Bigil | Happy Pongal 2020 | Compilation | Vijay | Nayathara | 4k (English subtitles)

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Leader, there is a group
out there to ruin your reputation They’ve posted in your Facebook account
you ordered them to demolish the college In my account? I know you are not to blame Your bloody admin’s handiwork, right? 1st dismiss him
He’s out to ruin you On top of it, he dubs
your video and uploads it Who will watch that gory sight?
And you look indecent Leader, take a look at your students Look at them They are lying, claiming you sent
dummy police to bash them up – Michael…?
– Why are you getting tense now? I know you inside out I’ll read it and
reel it out to them You are fine with it, right? All okay only Students, our leader has promised
not to demolish the college He will cancel this order today He will draft a new Govt order Chief, if only you raise your hand now You will be people’s favorite Lift…lift your hand
and show your solidarity Wave your hand, chief I can see you’re crying inside
but try to smile outside What to do?
All related to image Michael…! What…what? All weapons slipping
all at once, ragging, huh? They dropped it deliberately Keep it in safe custody There are bigwigs here
They might get hurt Bring that garland If you don’t pass that order
in 10 minutes… …I’ll come to your house tomorrow
with another garland as a wreath! But you won’t be alive to see it Garland him “Dogged in word and deed” Tell me, Papabommai! Students who came to your area
hasn’t returned home – Sent them long ago
– By auto? “Love, I thought of you
I sang a song true” Is she the least bit upset
her wedding was cancelled? Happily painting the town red! – Hello, akka
– Why is she carrying a tiffin box? Michael, heard you came away
without tasting the ‘biriyani’? Are you crying? Chee, of course not Wipe the sweat from your eyes! I swear- Why didn’t you get married, huh? Why did you come for the wedding? I came to feast on
Moideen’s ‘biriyani’ – What say you?
– Yes, bro Forget that Why did you stop the wedding? Every time my father fixes the wedding,
you come and stand right in front Even if I leave home with a purpose
when I see you, my heart purrs you see! And that Father asks me if I’m ready
to marry John when you are right there Won’t my guilt-ridden heart miss a beat? Hey! Cheater cocks! I know very well how you and
your father will plan, my dear Every time you invite the whole city
and claim you’ll only marry me? Is that a check-mate on me? Let me tell you now
Hereafter I won’t attend your wedding – You won’t come
– No, di – Are you sure?
– 100% Find a groom tomorrow
I won’t come I can’t get married
at the blink of an eye My dad has to apply for a fresh loan Invite everyone again He has to check Moideen’s availability Know how much work is involved? Try coming to my house
to invite me again – You’ll get it from me then
– Fine, I won’t come Before it gets cold, eat ‘biriyani’ Cha! Take it back Aiyaiyo! ‘Biriyani’, bro Holy Grill This empty
Cheating family! Wretched femal- What kind of prank is this? 6th time, same scene, same place Don’t we know the outcome?
Hey Crabber, get me that Okay, sister Get that tiffin box
I’ll kick it I know you’ll put up your price! Eat, sweetheart Donaldy, don’t finish all the meat
Leave some for him Hey, take it with you Aiyya…! I’m telling you to take it bac- – Bye
– Hey…! I’m telling you to take it back – Is it mutton or chicken?
– I’ll check now She forgot the ‘raita’ Rock, take the cycle
and bring that too You’re holding it like a new-born baby
Why can’t I hold it for some time? – Look there
– Where? ‘Jane Bond, eh!’ I must watch this fight
from the front seat 10 bucks ticket, eh?
Let’s go to the balcony Hey! Drumstick-face, come here Careful, watch your step! Go…go Move…move aside ‘You are teasing her
right from Tambaram!’ Come here She would’ve shared her phone #
if you had just signalled with your eyes Instead you made her cry! – You would’ve given your phone #, right?
– Yes – Good people
– Good generation! – Brainless, eh?
– Don’t know where this nation is heading – Give him 1 tight slap
– You go, dear Share your # with everyone! Hey! How dare you glare at- Why is this fight turning
into a damp squib? You lost our cup now?
Fireworks added to the damp squib Hey lawyer, give me a hand NO……OOO! Cup’s ear My ears! Like God’s offerings in a temple
each of them is getting a knock-knock Nose! ‘Our cup is like our Rock’s head!’ Aiyo! Poor thing Done and dusted!
You can go now You and your jinxed mouth! Your friends, huh? You’ll get it- Run now
Scoot…go [indistinct chatter] Cup! Yes, cup
Why is it dented? We got this cup defeating 6 teams
and you dare ask why it is dented? You had better get my cup in shape- I’ll give it in a shop
and remove the dents? Remove the de…dents? I want the same cup How is that possible, boss? – I’ll throttle your throat
– Boss, wait Shall I give it tomorrow at 10:00 a.m? It’s already 6:00 p.m
My folks will be expecting me I can take it to the shop
only tomorrow morning I must look for an identical cup Cu- I have to get the cash ready, okay? Pleeeease? Okay, you’ll give me the cup
tomorrow at 10:00 a.m, right? Promise See youuu! Hey ‘kingini mingini’! My ID! Give me the cup and take this ‘I’m at Parry’s corner
Fix an auto, I’ll join you’ Angel Asirvatham What a stroke of luck! You flipped for the girl, huh? – Everyone is waiting in our area
– Why? We have the cup
Our house is house-full Oh my God! Michael, are you covering the cup
to shut out the envious eyes? Cup looks magnificent
even when under wraps My eyes will squinch
in its brightness Wait, I’ll get my coolers We are in a soup! – Wait…stop…stop
– For what? I’ve vowed to take my last breath
only after I see this cup with my own eyes And you’re taking it away
without even showing it to us You won’t go back on your vow, right? You won’t change your mind?
Give that to me – Dai!
– Give it to me ‘Take a good look’ Had your fill?
Now go to your grave! Hey! Cremate this lady somewhere Susai, I must change my glasses This new cup looks dented to me How strange! – Aiyaiyaa!
– Don’t poke my nose What’s wrong? Bigil…? Appa What, son? Today’s match We won, pa Want to booze with me? Aiyo!
No, pa Try saying you want to! I’ll tear you to tatters I’ll just ask you
for the heck of it Whe…when you say ‘no’
your father gets a kick, son Come, sit down It’s alright, pa Don’t make a fuss I remember I was 12 years old My father asked me this same question I said ‘yes’ and guzzled it down Till date I can’t quit
Totally addicted When I was 16, he handed
a knife in my hands They clasp a knife
to commit a crime We grasp the same knife
to prevent any crime ‘But to an outsider’s eyes’ Both of us loo…look …like row…rowdies of the worst kind! Let all this be buried with me, Bigil You are something else You …are in a totally different level Different route, my boy I was told kids will reform
if a school is built in our area We built a temple and a church But nothing happened You gave that ball to those kids That was the mo…moment
thi…things started to change Boys roaming in the beach with knives I heard they are 24×7 in the ground now These youngsters don’t have
time for fights, Michael They are busy with
tournaments and matches Whom do we owe this to? Thanks to me Rayappan? Or you Michael? One and only BIGIL! That echoing sound Bigil is their hero They want to play like Bigil Appear on er…TV like Bigil ‘Earn a name like Bigil’ Bigil…Bigil…Bigil- ‘Bigil’ Don’t stop here, Bigil You have to play for India The whole world should
know your roots Only then the world will
look up to our little slum Holding you…your hand …each and every person
in our area will emerge a victor Wherever the crime scene may be …the cops nab only the boys
from our area all the time That has to change, son Ho…holding a kni…knife …won’t define our destiny Only because of your game… …our identity is sure to
change completely Your father believes this I believe it too, pa You aren’t playing for yourself, Bigil Your effort is to elevate our community Look how your game …is like a celebration, eh? This cu…cup…is cru…crucial, Bigil Don’t forsake it For sure, pa Okay then You go relax, I’ll keep talking nonstop – Have practice tomorrow morning?
– Yes, pa Okay, rest up – My dear son
– Appa? Come, hug me Angel Asirvatham Only today I found this ID card
in the railway station I don’t know how it fell down Not too long ago
Only today, pa – She looks good
– Good, right? – Good choice
– Thanks, pa I’ll let her know What, man? Think you’re a hard core rowdy? They claim you’re a don?! Do you know the spelling of ‘don’? Sir, why did you bring me here?
I’m missing a very important match, sir Are you playing? No, right? You’re just a spectator Just sit and watch
what is in store for you Sir, you cannot arrest a person
without a proper reason At least let me know the reason
I have been summoned here I can put you behind bars for obstructing
the chief minister’s convoy Reason not good enough?
See the police jeep parked here? I’ll foist a case on you for sneaking
a bomb in it and resorting to violence This isn’t reason enough…? I’ll claim you grabbed my gun and
aimed at head constable Patel’s head Attempt to murder Happy with my reasons? Or should I come up with more? Yes, sir, right here Talk Hello, Bigil Match is about to commence You’re sitting in the station
with no sense of responsibility, huh? ‘This is Sharma’s sketch, da’ Not just for you ‘I’ve planned 2 ‘sketches’
specially for 2 of your players too’ ‘I pity your girls’ They will snap like twigs ‘You have a cup of tea and relax’ Who we are is not important Only what we are capable of
creates an impact 90 minutes Lips zipped! Patel Bhaaaai! What is the time? Am I the timer? Look at the wall Okay…okay Game over Tamil Nadu Can it survive if it makes an enemy, huh?! ‘Obstruction in CM’s convoy’ ‘Security, sound high alert’ What? What’s going on? ‘Clear it up’ ‘Delhi chief minister’s convoy heading
towards the Parliament was hit at 10 a.m’ ‘…by an unidentified car’ Pattu What is the time? 15 minutes over, right? Sorry ‘I didn’t notice the timer’ Praise be to Lord Shiva as Bholenath “1-2-3…” “4-5-6-seven
8-9…TEN!” ‘In his hand?’ Pattu ‘beta’
What is the time now? Sir…sir, I have a wife and children You can please leave, sir Sir…sir, if you have any other
good enough a reason, please tell me – I’ll be happy to oblige!
– Nothing else, sir Please leave, sir
You have a match to attend Yes, sir Dai, they have no other reason it seems Is that so, bro?
Okay, let’s go “1-track mind tenacity
Intent intensity” What was your opening punch line? ‘Who we are is not important’ ‘Only what we are capable of
creates an impact’ This dialog suits me, right? Yes, sir I’ll keep it as my trademark! Didn’t I promise you? If you come, I’ll let her go? I’ll oblige Hey! Let her go Likewise I have promised someone else I believe she is a great player You’ll win if she plays it seems Sharma wanted me to infuse
cocaine into her body too As far as I am concerned 1 stone 2 mangoes! Get up Come…come…come on Are you getting heady? My stuff only On cloud 99, huh? Drug her and pack her off Tie a stone and throw him to the sharks Dai! COACH! ‘Don’t do that, bro’ Please don’t, bro Anna, let me go ‘If she becomes unconscious,
she’ll slip into coma’ ‘Her blood should have
constant adrenalin rush’ ‘Keep hitting her cheeks’ Bro, let me go Anna, please don’t do this to me Thendral…! Appa! A father dying in front of
his son is inhuman, da I don’t wish to give your son
such a cruel nightmare Before I could brandish my knife …didn’t you notice,
your son dropped his books? If I kill you right now …his life will be centered
only on seeking revenge and killing me Enough, man I’m sparing your life
only because of him Try to reform and lead a better life Appa! – Daddy
– You’re fine – Daddy
– You’re fine Don’t worry I’m fine, son How is Angel akka, bro? Existing! Preparing and cancelling her wedding Bro, don’t tell me
you attended her wedding! Chee chee! I didn’t go
to witness her wedding – Thought as much
– Went to feast on ‘biriyani’ It was out of this world! Bro, clinch that ’96’ deal I’m not even sure of
my own life, don’t joke Don’t know when
and who will kill me Go…go…go
Don’t stop…go Bro, who the hell are they? Go…go…go! ‘Don’t turn the wiper’ – Kathir
– Bro? Stay inside
Don’t get down I knew it! If a chicken is trapped
slit its neck at once, Michael – Come on, da
– Okay, fist to fist Take him with you Let’s scoot, da I might change my mind
and finish him off! We’ll deal with him later, let’s go Go…go on, I say – Nessi, ball
– ‘Yes, sir’ Hello, we told you not to come Weren’t you humiliated enough? Get out now A bet match between us, okay? Not singles 1 vs 11 You 11 girls And me all by myself I’ll score 3 goals It’s enough if you score just 1 goal If you win, I’ll leave not only
this ground, but I’ll go back home In case I win… …you will have to do
only what I say after that Bet? Vembu, are you scared? Pandiyamma, ready? Nessi…? “For my team over-enthusiasm” Selvi “Fanaticism to the maximum” Mari, take it Jenny, don’t lose it “Eagerness with a fiery fervor” 1 more chance Thendral Mari…Mari Cha! Last chance Look there A white crow flies over there
Fall for his trick! Come…come…come on! “Maniacal forever” Sorry “Fan-atical moments” Training starts at 5:00 a.m tomorrow ‘What I’m trying to say is’ Look here, jinxed female! Spit it out, Mr Chalk! It exists but it isn’t present Dialog in S.J. Surya’s film That is called illusion “Enthusiasm overkill
Steadfast strong will” “Zest potent
Zip zap moment” Hey Principal bro
Did our boys go this way? For example we are in the 3rd floor Suppose all of a sudden you see a bike
whizzing fast and stopping here That is called illusion – Correct!
– Got it? Illusion? – Asirvatham
– Pardon? Angel Asirvatham You are…? – We are cousins
– Impossible! Hey, I’ll fold you into 4
and stuff you in my pocket Possible! Call her Angel Asirvatham Angel Asirvatham Sorry, sir I nodded off to sleep Who are they? I have never set eyes on them Professor, only you can save me from them Listen, dead skeleton is hanging there
and the live skeleton is teaching here ‘Don’t you recognize us?’ ‘If you are not honest’ I pull this, his bones will break – What?
– ‘Please tell them’ – I know them
– ‘Then come out’ Where is my cup? Boss Where is the cup you smashed
on a bashing spree? Oh! Michael, why is she digging into
this small a bag for such a big cup? Showing off her magic tricks to YOU?! Sorry ‘She thinks you’re a baby’ – What is this, di?
– Cup! Oh! Sorry Ask her to shut her trap and go Now it is correct, right? I ask you for a cup and
you show me a dollhouse set Where is my cup? – Forget it
– I got only this Kindly adjust Wait, I’ll make her understand This is college – I know
– Good People come and go here We are trying to behave decently What we need is… …our cup You are a student We are rowdies Give it, please – Did you get it?
– I did [song from ‘Naanum Rowdy Dhaan’] – Bro?
– What? If you tell me which shop
you bought the cup from… …I’ll buy it from the same place Boss Can you check if there is a duplicate? Hey Donald, will you wait 14 years
if I kill her and go behind bars?! Finish her off, I will fix
the right lawyer to bail you out Hey! Waitees
Please…please…please Just 5 days…10 days You’ll get the cup
in 10 days, okay? ‘If it doesn’t, your father
won’t get back home’ ‘I haven’t seen anyone
sway and swing like this!’ – 10 days, right?
– 10 days confirmed, boss Take your time to give the cup But until then give me company! 1 minute, boss – Asirvatham
– Father You have spoken to Angel clearly, right? I’m willing to perform
even 10 weddings in your family But don’t make me perform
the same wedding 10 times! I spoke to her crystal clear, Father Praise the Lord! Priests and Bishop have come from Parry’s Don’t humiliate me in front of them Don’t worry, Father – Jesus is there for us
– He is there at all times But I should be there! Father…?
Are you okay? Check if the groom has arrived Goodness! Move aside God help me
Michael! Michael, I’ve borrowed money
from Axis Bank with 5 % interest I’m conducting this wedding
for the 6th time – Kindly leave, I beg you
– How is that possible? When inviting you beg us to come When we come
you ask us to go I invited only your sister and not you It was written ‘& family’
What does that mean? That’s a good point
You got caught, moron! I just wrote it in a flow
Don’t take it to heart Be magnanimous
and please leave Stop playing the fool Who is bringing ‘biriyani’? Moideen Bhai from Periyamedu He is our friend His turkey ‘biriyani’
will be a Thanks giving treat! He cooked for my grandma’s funeral too How can you talk of a funeral at a wedding? It depends on the function in my house No bride for my brother
That’s why he mentioned funeral Wait, akka Uncle – I’ll taste very little ‘biriyani’
– Come when called, man I’ll bless your daughter
and leave, is that fine? It will be a big blessing
if you leave now, Michael Please go, Michael Shall I dismantle the canopy? Who is that? My baby-ma wanted the canopy dismantled
the moment we drove in here ‘Asirvatham, didn’t you say so?’ Listen, my dear You there! Photographer says he will take snaps
only if the balance amount is paid Find out what he wants Our entire city knows
this wedding is cancelled Jesus, why are you testing me? Yov! Move aside My dear son-in-law – My dear mother-in-law
– Please come in Geetha, get a chair for our son-in-law Hey! What’s wrong with you? Tom, Rick and Harry
get married in this city! But you are still a bachelor, Michael Sorry, da So many people we know
and don’t know die But not you
Get lost! They all look like mountain cows I have slaughtered only 8 goats She’s in a white sari this time? Isn’t she shining more than usual? Don’t turn that side Don’t look from the corner of your eye! I said don’t look! Thank you for this gathering Are you John, willing to marry Angel? Agree…agree…I agree, Father – He’s desperate!
– Why so many ‘agree’? Be patient
You’ll be rewarded Jesus, at least this time
she should marry him Angel…? Are you Angel, willing to marry John? Looking for your dad? Get lost! I, Angel Want Michael to be my- Oh dear! What happened? Jesus Christ! Wait, let me talk to her Father, my chest is paining Shall I try talking to my daughter? ‘Father is bugged now’ What are you thinking of yourself? Every time I come here
you play the fool with me Where is that Michael? He is here, Father Shut the door ‘Rock, you may slip
Watch your bald head!’

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