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♪ Half of this bowl is… banana, ooh-na-na ♪ Isn’t it so stinky? What do you think? I feel like I’m smelling a nebulizer. Dude, we live in Delhi this is a routine. Now I could smell what you were telling me. Right? (x3) Neem leaf is bitter, the maker of this is…I wanna give up. Hey, what’s up? Wasuuuupp?? Welcome y’all to a new video where we. What am I eating? What am I? Eating? Something bad I’m sure. You like food right? But you’re a vegetarian. So what? I still like my food. I have very fewer options so I like all of them. I live outside that’s why I love food whatever kind it may be. Just give me food and I’ll eat it. And give him some milk. Just these two things. Yes! I love milk and food in general. The weirdest stuff that I would have done in my life is that I dip paratha in tea and eat. I still do it. Weirdest combination of food, I didn’t drink it actually I ate it. Which had Tandoori chicken, which had kebabs in it. Which had burger, which had bread. And it smelt like shit and it was shit. I don’t like weird things together, like Pineapple on Pizza kinda stuff. -Shit!
-I hate it. (x2) Maggie and curd. Eww. I mean no. I can eat maggie with curd but I cannot eat anything with Capsicum in it. Sugar with curd always or salt. After today’s challenge, there could be a Wikipedia page about a dish invented by Pavitra and Arushi -Yeah!
-Oh my f**king god! So basically, there’ll be three levels of this task. At there first level, there will be a combination of two things. And in the second one, there’ll be three And then there’ll be a God level. I mean the boss level… in which there’ll be one dish with four ingredients Four ingredients?? So basically, we have to guess all of the four ingredients correctly. If we get even one incorrect answer we’ll lose a point. Shit! I’m scared. Yeah! I’m scared. We are doing it for the first time but the rest of them may have experience. But maybe we’ll have beginner’s luck. Can’t see from the below. They have intentionally given us these big ones. What are you trying to do? What are you teasing me? What did I do? You are slapping, see. Let them place it first. They have kept it and I’m holding it in my hand that’s why I’m saying Ice cream. Oh, here it is. Do we both have one? Oh no! Smells like sauce. It doesn’t taste… smell bad. Yeah! it doesn’t smell bad. It smells like something… It smells like mayonnaise. It’s sauce! It’s sauce! -It’s sauce! It’s sauce!
-Sauce.. right? I don’t feel afsauce about this. Ok, let’s eat it together. -Yeah, one…
-Wait! (x3) Oh! this is a little hard. I know! What? Did you taste it? No, I touched and figured. We’ll taste together. Are you touching it? Yes, I’m touching it. I know what this is. How did you touch and tell? Because I have great senses. Ok! definitely mayo. ok and… -Jalebi?
-Oh wow! bai’s there.
Ummm… Is it sauce or mayo? It could be mayo. This is mayo and jalebi. Right? What do you think? I couldn’t eat it. It’s not that bad. It’s jalebi and sauce. Is it sauce or mayo? Hold on a second. It’s not jalebi, it’s the Prashad made of boondi that we get in temples. Are you sure because it’s hard to cut even. Check this out. Boondi is not difficult, it’s relatably soft. No, the ones we get there, see there are separate pieces there is not spiral of jalebi. So, they will obviously crush it and give us. They will use their minds. No, this is boondi. There is a portion of jalebi which is not soaked in sauce or whatever the second ingredient is… so, jalebi’s sweetness is quite identifiable. It’s really good. -Yeah! It is jalebi
-The edge is very crusty Right? It’s crusty I agree with you because I checked it from the edges and they’ve broken it into pieces. Yeah! mayo and jalebi. Mayo and jalebi. See this is a tiny piece of jalebi. I’m not putting this in my mouth again. Oh no! One minute.. one minute. Yukk! it feels so dirty. Banana… banana… Banana it is! But with some chutney kinda thing. ♪ Oh yeah! banana, ooh-na-na ♪ ♪ Half of this bowl is… banana, ooh-na-na ♪ Are you eating it? Yeah! Eww… you have put so much ketchup. This is not bad at all.
Dude, it tastes like banana. Shit man! This is too difficult. Is it tomato puree instead of tomato sauce? Banana with samosa’s tamarind chutney. -Yeah, the sweet chutney!
-Right? Even I think. Banana and that chutney. It’s like eating a bowl of sauce, there’s no flavour of banana just the smell.This is really not good and I’m not up for experimenting with food. This will something really weird, I think. It’s a little sour at the end. This sauce is not thick It is thick, touch it. My sense of touch is bad. Sweet chutney and banana, that’s it. Because it has just two ingredients right? They are not tricking us by adding some combinations? I could taste the sourness of tamarind. Banana and tomato sauce. Let’s lock this. Okay! -Oh fancy!
-OMG! It’ll be so bad. Alright! Ohh party glasses! I feel so many strange after tastes that my smell is corrupt too. Eww… This is really disgusting. – There’s no spoon in it!
– It smells like Hajmola. Eww… how am I supposed to drink this? Gross! No! It’s liquid eww… Why does this also smell like sauce? There’s no sauce in this. They won’t put the sauce in everything. Arushi cheers! You won’t drink it! You are an a**hole! – No! I’ll drink this time.
– Where’s it? Here! This is shitty! It’s Parle G! -Are you sure?
– I know it! – Yeah! It is Parle G.
– Right? (x2) It’s Parle G with Isabgol or egg white. One of them. You also help me… and what else?? This is like egg yolk or some egg. I don’t know about the egg. I think they’ve put Volini in this. I could picture a sink with dishes and leftover food on it. That trash floating in the water. There’s something! something is totally up with this. Like, this tastes like the morning after. You can think of some better option? I think this answer is wrong but I can’t think of something else. Then what? Baby food and soya milk is our answer. Yeah, it’s Isabgol! (x2) Isabgol and Parle G. Right? Final! My bowl is in my hand. Thank God! there’s spoon in it. This also has a mayo smell. There’s only one, right? This smells so bad. You’ll die after this. Yeah! I got this. There are only 3 ingredients, right? They have only that much budget. Oh yeah! They’ll do like mix and match. They have put a lot of vinegar in this, for sure. It was cold! So, it could be something perishable like curd. Yukk! It’s a cucumber! Cucumber! (x3) It’s vinegar! And onions I guess. Not onions. This is not tasting like a bad combination. Yeah it’s good! It’s something very big. Something big? Why can’t I guess it? It was so sour that it hit my nipples. That’s what she said! I smell of SMV because I have drunk a f**cking full beer mug of ACV. Vinegar, tamarind and onion. – Alright?
– Okay! Vinegar, tamarind, and onion is our answer. ACV, cucumber, and yogurt. – What am I?
– Yo-good! Oh no! it’s a… We get these in cafes. Can we open the jar and just smell it. French fries! Oh man! – It has Bourn vita.
– Nutella? – Yeah! (x2)
– Right? I wanna give up! – No! No! we aren’t quitters.
– I can’t drink any more of this. I feel like I’m using a nebulizer. Dude, we live in Delhi this is a routine. Why would anyone drink this shit? Right now, we are OK-Tested faces. Tomorrow we’ll become OK-Tested faeces.They are making us eat good things. They tricked us into believing that there will be shitty stuff. – I think we both have been through so much that…
– We are very disgusting people. Exactly! This is a really disgusting vegetable, something that my mom makes and I ask for paneer instead. – Exactly! (x2)
– Right? This is not our fault that we don’t feel disgusting, this is your fault. You made us touch many disgusting kinds of stuff, you made us smell them and made us eat. It’s not our fault. Potato and a bad vegetable and you must have mixed sauce in this, what else? – Mustard sauce!
– Mustard sauce! Yes!
I’ll tell you honestly what it tastes like pumpkin spice latte. Pumpkin spice latte? That’s Starbucks thing and that shit is disgusting, okay. I judge people will pay money for that. French-fries, mustard sauce and tinda. I think he’s puking. I’m making you puke. Should I stick a finger in your mouth? Sadhika don’t do this. – Do you feel like puking?
– Whenever I feel like, don’t do this. I would say milk, banana and peanut butter. Yeah! let’s go with that. But that will taste so good. I know right! That’s like banana smoothie. Oh yeah! and these are not that good people. I’ll go with whatever Sadhika says. French-fries, mustard sauce and tinda is our final answer. Peanut butter, banana and… milk. This bowl is not saying anything. It has coffee. It smells of coffee.. yeah really. I get too excited, dude. This is a very bad thing. They have made it as a revenge. Eww… It’s just like faeces we find at petrol stations. It really smells like that. I just wanna know how t looks like. It seems so weird. This is bad! Oh god! I think we really challenged them. oh oh, nothing! Faeces are out! We’re so cool! We’re so disgusting! Chilly sauce or Tobasco… Tobasco sauce, right? There is a ketchup-ness. Yea whatever! Now I could smell what you were telling me. Right? (x3) Cheap a** toilets at petrol stations. How will I eat this? How will I guess this? Garam masala, yogurt, Tobasco sauce, and coffee beans. Something related to coffee. Oregano, coffee, ketchup, and the fourth thing is… boondi. Boondi, yeah let’s go with it. WOOHOO! – WOOHOO!
– We won Sadhika!They couldn’t even guess two. Very clever. – Our viewers will cry for us because we were this close.
– I know! I feel so good even though I ate some disgusting stuff today. NO, I don’t feel good but you’re happy so I’m happy We won man! The whole point of this game was winning. Not to feel bad. This was bad and that was bad, that’s it. The rest of them were good. I can make yogurt like this one. We’ve spilled the yogurt! You know even if you try making a better one you’ll still make a bad one. Agreed!… I agree with you. Hey guys! If you loved this video too, then like this video, share it and comment below and… share it with all of your friends and subscribe to OK Tested. Also, many have seen this video on the app earlier. So, download the app now and watch these videos firsthand. It features exclusive content and that too one day earlier.

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