Bichon Frise Dog Breed Guide

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They’re gay, happy, lively little dogs. They
are comical, they are affectionate. They are very cute. They have a fabulous coat to cuddle,
What else could anybody want in a dog. Bichon Frise is a breed that was largely developed
in France, and it has Poodle ancesrty and some poodle characteristics, particularly
in the coat. Many people start off with a Bichon Frise before they go on to other breeds
because they do make an ideal family pet. Usually excellent with children, very biddable
and are highly trainable. The Bichon Frise is a lovely, happy, really nice little companion
dog. And they look fabulous when you train them to do tricks. They pick up on your moods,
so they’re able to cheer you up. And if you feel a bit fed up, a Bichon, they’ll make
you smile. Bichon Frise – lovely little dog – tehy don’t have excessive exercise levels,
but they do enjoy a lot of walking and playing. They really enjoy the company of humans and
they make good companions for people. What I love about Bicons more than anything is
they are so incredily animated. They actually talk to you with their expression, with their
faces. They’re very happy little dogs. Because they don’t moult, they can make very good
dogs for people with allergies or asthma. We would often look to re-home or recommend
them to people with such conditions. I’ve got seven Bichons. They have a lot of energy,
they’re not dogs that are going to lie down and sleep all day. They like to be entertained
a little and they like the one to one companionship that you have. They thrive on that. Therefore
absolutely not suited to being left alone for long periods. They’re not for people who
are away at work. That would make them stressed. They would become unhappy, and it’s quite
the opposite of what a Bichon needs. They do need a lot of company and a certain amount
of entertainment. If you have a garden, and the dog has free run into that garden, that’s
fine they should still have a structured half hour walk a day. Becuase they’re a small dog,
people in flats may wish to take on a Bichon – but then they would need to commit to at
least an hour’s walking a day. For pet owner, they have to be prepared to brush a Bichon
three to four times a week. Bichon’s don’t shed hair. So you will not get hair all over
your sofa. You will not get them all over your carpet. That dead hair ends up in their
coat and they only way it can be removed is to brush it. It’s going to be a dog that needs
a lot of grooming throughout its life. And you want that grooming to be a pleasant experience.
So you want to get it used to lots and lots of early handling, picking its paws up, having
a look at its face, putting your hands very gently all over its body. And finding a nice
groomer who will let you take your puppy in to get used to the (grooming) environment
early on. You need to go to a professional groomer every six to eight weeks. If you leave
it much longer than that, you have so much coat it becomes unmanageable. And if you neglect
that ocat you don’t have to leave it for very long to have matts – and that’s uncomforatble
for the dog and highly undesirable. So if you’re not prepared to commit to that kind
of grooming, they are a high maintenance dog and there’s no way round that. You must make
that commitment. You have to be very careful when you by a Bichon. They’re cute, they’re
white, they’re highly saleable. And because of that we’ve found there’s been a huge amount
of over breeding of Bichons. And the kind of people that breed them just to make money
don’t pay any attention to their health. And just as importantly, to their temperament.
Temperament is what makes a Bichon. Anyone buying a Bichon should first of all go to
an Assured Breeder, or to a breeder recommended by one of our breed clubs. And we do have
three very very good breed clubs. They’re bright little dogs. They know how to run circles
round an owner. So they do actually need a fairly firm hand. You cannot spolil them like
cuddling a little baby. That doesn’t work with a Bichon. They’ll rule the roost if they
can. Though you should never underestimate through their brightness that they’re not
intelligenct – they very much are.par }

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  1. Welcome to our latest video on the Bichon Frise dog breed. Lots of great advice here from someone who's owned these bright little dogs for over 25 years. But we want to hear your experiences with the Bichon … so please comment away!

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