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Jeffrey Lin here to talk about car
air purifiers on this episode of Sick Gear! Regular car air filter just isn’t enough
and last year I learned about the Tesla bio weapons defense mode the net effect
of the air filtration system is that you have air cleanliness levels which are
comparable to a hospital operating room in the car you just press the bio weapon
defense mode button this is a real button so I looked into how to do that
because actually no other car has that and no other car can do that and more
importantly none of the air purifiers as currently on the market can provide this
kind of hospital grade or a cleanroom type of clean air protection from the
outside so I went ahead and hack together my own car air purification
system that’s hospital-grade and I’ll show you guys how to do it in
this video ok now from the beginning hey it’s Jeffrey Lin so what kind of
air purification system is good enough for someone like me with multiple immune
chronic illnesses like severe asthma so for your allergies and eczema I’m
literally allergic to everything on the planet there’s nothing I’ve tested for
that’s not significantly off the charts nothing in the planet that’s not toxic
to me so I looked into what hospitals use for their surgery rooms in isolation
rooms and they all use what Tesla uses for their bio weapons defense mode what
they use is the HEPA system which is high efficiency particulate air and it’s
probably one of the most common ones that you’ve heard of basically what HEPA
does is it’s able to capture 99.97% of anything that’s out there and it could
capture everything and filter these things out it from the air everything
down to point three microns that’s about the size of large viruses and actually
hepa filters are very efficient when it’s under 0.3 microns as well so it’s
only that point three microns where it’s a little bit inefficient but at 99.97%
officiously it’s basically a hundred percent so the reason why hospitals and
Tesla use HEPA and none of these other newer technologies that you’ve heard of
is because HEPA is tried and true and the other newer technologies or even
ionic air purification systems those actually produce things like ozone there
are pollutants so ionizing air purification systems have been around
actually since private like twenty thirty years or longer I’ve tried it as
a kid and immediately my asthma got much worse and I was constantly
choking because of the ozone that these ionic purification systems release as a
by-product so it’s not a fluke that hospitals and tests that chose to use
the HEPA system it’s because HEPA actually is very high-tech the way the
hepa filters are manufactured there’s an ala technology micro technology nail
technology that goes into them for both like the structure of the filter and
just the way is constructed and also the kind of fiberglass material that goes
into it so you should feel very safe just going with a HEPA filter there are
a lot of HEPA like filters out there that try to trick you into buying them
but you just want to make sure that you want the true HEPA filter and you also
make sure you’re seeing the 99.97% efficiency and also that point 3 micron
size that it’s able to capture so let’s take a look at this chart virus I’ll
capture viruses tobacco smoke other smoke that Korea household dust pet
dander mold spores and pollen so there’s another part to you HEPA filters
actually the pre-filter that’s made of activated carbon or charcoal the
pre-filter is actually the ones that filter out the bigger particles like
pollen and dust even like skin when my eczema is really bad and peels it’s
really the pre-filter the carbon activated filter that filters out
chemicals and odors and volatile organic compounds that discussed before where
when it gets hot even inside the car the leather and the plastics will start
releasing chemicals called VOCs or volatile organic compounds sort of like
when you’re cooking something and it gets really hot and you start smelling
the smell well all the leather in a car and the plastics I’ll start releasing
VOCs or volatile organic how’s all be very dangerous to the human
body so they’re pre-filter will capture all of that I made an in-depth video
about air purifiers and explaining how HEPA work so I would definitely suggest
that you go check that out and review it so you understand what I’m talking about
here but I want to start with the conventional car air purifiers that I’ve
tried that doesn’t work so all these car air purifiers that I’ve seen are small
ionic air purifiers that you can just plug into your car and there’s a couple
of problems with that first I already explained that ionic air purifiers they
actually create a lot of ozone pollutants that will make you sick so if
you’re sensitive at all you cannot use ionic air purifiers any kind of ozone is
very dangerous to your health and the ozone that these ionic air purifiers
create can also damage your your nose and your senses in your airway so that
you can’t detect when there’s actually you know dangerous chemicals and ozone
around so I would actually stay away from basically any kind of car air
purifiers that you see on the market most car air purifiers are ionic air
purifiers because the car just simply can’t produce enough power to run a
normal HEPA filter HEPA air filters are very dense that’s why they can capture
0.3 microns as smaller viruses it’s because all the fibers are very very
close together and so it’s very very hard to move enough air through that you
need a very large engine and fan to do that and so that’s why I guess Tesla’s
only one that’s able to do that because it actually had that built into their
fan and their engine that brings me to option number two which is to buy a HEPA
filter that fits into your cards filter slot
and certain cars have that option but it doesn’t come from the manufacturer there
are you know third-party manufacturers that have HEPA filters for certain
models of cars but because the cars air filter frame isn’t built to handle HEPA
air filters you know when it starts trying to pull too much air through it
there’ll be gaps on the side where the smoke and the pollutants from outside
will actually go around the HEPA filter and still get into your car cabin so
you’re not actually getting the protection from the HEPA filter so
unless you have a test where the car frame and the whole engine and the
system is built to handle a HEPA filter you can’t actually incorporate it into
the car itself so that brings me to my option which is hacking together a HEPA
filter for your car it’s actually pretty easy I just took a regular desktop HEPA
filter this is the Honeywell HPA zero to zero it works for like small
dorm rooms and probably like little kids rooms but it’s more than enough capacity
to work for a car or van and instead of plugging it into your car you can just
get one of these power banks that’s designed to work with your laptop when
you’re traveling so these are high-capacity and I guess you can buy
even bigger ones like many generators that you can use but I got this one
because this one is TSA approved size so I can bring this with me while traveling
and part of my laptop so all you got to do is plug in the HEPA filter into you
this Powerbank and you can turn on the power bank and we hear the HEPA filter
sorry I’ll link to both this power bank and
the hepa air filter in the links below but this specific power bank can power
the hepa air filter for about two hours on high and it can power it for about
three three and a half hours on medium and it could power it for about six
hours when I have the HEPA air purifier although you can work for all day trip
if I wanted to just got remember to also have your car on inside air recycle air
mode so you’re not drawing in more air more pollutant air more smoke from the
outside the reason I got the Honeywell HPA zero to zero HEPA air filter is
because it’s part of the same series of HEPA air filters that I reviewed in the
air purifier video they’re all from Honeywell they all use the same HEPA
filter so I can just buy the same air filters and the same carbon pre-filter
for the ones I use in my house as well as this one for the car they’re all the
same size they’re all interchangeable so the last thing to remember about using
this HEPA air purifier on the car is still not going to be perfectly like a
hospital cleanroom it’s still not going to be what you can get with the Tesla
Model S with the bio weapons defense mode so most cars don’t have a complete
perfect air seal from the outside so even when you are using internal
recycled air some air from the outside does get in and most of times you can’t
tell just because the mound that’s getting in is so low but for those of us
that are very sensitive that do have allergies and inflammations you know we
might get fatigued and tired or get nausea brain fog but you can definitely
tell that most cars don’t have a perfect air seal when you pass by something
a very strong odor such as skunks or sulfur that’s something that you can’t
really fix you just try to move as much air through the cabin as possible and
when you see videos of the Tesla bioweapons defense but when that’s on
you see the inside recycle air on full blast so just remember when you’re in
your car if you don’t have the HEPA air filter you know turn on recycle air
internal inside air and have that all full blast
to clean out the cabin air as fast as possible
so even if something dirty is coming in there’s more pollen or algae’s coming in
if the recycled air is being recycled fast enough hopefully it can clean out
some of that before it gets into your lungs but even when you have the HEPA
air filter try to do that just have recycled air and have both a HEPA air
filter and your car field car a fan on high and just recycle that hey guys
thanks for watching remember to hit the subscribe button and comment below let
me know if you’re able to use the setup and remember you don’t have to use the
specific HEPA air purifier that I use you can do this combo of having a HEPA
filter with a power bank or a little mini generator for your car and let me
know how that works for you you

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