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There’s no part of the United States that’s
entirely allergen-free. But there might be places where you suffer less. Here’s a look at the current allergy landscape and
the best places to live for allergy sufferers. If you’re severely allergic to weed pollen, you might breathe easier in mountainous and forested areas. At one time, desert areas like parts of Arizona and Nevada,
were good for allergy sufferers. But with residential communities on the rise,
that’s changing. People who move to these communities bring with them
trees, shrubs, and grasses from other parts of the country, which are changing the air quality of deserts If you’re considering relocating to avoid
a particularly troublesome allergen, remember: it’s difficult to completely avoid an entire plant family Proteins in pollen are very similar within plant families and
often highly cross-reactive. Wherever you are the best thing to do come allergy season is
check the pollen count, stay inside during peak times,
and treat symptoms accordingly. Every year the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America ranks
the most challenging cities to live in for spring allergy sufferers. This year these five cities, scored lowest, which means, out of 100 metropolitan areas,
they’re the best cities for those with allergies.

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