharmaceuticals were 3.5 times more likely to die from asthma and 2.5 times more likely to be hospitalized compared with those taking a placebo We estimate that approximately 4,000 out of the 5,000 asthma deaths that occur in the u.s Each year are actually caused by these Long-acting beta agonists and we urged that these agents be taken off the market our researcher added Another researcher from Connecticut USA a calculated the relative risk of dying from asthma for people using the preventer and reliever drugs Taking into account factors such as the patient’s age sex weight Smoking habits and frequency of GP visits they found that between 7 and 12 prescriptions of reliever inhalers in the previous year increased the risk of dying 16-fold and 13 or more prescriptions increased it by more than 50 fold 50 fold Adding an anti-inflammatory drug to a long-acting beta agonist adds little benefit report the South Peters for example the fourth best selling drug in the world with 5.6 billion dollars in annual sales Combined sell metal with an anti-inflammatory drug to provide little to no protection against bronchial inflammation associated with beta agonist researchers added that these medications promote bronchial inflammation and sensitivity without warning while increasing your risk of developing heart disease osteoporosis infections diabetes and even lead to death One asthma patient even reported the following each time. I tried inhaled steroids I would start experiencing severe mood swings within a few days one time I even felt suicide the first time I had ever experienced that feeling in my life glucocorticoid steroids lower both plasma and brain serotonin levels and are linked to depression and feelings of aggression the truth We believe the pharmaceutical industry is not a healthy industry But an investment business big pharma makes more than eight hundred billion dollars in profits each year But only as long as disease exists as their markets The law is only the products. They make can legally cure prevent and treat a disease Anything that is not a chemical made by a pharmaceutical corporation by law cannot cure prevent or treat a disease it is actually written as law only a drug can cure prevent or treat a disease a Chemical drug made in a factory is the only thing on earth that can cure your disease the truth Is there exists a complete? all-natural method to be healthy and vibrant to breathe freely and have fully healthy lungs and Airways and People have used it to become completely healthy Let me tell you about the most powerful things you can do right now The shockingly simple solutions to start the path of healing and vitality We all know that it is critical for all of us to stay adequately hydrated and did you know that water plays a key role in histamine and mucous formation We know that without water we will die in three days and water is lost from the body through sweat urine and by simply breathing Every exhale releases water vapor you can see it in the wintertime when you breathe as a mist coming out of your nose and mouth About a quart one liter of water is breathed out daily and our lungs need water to be able to function if our lungs don’t work we can’t breathe and Without air we would die in just three minutes because of this our bodies have created a very simple and powerful Mechanism to conserve water when we are dehydrated. We all know that asthmatics have excessive levels of histamines in their lung tissues Why well histamine actually regulates the body’s water levels rationing the water supply to the areas that need it most when enough water is lost through the lungs histamine kicks in to constrict the brach passages and Increased mucus production to conserve whatever water there is the mucus covers the tissues to prevent them from drying out Once a diagnosis of asthma has occurred The person has already been chronically dehydrated for some time the Constriction of the bronchial tubes occurs because there is not enough water to keep the cells Hydrated and the nerves and blood vessels and the tissues are stressed and inflamed due to the histamine response Studies have shown that an estimated 75% of the population has some degree of dehydration If you drink the right water at the right time the moisture in the lungs is rapidly replaced so histamine is not required to conserve and delegate water and Inflamed tissues become healthy and vibrant now. It’s not enough to drink tap water Which is usually acidic in nature there exists a special kind of water that after drinking it people reduce their asthma symptoms within one week People seem to experience that this type of water is wetter. And actually the surface tension is significantly different tests in animals show that decreased water sensing proteins in the lungs lead to formation of mucus plugs and Rehydration seems to reduce spasms and the bronchial passages begin to open Normal breathing begins again as the body continues to be hydrated in our experience We are seeing the same results with clients their asthmatic symptoms become fewer or disappear altogether once they are hydrated properly and take a few key minerals and Compounds to strengthen the effects but one of our clients started to drink tap water Again, and within three weeks he was starting to see symptoms again Which is why it is extremely important to drink a specific type of water I will tell you all about this type of water You absolutely must drink in just a moment But first I want to tell you about a powerful vitamin which has been proven to work for asthma One study has shown that poor diets and the lack of this vitamin among mothers were the two strongest determining factors and whether their children suffered from asthma in the past decade the Scientific community has been discovering just how powerful this vitamin is It is one of the strongest immune modulators in the world it virtually eliminates inflammation a study published in the Journal of Clinical Immunology Found that even tiny doses of this vitamin significantly reduced inflammation in subjects another study published in the Journal of allergy and Clinical Immunology showed that people who took this vitamin showed massively less asthma attacks and allergies and those who didn’t Another study published in the clinical and experimental allergy Journal showed the same findings less asthma attacks and virtually no flu to the test subjects Laboratory evidence shows that this vitamin may play a key role in reversing airway remodeling or airway inflammation in the asthmatic one Taher 2008 tamera 2009 and it protects against asthma exacerbations magic 2011 and studies among asthma patients found that low or deficient blood levels of this vitamin were associated with Several indicators of asthma and studies show a direct link between this vitamin and allergies in people There are actually more than 30 studies on this vitamin showing miraculous health benefits But most people don’t take nearly enough of a dosage to see the immune stimulating effects especially for asthmatics and allergy sufferers It is absolutely important to take at least 10 times the recommended daily allowance I will talk more about this vitamin in just a moment. The next miracle compound is vitamin E This vitamin has actually been used to reverse heart disease in over 30 thousand patients by two Renowned doctors in Canada and this vitamin has shown almost unbelievable results with asthmatics and allergy sufferers This is due to the fact that vitamin E eliminates inflammation on site in a newly published review Abdallah Valencia and colleagues report that vitamin E is protective against allergic lung inflammation Studies have shown that vitamin E prevents the release of inflammatory cytokines and specifically inhibits gene expression of high l4y webber 2002 studies have shown that asthma patients with higher vitamin E intakes had lower prevalence of wheezing coughing and shortness of breath compared to those with lower intakes of vitamin E Lytton juoh 2012 some studies also report that low maternal vitamin E intake is associated with an increased risk of wheezing in infants and children and Virtually, all of the population is deficient in this vitamin making it extremely important to consume in the proper amounts And since there are different forms of vitamin E. It is key to use the most powerful form one randomized controlled trial demonstrated the role of antioxidants in asthma children with persistent asthma who were supplemented with omega-3 fatty acids vitamin C or zinc Experienced improved lung function when children received all three nutrients their lung function improved to an even greater extent Than it did with the individual nutrients another clinical trial of 8 Oz Matic subjects found that those given a high dose of vitamin c daily for two weeks experienced significantly improved asthma symptoms scores compared to subjects receiving placebo evidence also suggests that supplementation with beneficial bacteria probiotics May modulate components of the immune response and inflammatory processes for Lesko 2007 Lomax 2009 therefore as asthma and allergies are intrinsically tied to inflammation Scientists have been interested in studying the effects of probiotics in people with asthma or other allergic diseases probiotics have reliably shown positive effects in allergic rhinitis a condition with allergic inflammation similar to asthma Probiotics have been shown to be extremely effective among people with asthma It’s important to note that there are many types of probiotics and it’s key to take the right ones to have their powerful anti asthma and allergy benefits I’m going to reveal the exact amounts that you need to take of all these compounds in just a moment and Share with you the three massively powerful foods which have been found to stimulate asthma and allergies and just by eliminating these foods You will heal your inflammation and reduce your histamine production allowing you to breathe freely and easily at all times Remember there is not even one death from vitamins a year. It’s virtually impossible to overdose on these natural health promoting compounds Vitamins have been shown time and time again to eliminate severe diseases and conditions while prescription drugs kill over 300,000 people each and every year and maim Millions making pharmaceuticals the fourth leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer it’s scary to think that these deadly chemicals are approved for use by our governments while vitamins are considered a charlatan medicine and compared to snake oil now imagine if the millions of Asthmatics and allergy sufferers discover the truth their doctors begin taking them off drugs and medication It would allow you and millions of people around the world to heal and restore In light of this knowledge you now have two choices. You can close this page and go back to what you were doing Go back to relying on expensive and deadly drugs and pills Inhalers knowing that they aren’t doing anything to help your asthma or allergies knowing that your future holds health complications wheezing coughing inflammation trouble breathing stuffy and runny nose not being able to eat your favorite foods or go out when and where you want and Under constant threat of deadly asthma attacks, or you can choose the quickest easiest and smartest option You can start learning about these asthma and allergy treatment methods and applying them right now become free of drugs pills inhalers Life-threatening surgery and finally live your life choose the healthy way the way that has been proven to work hundreds of world-class doctors and scientists and thousands of people who treated their conditions it’s true and it works period We’ve already done the work for you. All you have to do is take the easy step forward So what is the ITM see? We have already used these scientifically proven methods with enormous success and now want to bring this knowledge directly to you We think you deserve to know the truth about our medical system food and drug system and health policy You deserve to know about these safer cheaper and stur methods other than drugs or surgery for treating and beating your illness We’d like to give you this framework of knowledge that you can use to begin your path to health today This breakthrough is already working miracles that no one thought was possible It is getting truly miraculous results by the thousands before our very eyes It is scientifically based now proven by hundreds of double-blind clinical Trials some of our members report feeling clear Airways and no asthma symptoms soon after starting the program The truth is you can take your health back into your own hands You can free yourself from the shackles of drugs pills inhalers surgery and even prevent the horrible health complications that await asthmatics and allergy sufferers down the road If you want to experience these exact same results for yourself If you want to treat all your symptoms treat this disease from the source All you need is three things the right information the right program and the right ingredients and in just a moment you’re going to get all three we have assembled the results and exact methods from hundreds of scientific studies and powerful medical research into an easy to read and understand Step-by-step health guide called seven steps to health and the big asthma why it has already been used to help Thousands of patients all over the world learn the truth about these life-changing Scientifically proven treatment methods and embark on the path to a healthy life. You will actually be able to begin the healing process right away 100% naturally the best part is that this won’t just solve your asthma and allergy problem It will solve every aspect of your health as your cells heal and restore So do your hormone levels one powerhouse hormone being the growth hormone? It will offer side benefits such as a slowdown in the general aging process and increased metabolism So weight comes off faster and more easily along with hundreds of other wonderful benefits The course makes all this very simple in a friendly fun and easy step-by-step Program for the first time in history a treatment is available that actually gets results which people experience As soon as they start with a completely safe completely natural solution The program is the product of over ten years of testing and research we witnessed countless patients eliminate their need for medication or surgery fire sooner than even our doctors thought possible We instantly knew this information had to be seen worldwide This step-by-step how-to guide you’re about to receive takes all of the guesswork out of treating your illness. It’s simple and powerful Guaranteed our real concern here is not that your asthma and allergy symptoms are reduced to slow But they will be reduced to fast. We have numerous precautions in place to ensure that doesn’t happen But the speed in which your symptoms are treated will still shock you but course operates on a few levels which all work synergistically To ensure this happens in record time. You will be shown several handy life hacks That is to say small changes in your lifestyle that take very little effort in fact You will barely notice them and yet they will have massive effects in improving the health of your immune system Seven steps to health and the big asthma ly answers every question You might have we know because we have tens of thousands of satisfied patients And if there’s something you can’t find an answer to we have helpful support staff who are standing by 24/7 to answer any queries you may have who can support you and guide you like nobody else can So how much does this all cost? What would it cost to become completely healthy and never to have to take another prescription drug pill? Inhaler dangerous surgery or visit your doctor ever again first We’ve got to face some cold hard facts asthma and allergies. Don’t just affect your health They can wipe out your family’s finances and limit your ability to work. Asthma can cost you over $5,000 a year Whether it’s through drugs pills sky-high insurance premiums or other medical costs not to mention time spent at the doctor Tests and health monitoring not being able to do all the things you want go to the places you love and living in constant Fear and worry fear of getting a deadly asthma attack even death your long-term health costs over a lifetime due to asthma can be as much as $50,000. How much would it cost to treat all your symptoms all your fears and worries and get your life back again? Just Imagine how much money would you pay for scientifically verified method for your asthma and allergies? No more drugs no more inhalers. No more surgery no more pain So what is the price of bringing normality back into your life ten thousand dollars one thousand dollars five hundred? Dollars by all logic it should cost quite a lot Consider also the expense time and research that went into this product and you’ll begin to realize it should cost even more than five thousand Dollars, but luckily for you Our only goal is to help as many asthma and allergy sufferers as possible Which is why the seven steps to health won’t cost you five thousand dollars if we did charge that it would pay for itself in One year, but we’re still not doing it. It won’t be two thousand dollars or even one thousand dollars It will not be five hundred dollars not even one hundred dollars either. So what will it be? We tried to make the price as low as possible Just enough to cover our costs seven steps to health and the big asthma and allergy lie the most revolutionary asthma and allergy program of the century is only just 37 dollars the 37 dollars is just a nominal payment that will help us keep this website up after all We are helping people regain health They thought they lost forever and after working with patients for the last few decades After seeing people suffering and then witnessing them become completely healthy and regained their lives back I’m going to guarantee that if you ever develop serious complications and are bedridden you will wish you did something sooner So here it is your chance to do something about your health right now to make your choice even easier Here’s our simple guarantee Your asthma and allergies will be massively improved and I don’t just mean that it will make you feel better I mean real results that even your doctor will notice Asthma attacks reduced to virtually nothing coughing and wheezing reduced breathing and sinuses restored Vitality increased choice one go back to what you were doing Relying on deadly drugs pills inhalers steroids and surgery and keep hoping you will someday get better Watch as your health deteriorates as thousands even die from this disease Choice to uncover the truth about this disease and join the thousands who’ve used our methods with astounding results Drugs pills inhalers surgery and hospital visits all a thing of the past. It’s your life on the line The decision is easy as a doctor I’ve seen my share of people with severe asthma attacks and you Know what every single one of them says they wish they did something sooner now ask yourself your family What do they deserve do your relatives kids or grandkids deserve someone who will be there for them? someone to share life and those precious family moments with Or do they deserve a burden? Someone who passes before his time and leads to heartache and tragedy if not yourself do it for the people in your life Do you really want to live the rest of your life shackled to the fear of death constant drugs and pills instead? What about a life with no more fear? Is that worth fighting for you know it is so why are you still listening to me? There’s an order button below hit the button fill out the form on the next page Otherwise, what are you waiting for? Are you going to wait until you are taken by ambulance to a hospital or maybe a severe? Asthma attack will cause you to realize that what you’re currently doing is not working The solution is here and it’s easy hit the button under this video and get started now Think about it. How much is your life worth? Most people would say millions of dollars so wats 37 dollars to get your life and health back on track This easy decision will bring long lasting positive change in your life for years to come hit the button below and get started Then fill out the form on the next page, it’s safe Its secure you will instantly download the seven steps to health as a PDF file and read it on your computer tablet iPad Kindle or other ebook reader hit the button now you have a new life to gain. I hope you realize that Fight back and join us in the treatment of asthma and allergies once and for all it starts with you hit the button below now The order button will disappear when the video ends which is seconds away The historic seven steps program is a click away right now. We risk our careers to bring it to you This is the easiest decision of your life So hit the button below now and fill out the form, but you must hurry because condition isn’t waiting It’s eating away at your vital organs as we speak If you want to beat it You will have to take action only action can save your health and ensure a long and bright future the Small act of trying our program could cause the biggest change in your life that you’ve ever had It could turn your current life into one with more joy More freedom a life without painful needles or expensive medication with less worry less pain and less Doctor visits it’s what you deserve Make your decision quick because every day you wait your asthma and allergies get worse take action right now Remember once you’ve been through our easy step by step program. You will realize it is the most powerful program out there Click the button below Fill out the form on the next page and let the good side of your life begin – a long healthy and beautiful life Hi, dr. Meadow and the team at the I TMC. Thank you for watching and we will see you on the inside You

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