Best Eye Drops for Dry Eyes, Cataracts, Allergies – Vision Clarity Eye Drops!

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Hi Youtube friends: it’s Lola from Lola’sLife Lessons and I’m here with Stan and Stan the hubby here, haha. So we’re here to do a product review on the Vision Clarity Eyedrops… if you’re new to our channel hit the subscribe button and click that notification bell for future videos. These eye drops were sent to us by the same company that sent us the Gray Hair Rescind. So we agreed to test this product and we’ve been testing it now for what three months? Yeah…three months…so three months and I have my notes here with me. I got jotted down notes throughout these three months so that I wouldn’t forget and of course, I don’t want to ramble. I read your comments. I ramble so I’m not going to in this video. Alright, okay, so the Vision Clarity Eye drops can be used on people humans and but pets as well, we have a cat. We have Tessa Tessa people are reporting that this eyedrops has helped them with cataracts and so it’s helped humans with cataracts as as pets that have cataracts.It prevents cataracts and also I guess treats them and gets rid of them. So what I always look at other reviews online people are saying certain claims about it. Yeah, you’re saying that it helps with their clear eyes… red itchy…dry… helps moisturize. Yeah, it’s good for your eyes, hahaha So here is the product right? Here it is… as I mentioned the vision clarity and two little bottles come in a…Let me show you guys… So this is what… the bottle looks like this. And yeah, just I’m sure you guys have seen eye drops before but this is what this brand looks like. There’s about five mils per bottle and what else? I think it’s good that they put two separate bottles because it only has 60 day or 90 day shelf life. Well, yeah, once you open it you have to use it within 60 days and guys don’t forget that as soon as you open it you have to refrigerate it right away, right? So being in two bottles. You open one. You don’t have to worry about the second bottle going bad. Yeah Okay, so I want to tell you guys my experience with the eyedrops. So about four years ago. I noticed that my vision was declining and I do believe that it is due to getting older. Yes. I’m getting older. So now I wear glasses…sometimes you guys will see me in my videos with glasses. I hate wearing my glasses. I hate going to the eye doctor because of the exam and especially when it comes to putting anything in my eye. Especially when they go to put the puffs in my eye. So when I got the eye drops to try I was like, oh my god, how am I gonna put this in my eye? So Stan had to actually… put the drops in my eyes. That’s my job. Because I do not like anything in my eyes. So I put I used about two drops in my eye and I did it sometimes up to four times a day, which was very difficult for me because I don’t like drops – as I mentioned to you guys, but I did do it. I didn’t do it every day. What I noticed was that I had… I’ve had floaters in my eyes for the last two years and when I noticed them. I did some research online and found out that the floaters were normal but still I was concerned and I went to the eye doctor. The eye doctor told me the same thing… that they’re normal has to do with getting older. But if the floaters change shape to come back, well, the floaters didn’t change shape. They just didn’t go away and the doctor said that you know within a six-month period. The floaters would go away. So there I was two years later with these floaters in my eye my eyes. And I don’t know what you guys but they are so annoying. So I noticed that when using these eye drops. I noticed the floaters actually went away. Now the other thing that I had been experiencing was while driving. I would kind of see this halo on the headlights. So I started to avoid driving at night… Right. Yeah, and I’m just you know, like I I just it was an annoyance actually, so I noticed that these eye drops actually helped with these halos. I’m not saying it went away completely, but it definitely has helped and also just you know my eyes do get dry, and I noticed that I just feel more lubricated now. So that’s what I experienced with it. Well, what about yourself. So drops came at a good time. Allergy season was upon us. My eyes get dry and itchy. And if I don’t put anything into it, they turn red and it’s like sand you get dirt or something in your eye all the time and it becomes very hard to concentrate on what you’re doing. So two drops each eye three or four times a day and it would get me through allergy season. Our cat Tessa I think also has allergies. Yes she does. Because when I start getting itchy dry eyes. Her eyes start watering. Yeah, so we tried it on Tessa…. a couple drops in her eyes maybe twice today and we noticed that she wasn’t giving the tears and stuff in the corner of her eyes as much. So yeah, I think it helped it pretty good here. Yeah, yeah. So now we want to talk to you guys about what we didn’t like about this product. So for you what didn’t you like??? for me? What I didn’t like was? Say I’m at work… My eyes are bothering me because of allergy season just started. So I don’t have my supplies with me but I went to run to the store to grab it. You can’t use it because you have to poke your own hole in the top of the bottle to get to use it. So most other manufactures once you take the cap off and their’s a hole right there. That’s the only inconvenience that I found. Oh and you had to keep it refrigerated. Yeah, that’s what I was going to say. When you’re at work. I don’t work in an office. So It’s like where do I keep it refrigerated? Yeah… Yeah, that’s the one thing as well for me. It’s the refrigeration, but I’m sure there’s a good reason for why it has to be kept in the refrigerator. So those are the yeah. Those are the two things that I that I do not like about product. But otherwise, I like it. Yeah works for me. Works good. Very soothing especially if you are dying from allergies. Put a couple drops in their then Ahhhh…Heaven. Yeah one thing too, I remember the first time we tried it. I tried it and for me as I mentioned I hate anything in my eye. I didn’t feel any sort of burning sensation when it went in my eye and it was fine. But I noticed that you said that when you put it in your eye it burned the first time. Yeah, I think because my eyes were like I went to like basically a day of grinding sand in my eyes. I think they were a little raw inflamed because I came home my eyes were like bloodshot. So put these drops in and there was a little bit of a stinging at the beginning. we Quickly it went away. Yeah, so just keep that in mind that it’s the first time use it there. It does sting. It’s probably not going to be a continuous thing just from his experience. Like the next day put I put the drops in and there was nothing. I think it was just the irritation from the sand. When I always looking at the reviews online, I notice that people were saying that this product helped them with cataracts. So both my parents have had cataracts. They both had the surgery. So I know this is in my family. So I’m hoping that by taking these drops. There is a preventative measure here where that helps some how because that’s what people are saying they’re doing. They’re doing it to prevent it somehow and the ones I do have it are saying that it’s it’s helped. So that’s really good news. Ask for the claim of clear eyes. I hope that by us continuing to take it. They will give us clear eyes. But for now… Yeah, we just keep on trying it. A maintenance type of product, if it’s what does what it claims. Yeah should help keep your eyes healthy. Exactly. That’s the whole point, right? So the cost of it is $27.99 for the two bottles, so you get two bottles in there. Now most other manufactures, it’s what? 15 or 17 but basically it’s about the same as one bottle. Yeah, but you get two. So you get two yeah. And I’ve also seen on on the dot because I’m it is because it is on the dr. Vitamin website and they have some other really great products as well on there. You guys should go on there and have a look. You can I think they have other packs that have more than two in there. So I guess if you buy them in bulk, you can get more of them, but I will put a link in the description below and also the comments you guys go ahead and click on that link and go get yourself some product and let us know how it works for you guys. We’re really curious to know. How you did with it? So I guess that’s about it for me, do you have anything? You want to say. Alright, so thank you so very much for watching. Please please give this video a thumbs up and share this video with everyone, you know, and of course… We love you. I love you. He loves you. We love you very very much. Bye! So, thank you guys so much for watching. Please subscribe! Please like! Please share and I want all of you guys to stay happy and healthy.

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  1. That is a very good and fair review. I am interested in getting this for my cat. She has very bad allergies. Thank you for sharing.

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