Best Food for Hay Fever (Seasonal Allergies)

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“Best Food for Hay Fever
(Seasonal Allergies)” A great deal is asked
of our immune system. On one hand, it has to respond rapidly and violently to invaders, but at the same time limits both the response and the
collateral damage to the host. Anaphylactic shock,
like when someone with a peanut allergy drops dead
after eating a peanut, is an example of an
overactive immune response. The flipside is an
underactive immune response which can put you at risk for infection. If you suffer some
severe trauma, for example, it’s not enough to get
to a level 1 trauma center, death related to sepsis, blood infection, is still a major problem, and a major factor is the depression of our immune system caused by the stress of the trauma. So, what these researchers
did was to try to stimulate immune function in trauma victims by injecting them with beta glucan, a type of fiber found in yeast, mostly car crash victims but
also gunshots and stab wounds, and not only did the beta glucan group suffer less sepsis overall, they had five times fewer complications, and no deaths, compared to nearly 1 in 3 dying in the control group. I’ve talked about the
role of oral beta glucans in the form of nutritional yeast to boost immune function
in adults and children, but if it’s so immunostimulatory, then might it increase
inflammation, worsen allergies? Actually, dietary yeast may
offer the best of both worlds, possessing both anti-inflammatory as well as anti-microbial activities. On one hand, activating
the immune system to prevent infections; on the other hand, capable of
reducing inflammatory reactions. Given their best of both worlds nature, enhancing immune defense while simultaneously down-
regulating inflammations, beta glucans are suggested as a replacement for
immunosuppresant drugs to treat inflammatory diseases, like inflammatory bowel disease. Turns out that’s a bad
idea for Crohn’s disease, since it can makes things worse; same with another disease called
hidradenitis suppurativa, but what about allergies,
like hay fever? They did a nasal provocation
test with tree pollen, and then siphoned off some mucus, and those that had been
taking beta glucans had lower levels of some
inflammatory compounds, or should I say… inphlegmatory
compounds? (clears throat) And based just on that, they suggest it might help people with hay fever. But you don’t know… until you put it to the test. A randomized, placebo-controlled,
double-blind study compared the effects
of daily supplementation for a month with about a teaspoon of nutritional yeast worth of beta glucans versus placebo on the physical and psychological health of self-described “moderate” ragweed allergy sufferers. The ragweed family is one of the
leading causes of hay fever. Give people a placebo
and nothing much happens, but, in the beta glucan group, a significant drop in symptoms and symptom severity. Fewer runny noses, fewer itchy eyes, and fewer sleep problems. So no wonder, less tension, depression, anger, fatigue, and confusion, and more vigor; so, improved allergy symptoms, overall physical health, and emotional well-being
with the beta glucans found in a single teaspoon
of nutritional yeast, which would cost about 5 cents a day.

25 thoughts on “Best Food for Hay Fever (Seasonal Allergies)

  1. My man, been wondering if there was anything that I could eat that could help manage the old heyfever

  2. I suffered for years with bad hay fever even my eyes would blister up n I’d be sent home from work. Nettle tea did the trick n not even an itch or sniff the rest of the summer. Make a 1 ltr flask of 10-15 nettle tips in 70-80 degrees water ( top 4 leaves ) good squeeze of lemon n maple syrup n do this for 3 days guaranteed it will go by the 3-4 th day. Nettles are full of anti-histamines.

  3. I hope you continue to research allergies and what works in reducing symptoms. I've yet to find anything really effective for me (and I eat a ton of nooch!) Quercetin and bromelain? Dandelion root?

  4. Hi Doc, I've been vegan for about a year. my son is six months old and I want him to have a vegan diet (my wife disagrees). Any advice please?

  5. I've been suffering with all the allergies in the world since I wad a child, i currently haven't been able to breathe throught my nose in three days and my nose is raw and the medication didn't help.. Time to hit the grocery store, I'm ready to try anything at this point!

  6. I was unsure whether Dr. G had covered the nutritional yeast & hayfever relationship… Uuuuntilll noowww!

  7. Which raises the question: can I put nutritional yeast in my smoothie or oat meal without ruining it ?

  8. My experience is that high dose Vitamin B-12 cures/prevents seasonal allergies. It works! Try 5000 mcg daily. Low doses will not work. It is safe!

  9. I wish Dr Greger would do more videos on oatmeal, 1cup of oatmeal has the same amount of beta-glucans as 1tsp nutritional yeast. Plus oatmeal has other phytonutrients and lowers cholesterol.

  10. You often state the affordability of whole foods and supplements in your videos(5 cents a day etc). I live in Canada and can't seem to find products in that range.. Could you please post links to where we can get items at that price? Cheers

  11. I ordered Dr Greger's book the other day and i am not sure why i am reading it with his voice in my head. Man…It's so hard to read. LOL!

  12. any other suggestions for people with oral allergic syndrome (from birch pollen)? My daugther (8yo) has it and we are now changing our cooking routine (cooking almost all vegetables and fruits) and avoiding nuts… this put me in a very bad mood! what can be done to reverse this? She takes probiotics with L. rhamnosus, Vitamin D and nutritional yeast everyday. But as her food allergy sprouted this spring we are feeling hopeless!

  13. Hola buenas doctor greger! ¿Podrías hablar más a cerca de la fiebre del heno? Algunos remedios naturales útiles o algunos alimentos que ayuden a mejorar los síntomas…y si es posible curarla a través de la alimentación.
    Muchas gracias!

  14. I needed this video! It's like this channel has all the solutions. I will try right away I can't stand anymore hay fever.

  15. OMG!!! … how did I miss this video back in May?
    definitely adding a single teaspoon of YEAST to my DAILY DOZEN

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