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We have to restart… OH YES, No, it’s not me, noooo Dude, I have seen the Horn, I felt so good ! -Hi to Best of Dofus Oh shit, “Hydro-Aqua-Chatte” (=Hydro-Aqua-Pussy) Hydro Aqua Chatte ! Damn, get out. I don’t wanna know. There is no apology. I don’t want, I don’t want you, get out. Damn, “Hydro-Aqua-Chatte” dude ! What is this name ? Do I kill myself if I move there ? Do I kill myselft if I move there ? Thanks. Be fast in the chat, please, thanks “No” ? Oh, DUDE. Oh, dude she’s there like : Dude, she’s incredible ! Dude ! Actually, no, to speak the truth, we can’t say that… It’s not kind to make fun about people’s weakness. YES !!! Leap of one. Leap of one. Leap of one. Leap of one. Leap of one. I’ve spat everywhere ! This, like that. Yeah, he has double Ebony. I think I can finish him. I’m finishing him ! No ! No ! No ! The Sparkling ! He had a Sparkling ! -It’s good, honey No… he had a Sparkling… -Gameovaires ? -Yeah ? If you want, I have a key for Adibou 🙂 -Go fuck yourself. Fuck you. I still have 6, I will leave it like that. Oh shit, just enough for the Earth Resistance. Oh, it’s not funny. Oh, I’ve got one try Air Resistance. Oh ! The PO ! Oh ! The MP !!!! Oh… If I don’t do a critical, I don’t kill her Tchikita, if I don’t do a critical, I don’t kill her The little Giroud did his best sprint to pass his turn, dude. I’m going to play to Minecraft. *gromeling* Very good What ? Oh shit. “Bald-Zouloux” He’s very good like that. Wh-What ? What a good beginning ! What a good beginning ! It’s all in the eyes. There is no doubt. The eyes, the eyes ! Eyes are the key. It feels like he wants to fight. He’s from the North Station, dude ! Look, look ! Look the Dark Rose. Look the Dark Rose. She looks like the guy at midnight when you’re next to a club. He’s looking at you and he’s like “Hey do you want something ?” If it works, dude… -I put this and that ? -Yeah, wait, I do “Combine” first. I let you being stressed. Don’t break everything. It worked ! It worked ! It worked ! A bee ! Fuck, there is one open window, and you come here ! You’re a bitch. 🙁 2000, 6AP left. 1000. No, please. And now, Hokage will carry. And dude, she’s got a Cloudy, he will explode someone. Hokage, the Cra. He’s there, he’s going to hurt somebody. It will be me anyway. He won’t hurt a lot, I think he will put his Punitive Arrow with -1000. For real, the Sram just ruined everything We can loose just because- Ventolin… Ventolin… It’s the double ! Help ! Fuck. The Cra, you smell like shit. Hey ? You’re good ? I have to come back to Bonta ! I have to come back to Bonta ! It seems that he doesn’t hurt a lot… Oh, well. -2100, great, great. But he didn’t put an Ebony. No he didn’t. So I win because I’m rich. I don’t see you anymore, you, poor people. Oh, bro ! Are you serious dude ? -But it’s won ! -But, dude, he’s dead ! -Okay. 🙂 -Go fuck your mother ! You insulted my mother, you bastard. I didn’t eat yet. It’s because we ate like pigs with those dumbass that came this week-end. “I did not succeed with 20 Loc” It’s nothing Ilad if you can’t, the throw is a little hardcore. No, no, more than this, dude. No, no, we can do better. For real, I don’t care you can- Is there nowhere we can go swim ? Fuck. There is a Ghouligan inside, guys ! Look I’m going closer. GHOULIGAN GHOULIGAN Wow, run away ! There is a Ghouligan inside ! Do we kill him ? Yeah I think we’ll kill him. We’ll kill him easy. Yeah, it’s okay- Yeah, he can’t do anything. If I were in his shoes… Or I would kill the Synchro with a Carnage. We’ll see what he’s doing. I just understand ! Oh fuck. Oh fuck, This asshole just Assault here, he thought that the Xelor were on this case. But he’s actually grabbed… I love it. I love Dofus. I-Love-Dofus. What a dumbass ! I just dropped my bottle of water on my computer ! Fuck ! I’m feckless. No, no don’t do this… Wait, because the Sram doesn’t understand. But, in this case, he’s full healed by the Eniripsa… Fuck… What is he doing ? What are you doing ? Nicola ? Nicola, focus yourself ! I have asked to the moon… Why doesn’t he Dispersing ? I’m with the worst one. I swear on my life, we’re dead because of Gobballs. Fuck you ! Restart this character ! The funniest is that he tried to send private messages :”Oh you hacked me…” I’ve never answered because I was a coward child. But ! I don’t remember why… He had my number. He had my phone number. And his mother called me. His mother calls me, I promise, it’s not bullshit. She calls me, she’s like : “I’m going to file a claim. Don’t hack people, give him back his stuff.” She was like : “Give back all of my son’s stuff.” I was laughing a lot. 1/1000 of chance to get this. 1/1000 guys. I don’t think you realise. 1/1000. 1/100 of chance. What’s happening ? x10 and x100, we had both guys. If we have an another one, it’s bullshit guys. “You write exactly the same, it’s just that you add “mmmm” everywhere” But it’s not my fault, it’s because… “He’s always like “ttttttt” Stop mmmaking fun of mmme Loakiine ! It’s just that my “M” key is broken ! Look ! I will press one time, it will write two “M” Look ! I press only one time ! Wait, it’s not the good key. Look, I’ve just pressed one time, dude ! Look my camera ! Shit, where’s the key ? Here is my “M” key guys. I press on the “M” key only one time. Look, there are two “M” dude ! *fat guy complaining about his broken keyboard* I stutter with my fingers. Yeah, I stutter with my fingers, dude. Actually I’m shy. When I write, I am shy.


  1. La liste des streamers ULTIMES :

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    0:55 à 1:15 :

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    1:28 à 1:55 :

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    4:21 à 4:41 :

    4:41 à 5:09 :

    5:09 à 5:27 :

    5:27 à 5:43 :

    5:43 à 6:14 :

    6:14 à 6:40 :

    6:40 à 7:00 :

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    7:20 à 7:47 :

    7:47 à 7:57 :

    7:57 à 8:13 :

    8:13 à 8:29 :

    8:29 à 9:01 :

    9:01 à 9:26 :

    9:26 à 10:00 :

    10:00 à 10:07 :



  3. Wah, j’en peux plus ! La violence à 5:50 c’est abusé, hahaha ! Je repasse en boucle, ça me tue !

    PS: Comme d’hab, respect pour Twice en fin de vidéo. On valide fort

  4. en vrai qu'on arrête de se mentir ! 10:01 qu'est-ce qu'il fous dans les best of dofus ??? il est pas marrant du tout, il est plus malaisant qu'autre chose

  5. J'ai regarder le best of sur Snikzy et j'ai voulu acheter un coffre pour voir si j'ai de la chance et j'ai eu exactement "21.137" roses des sables dans le coffre mdr, quelqu'un peut me dire la probabilité ? Je connaissais pas y'a 20min ^^

  6. Noza : j'ai pas mangé moi encore, En même on a mangé comme des porcs avec les branquignoles qui sont venues ce Week end." MDR Jpp

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