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– Yo, it’s your boy, Kill’em, for the win! I always kill’em for the win. And you’re watching me,
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Friday on my Facebook page, so make sure you go check it out. Yep, that’s it. That’s it, three clicks, easy. One thousand dollars! So anyway that’s enough of that, let’s get into today’s video. (loud punching) (buzzing) – [Kill’em Voiceover] I’m so
bored, there’s nothing on TV. I’m hungry. I wonder if I’ve got a Snickers. (goofy music) That Snickers way too small. I’m really hungry. I know, I’m gonna have to make a huge one. – So we need caramel. What next? Peanuts, ah, loads and loads of peanuts. One, two, three. I’ve not had peanuts in
ages, I love peanuts. And a whole box of chocolate. (goofy music) I had to scan all 60 pieces
of chocolate individually, it took hours. (trolley rattling) (crashing) (Kill’em grunts) I once tried condensed milk
and it was absolutely gorgeous, and I just always wanted to, – [Camerawoman] Eugh! – I just always wanted to do this. – [Camerawoman] What are you using it for? You can’t get it in Austria. Ew! What are you using it for? – Mmm! Whoa, you dripped everywhere! (laughing) Tell me when. (Camerawoman laughing) We paid for everything and then realized we forgot one key ingredient: the nougat. So we had to go back in and buy it. This is everything we got: loads of peanuts, loads of
chocolate, and, and, and, – [Camerawoman] Cutlery. – And this is gonna be the Snickers. This is gonna be the mold
we’re gonna be using. This is how big it’s gonna be. The first thing we got to do, we gotta fill this with chocolate, put it in the microwave, and let it melt. Then we’re gonna put
like a base of chocolate, here on the bottom. – [Camerawoman] You do this really gentle. (camerawoman laughing) – And then we’re gonna put
all the center pieces in: the peanuts, the caramel, the nougat, that’s all gonna be there, we’re gonna put nougat,
all that on that top, put chocolate around the
edges, and then over the top. And then we should have
one huge Snickers bar. – [Camerawoman] Yeah. – Let’s go, let’s go! Ow! (dramatic music) (spluttering) I hate cling wrap! – [Camerawoman] You need to
finish this video, you know. – Stop laughing. You. (dramatic music) (tape ripping) (camerawoman laughing) I hate tape. (camerawoman laughing) Stop laughing. – [Camerawoman] This was not even staged. (camerawoman laughing) (dramatic music) Just shimmer it a bit. Shimmy shimmy, yeah,
shimmy yeah, shimmy yeah. – Like this? It feels good, but I don’t
see how it’s helping. (camerawoman laughing) – That’s disgusting. (dramatic music) (Kill’em grunts) – Another 30 bars of
chocolate, that’s 90 bars. I ran low, we need more, we need more. Nougat. (laughing) (dramatic music) So that is finally actually
done, I cannot believe it. So my girl will take
this outside right now and we’re gonna leave it
out there for the night. Well, I say the night,
it’s almost four A.M. It’s almost four. I’m gonna go leave it outside
for the rest of the night, or morning, whatever the hell it is, so right up until dinner time
then let it completely set. Imma go get some sleep
and then when I wake up, we’ll bite into this
Snicker, see how it is. (laughs) Can’t wait, this thing is huge. I’m gonna weigh it as well,
see how much it weighs. And of course, taste-test, the best bit. So Imma go do that now, and the next time you
see me it’ll be tomorrow, well, today, dinner time, I don’t know. It’ll be 10 hours from now. Let’s go! (dramatic echo) Alright, just pretend
you’re walking in with it. Yeah. And then put it down. Again, put it down again. Once more. (laughing) (dramatic music) (Kill’em grunts) I had to put a towel on for
that because me dad caught me and I get in trouble if I get it dirty. (laughs) (dramatic music) This thing weighs 17.8 kilograms, which is more than 39 pounds! This thing is heavy as hell! So this is a normal Snicker. This is my Snicker. This is a real Snicker. It’s time, let’s cut this thing up. Are you having a slice? – [Cameraman] Yeah. – How do we cut it? Do we cut it from the
middle line like a cake, or do you go like here? (Kill’em grunts) The chocolate’s solid but
the inside’s still not solid. It’s mushy. Uh-oh (laughs). It won’t cut all the way through. Is it just me, or does
that look like baked beans? Oh, it’s delicious. Do you want some? – [Cameraman] Yeah. (Kill’em laughs) That’s a lot. (Kill’em laughs) – Oh no! That was really good. Do you think it tastes like one? – [Cameraman] Yeah. Are you gonna eat it all? – What, the full slice? – [Cameraman] The whole Snicker. – No. Would I eat the whole Snicker? (laughs) Recently when I eat food, it makes me put weight on real quick. – [Cameraman] Try it. – Okay (laughs). (dramatic echo) Told ya. Told ya I get fat quick. I’m done. No more Snickers, I’m done. I can’t eat Snickers anymore. (dramatic echo) I’ve had some kind of reaction, I can’t, I think it’s the peanuts, I’ve not had peanuts in
like a year or something, and then I, sometimes I need to, I don’t know what it is, I can’t I’m struggling to breathe, I might have to go to the hospital. It feels like my throat is closing off. Anyway, if you enjoyed the video, make sure you give me
a nice big thumbs up, don’t forget that Facebook competition down in the description below. I gotta go. (upbeat music)



  2. And that's happened to me before allergic reaction how to go to the ER man mean it's weird having like them like doing the sterilizer it's weird it like they do it right through your pants he's like a quick sting is like that was my first time at you doing that gasping air in the car well for air anyways

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