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Hey guys. Nicole here with Your Best Digs,
and today I’m giving you a Quick Take review of the Best Humidifiers. So this
is just a super quick look at our top two favorite products, but if you want to
check out more product details or everything we did to test them, you can
check out the full blog post on And just as a reminder,
none of the reviews that we write are sponsored or biased. So we spent five
weeks testing nine of the top humidifiers on the market – And we looked
at everything from their size, their water capacity, to their cost, and how
easy they are to clean. And after all that testing we found that this awesome
Honeywell HEV 620 was the clear winner in our tests. This one’s awesome because
it has a built in humidistat, so it’ll sense when the air in your room is dry,
and it’ll turn on automatically. And then it’ll turn off when the
humidity is at your desired humidity point. This one is really effective
especially if you’re trying to survive a long dry winter, and you’re just trying
to keep the humidity in your home consistent. This one works with an
evaporative-style filter, which means that it uses a fan to blow air over a
filter that’s been soaked in water. The thing you have to keep in mind with this
type is that that filter is there to absorb all of the minerals and bad stuff
in your water, so you are gonna have to change it from time to time. And before
you put this away for the season, you have to make sure it’s completely dry
and clean. if you’re looking for something that you’re not gonna use as
often you might just use it when you’re sick or you have a cold, we also really
recommend this little Vicks VUL 520. This guy is awesome. It’s super easy to
store, and it doesn’t mess with filters or anything like that. And that’s because it’s a nebulizer
diffuser, which means it just takes the water you put in it and diffuses it
throughout the room. So what you have to keep in mind with this kind, is that
anything that’s in your water is going to end up diffused throughout your room,
and for that reason a lot of people do buy purified water if they’re going to
use this kind of humidifier. So one thing we kept in mind when we
were testing all of these humidifiers is how easy they are to clean, because if
you think about it you don’t want mold or dirt or anything else that can build
up in these guys to be spread out through your whole room – So we really
need something that you can fit your hand in, scrub, and get completely clean.
And what we found is that all of the Honeywell models, and this Vicks model,
allowed us to do that. They won a ton of points for that. So thanks again you guys,
for watching our super quick review of our favorite humidifiers – If you want
more detail on these, and how we tested them, you can check out our full blog
post on and if you like this video please like it, subscribe,
we have an email list you can sign up for, and we’ll see you next time on Your
Best Digs.

5 thoughts on “Best Humidifier Review | Quick Take Review

  1. Our picks for the best humidifier:
    1. The best for long-term use: Honeywell – HEV620:
    2. Best for occasional use: Vicks – VUL520:

  2. I've had a few humidifiers over the years, that little Vicks one you tested and 2 different models from Honeywell but they were never powerful enough to increase my humidity in the winter when it was really dry. I ended up with the Aircare MA1201and that has been amazing with a lot of output and humidifies my whole place on low fan speed which is quiet for a humidifier. One of my Honeywell's is a warm mist model and it boils the water and is very noisy in comparison. You guys should check it out next time you update the reviews. The water tank is harder to clean since you can't get in there easy so you need to do the rice bleach method which should kill all bacteria.

  3. Thank you a ton for this video!! I really don't like how I am unable to reach my hand in certain units to thoroughly cleaned them. I was in search for another unit, and your video cut right to the chase! Thank you again!!

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