Best natural remedies to help cure ASTHMA

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Hi guys! Welcome to Homeremedies1976! My
name is Stan and today we have a countdown with four of the best natural
remedies to cure asthma. We start at number four and end with number one. At
the end of the video you’ll get to see several suggested videos from YouTube, so
if you make it till the end of this video, then check them out too! On number
four I want to start with give you some tips on how to deal with a sudden
asthma attack when you do not have your inhaler on you. First of all sit upright,
stop whatever you are doing and sit upright. Bending over or lying down can
constrict your breathing even more. Take long deep breaths,
this helps to slow down your breathing and prevents hyperventilation.
Breathe in through your nose and breathe out through your mouth.
Stay calm, staying calm may prevent further tightening of your chest muscles
and makes your breathing easier. Of course get away from the trigger. The asthma
attack could be triggered by dust, cigarette smoke, or the smell of chemicals.
Get away from the trigger as soon as possible and go to an air-conditioned
environment or a place with clean air. You can also take a hot caffeinated
beverage. Hot caffeinated drinks like coffee can help to open up the airways
slightly. Providing some relief for an hour or two. And of course seek medical
emergency help if the wheezing coughing and breathing
difficulty do not subside after a period of rest. than seek immediate medical
attention. On number three we got water. Not having
enough water vapor in the lungs causes airways to constrict. This provides mucus
which in conjunction with constriction, forms asthma
attacks and symptoms. Interestingly enough coffee steals the badly needed nutrients
our body’s need from water, leading to dehydration. As your water source
may be contaminated, it’s recommended to drink bottled water or water that’s been
through a purification system. On to number two which is breathing exercises. These would include things like yoga and Buteyko. They each teach you
strategies for breathing that help you to relax and breathe easier. Studies
showed that those who participated in yoga experienced a significant 66.7%
reduction in rescue inhaler usage and experience better asthma control overall,
compared to those in a control group who did not participate in yoga. There have
also been a few studies examining the benefits of Buteyko on asthma, showing
that those who use Buteyko breeding strategies also had a significant
improvement in Asthma control. With less rescue inhaler usage compared to a
control control group. On number one we got an anti-inflammatory diet. You can fight
asthma with an anti-inflammatory diet. You should try different diets, each for
at least three to four weeks, to let your body adapt to it and experience the
beneficial effects. Every human body is different so there is no particular diet
which suits everybody, in my opinion. Some people might thrive on a vegan diet and
others on keto. Since I have positive experiences with keto myself, I will
tell a little bit about it. The ketogenic diet is a very low carb high fat diet. It
involves drastically reducing carbohydrate intake and replacing it
with fat. This reduction in carbs puts your body
into a metabolic state, called Ketosis. When this happens your body
becomes incredibly efficient at burning fat for energy. It also turns fat into
ketones in the liver which can supply energy for the brain. Ketogenic diets can
cause massive reduction in blood sugar and insulin levels, also your
inflammatory levels will go down and this, along with the increased ketones,
has numerous health benefits. Okay guys we’ve reached the end of the video.
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