Best Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Deal of 2018 (Anti-Allergy & Pet HEPA filtration!)

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– Today, the ultimate Shark Vac deal to help babies enjoy their playtime, keep you safe from dog allergies and every other pet hair
problem you don’t want to face. (baby whimpers) Yes. (light music) Hi. I’m the Deal Guy Matt Granite and this my daughter, Mara. Hi. This is so exciting. This is like one of the
first YouTube videos you’ve ever been awake for. Hi, happy girl. Now Mara, who is just
over three months old, loves playtime. She’s doing tummy time, all these different things on the floor, and this vac is no longer going to cut it. So, thank you very much. I hunt down deals for a living. I love unboxing and showing you the best savings you can find and now, as a new dad, who is also saving money on babysitting, which is why it’s take your
daughter to work day today, I have this young lady,
I have new concerns, and I have the duty to
save you as much cash as humanly possible. If you expand the video
description box right under me, you’re gonna find a link. Am I really that boring? For today’s top deal. It is a Shark Vac beyond belief. The Shark Ninja Rotator Pro will lift away more dirt
and give you a deeper clean than anything on the market at this price. In fact, there are no better vacs with better reviews than this one. If you suffer from allergies, asthma, have pets, need tummy time on the floor, or anything else to clean up your act, this uses an enhanced swivel technology, premium pet hair removal system. It will never lose suction
and it is ultra quiet, where I can vacuum without
even disturbing a baby. Now, if you want to score that deal even if you don’t have an
infant playing on the floor, even if you don’t have tummy time, even if you don’t have pets, it’s just an awesome vacuum
that’ll go far beyond many of the other vacs that
we’re constantly buying. Expand the video description box there. You will find what you are looking for. Now for all the new parents
out there, as you can see, we’ve just cut ’cause I needed to put a pacifier into the mix. If you want to score this price drop, expand the video description
box right under me. Feel free to leave me a comment. Let me know what else it
is that you’re looking for. Do you want tech items,
lifestyle items, baby items? Do you want my baby? I love my baby. I’m not giving her away. By the way, a lot of you people are asking if there’s gonna be holiday
giveaways coming back, but it was costing me $20,000
a year in shipping fees to get massive vacuums across the country and all the other items. Plus I have new expenses. Plus I don’t get items for free so I was buying the items and then, like I had to
go broke on giveaways. A lot of you asked about that. And a lot of people were
only watching the videos for freebies. No one was actually
caring what I was saying. You were just skipping to the end and seeing if you won. So those were the reasons we got rid of some of the freebies and giveaways, but I will bring them back. The whole point of this
channel is to save you money. I wish it was a charity and just like a great way for free stuff, but I don’t have enough
personal money for that yet ’cause I have to build a college fund. Anyhow, thanks for watching. I love you. And if you’re not yet
subscribed to this channel, this is what you can do. Click on my head right here or
near Mara’s arm as she yawns. That will subscribe you to this channel. If you need help turning
on your notifications or leaving a comment, click here. (baby wails) And if you don’t subscribe,
my baby will be so mad. And by the way, if you’re missing that last big round-up of
deals I did, it’s over here.

100 thoughts on “Best Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Deal of 2018 (Anti-Allergy & Pet HEPA filtration!)

  1. Looks like a great deal. We are looking for a vacuum at work. Maybe the boss will like this one. Beautiful little princess.

  2. I have two Shark vacuums and they are the best. I love the Rotator. I highly recommend the new one with the duo roller as it is the most amazing thing. The duo roller cleans dust off hardwood floors without having to use attachments and it also works on carpet. It's the best vacuum ever! But I love my old Rotator too. I just moved it to the basement where there is only carpet so I don't have to lug a vacuum up and down stairs.

  3. I have this vacuum! Best purchase EVER! I got the one with the extra goodies, the base that makes it a canister vac, and the extra attachments. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

  4. You don’t need to explain yourself. Your true viewers know and appreciate you. The first item I bought you reviewed was that night light and flashlight for power outages Sorry to say they no longer work but did get over 2 years out of them got every penny out of them. Thanks buddy

  5. Ur daughter is SOO ADORABLE 💞😊!! Thanks for the info on the vacuum! I always have a love/hate relationship with them. Vacuuming is actually my favorite chore. I think it makes the most impact when cleaning. Thanks for sharing!

  6. You should just do random unannounced giveaways and still use the draw you used before – some commentator from some past video (maybe keep it to within the past 6 months or so).

  7. Wish I could afford it, Walmart has eureka and I'm not sure if it's still around? They got rid of the good arm and Hammer bags to carry there own generic more expensive ones

  8. Thanks for FINALLY answering the questions about the give away's. Makes sense but you should have communicated this sooner. Still watching even without the giveaways.

  9. Thanks for this deal on the Shark vacuum. You do an awesome job getting us deals Matt, and I am sure the majority of us don’t just skip to the end of your new deal promo. I truly have never worried about winning or not, I am just looking for a good deal. Keep up the good work. You are the Best at what you do and you have helped so many people save money and find the right item. Thank you.

  10. I would really love another video on what to buy when – I seriously mark things on my calendar so I know when to buy certain items. I know you do a ton of research on just that type of thing, so how about showing off some of that knowledge?

    Your daughter is gorgeous, and you are clearly not going to give her away, so I'll have to just watch from afar 😉

  11. Oh what a cute little princess! I watched you early on and even won (a body roll thingy) but have bought many items at great prices thanks to you and will continue to watch 🙂 Thank you for working so hard for us. P.S. I think Mara is your youngest intern!

  12. We purchased a shark braless vacuum 3 years ago after being a Hoover can for many years. I wish we had done so much much earlier. It is so easy to use, clean, and store. It also does the best job. We recently got a smaller 2nd one for our RV.

  13. Thanks for your info and clarification. So many Youtubers do non disclaimed paid promotions, starting to not believe all the reviews. Gorgeous baby by the way.

  14. I would love more baby items, As a new father as well, I need more baby stuff. Yet also tech items would be cool, You have such an adorable lil one. And as someone who has been since forever dont worry about the giveaways, The real deal savers will stick around..

  15. For the record… I love your videos and sincerely watch for the review and get the deals. That's why I subscribe.
    P.S. Congrats on the beautiful baby girl.

  16. Anyone else buy this & then notice the labels on the vacuum (and the instruction manual) are all in Spanish? Mine came with a second set of English-language labels that I can swap out (sorry, my Spanish is rudimentary and I never would have guessed that “Cepillo Giratorio” is the button to activate the brush roll.) Also, I notice that this model # is NV500MX, a number not listed on the manufacturer’s website (I went there to download the English-language version of the user manual). Is this perhaps a model that Shark produced for distribution in Mexico and this is excess inventory, hence the good price?
    And BTW, the vacuum works great.

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