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hello everyone this is Archana your yoga
and wellness trainer and health coach at gorgeous yoga and wellness today in this
video I’m going to show you how to do plastic a planner it is also called
power prep so if you had a very tired lethargic D you can do this few rounds
of power bread or Rustica Planum you really feel recharged and rejuvenated
this Branum also helps to bring balance on your nervous system it helps to
release toxin from your body because we are forcefully exhaling out in this
planner it has to stimulate your respiratory and digestive system as well
so let’s see how to do bhrastika pranayam
so for that you need to sit in any comfortable position so Carsonville
Rasim or any comfortable posture important thing is to keep your back
straight and we inhale and exhale forcefully so it goes like this but we can make it simpler with the hand
moment so you can just stretch your arms when we inhale stretch arms up open up
your palms exhale form the fist and as if you are pulling something down so
inhale and exhale so inhale and just stop the practice
keep your eyes closed after this few rounds of Latika Planum
just keep your eyes closed and sit in that meditative that you really feel
relaxed and rejuvenated after that you feel lighter and calm so this is the way
bhrastika pranayam is done once you get comfortable you can increase the speed
of inhalation and exhalation so hope this helps you and help to share this
video with your friends colleagues families and don’t subscribe and don’t
forget to subscribe to my channel and look good feel good be healthy and happy
stay tuned for my next video bye bye

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