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Hello, I’m here with Persian Flaw, hi boys! – Hello
– Hello 🙂
– Hello Hello. You played a song Showdown, what’s it about? It’s about some wrangle or some conflict in a relationship. That’s all. You released EP at the beginning of 2016, it has got four songs, it’s really great! tell us more something about it, about your EP. In fact, parts of EP are combined from four music studios and when we don’t like some part of our songs we chose part from another studio. We like drums there, guitars from another studio and it took long time before we were satisfied. Hey, you sing in English, was it the choice number one? I think, it’s question for you, Kuba. Yes. It belongs to your style of music, you play posh-rock, garage, right? Yeah, it’s quite funny. People want to know what style we play. They want categories. So we devise posh-rock to shut up their mouth. It’s enough posh for us. It’s fun. What do you like to listen to, have you got one united influence? Sure, we have some common favourite bands what we listen to. I don’t want to tell you details. But ultimately it’s quite different. You mean each of you are different in style of music? Sure. I think none of us listen to only one genre of music. It’s just “like – don’t like”, we listen to lots of styles. Hey and what do you think about our music scene? I focus on positives, I think there’re lot of good & quality bands, we should support, go to their concerts, be more interested in it. But on the other hand there’re lots of bad music bands. But when you compare music development for the last five years, I think it’s better, it moves on, people know more and play better. So good bands are growing up. Yeah, certainly. And about our commercial and independent music scene, I think it moved on, mainly from the 90′. What about concerts when you show up yourself? I’m enthusiast for everything what happens around me. What about playing technique, nobody says that I can play and I don’t force anyone. I think it’s not about it. It’s fun for me. I don’t like technical side of it, music equipment, tune guitars, focus on every detail. But I like concerts, show, the atmosphere because of it I’m in a band. How many concerts did you have? Not many, it’s big challenge for us, we want to play more, it’s a goal for this year, have more concerts. Do you have some schedule concerts, some dates? We started to plan, but it’s in the beginning, we can’t tell you any date, but slowly we fulfil our diary Okay, thank you guys for your time, have a good time 🙂 – Thanks:)
– Thank you.
– Thank you, bye.
– Thank you, bye.

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  1. Podle mě jsou kluci vyhraní vcelku dobře, zpěv do toho krásně zapadá, ale v rozhovoru působí znuděně. Víc života!

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